Fewer Fences but more darts!!

On Sunday morning the sun was still shining so after I had updated the site I took another walk only to find out that even the cemetery had only one way in and out and was all fenced and walled in.
I arrived back at the Sycamore Suite just in time to follow Bernd Roith's match against Michael Mansell. This time Bernd experienced a lot of double trouble; he just couldn't find them and lost. Of course he was very disappointed.
Denis Ovens shoulder hurt more and he had a lot of difficulties throwing. Especially the 20 segment was a problem. He managed to win his first match against Barrie Bates who has an even bigger problem with his right hand now for some time. Denis won 6:1 with quite a respectable average of 94. He definitely had a chance in his second match against a rather weak playing Kevin Painter but just couldn't rely any longer on his arm and lost. Some thing with the board was out of order too but the excuses from the officials didn't help much.
John Part was one of the players who went unsung first round. He couldn't find his rhythm due to Magnus Caris slow throw and beside it was a little bit cold and drafty at the "exterior" board where he played.
Richie Burnett suffered the same fate against Brian Woods. The Welshman never found into the game and his" walks" behind his opponent grew longer and longer and more and more desperate. John MaGowan was eliminated first round as well but as he only plays "for fun" he took it as a positive he lost twice 5:6 and was quite content with his performance.

I walked on to the match between Kim Huybrechts and Joe Murnan which was to be sure not one of the highlights of the day. Huybrechts played some great legs, an 11-Darter, a 12-Darter and two 13-Darters, but in between the were legs with an average of 76. He won nevertheless with 6:5.
At the board beside a little bit surprisingly Saturday's winner Michael van Gerwen was defeated by Terry Temple. Almost as disappointing was Andy Hamilton's performance against Wez Newton, who didn't play really great himself but his scores were clearly higher.

In the quarterfinals I was caught by Gary Anderson, who played much better then the other players I had watched so far on the day. He first defeated Raymond van Barneveld and afterwards Dave Chisnall and both times averaged over 100. His opponents averaged around 98 - not much less though it looked both times they had no chance against Anderson. So the day ended with an all Scottish final, a close final which was won in the end by Robert Thornton who had shown great form over both days.

I had in between found the time to ask John MaGowan about walls and fences. Though he couldn't answer all my questions he at least could explain me the walled golf course of the hotel. Once the castle of an English landowner stood on the estate and he had walled in his property. Today there are no English landowners in Ireland any more but their walls do still exist.

After I had said God bye to a lot of people, I walked to the shop hoping it would still be open - and rather astonishing it still was though the business hours were long open.
When I returned Ted Hankey still - or might be again - stood smoking in front of the hotel and a taxi just arrived. Robert Thornton and his wife left it together with a big Kentucky Fried Chicken bag - the well deserved evening meal for a winner!

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