PDC World Championship 2016 - 2

The Young Guns
For the till now most thrilling matches in this World Championship, young upcoming players were responsible. David Pallett defeated Kim Huybrechts, Dimitri van den Bergh danced Ian White away and Ricky Evans eliminated Simon Whitlock from the tournament who became desperate with the young player.

David Pallet and Ricky Evans are players one could already see from time to time on TV. For both Pallett and Evans it is the second World Championship and beside David Pallett reached the forth round of this year's UK Open. Ricky Evans two year's ago defeated Ronnie Baxter in the first round of the World Championship. Dimitri van den Bergh made his televised debut this year in the World Series of Darts final where he lost to Max Hopp.

David Pallett comes from a darting family and throws darts since he was eight. With ten he threw his first 180 and with 16 he was for the first time nominated for the English youth national team. As an grown-up he took part in the Winmau World Masters and reached the last 32. 2013 he took part in Qualifying School and won a Tour Card.

On the Pro Tour he has beaten among others Phil Taylor and during one of the UK Open Qualifiers he threw a nine-darter. At the moment Pallett is still working part time at the council but should he go one in this style I am sure he'll turn professional. As he mentioned he and his father rarely practice together - most of the time they are both away to play tournaments!

Dimitri is with his 21 years the youngest of the three players. The Belgian won his first tournament in 2013 - and it was a BDO/WDF tournament - the British Teenage Open. In the same year he won a Challenge Tour event as well and took part in the Winmau World Masters. Since 2014 de Bergh is sponsored by Unicorn - to be sure a big achievement for such a young player. 2014 de Bergh took as well part in Qualifying School and won two Youth Tour events.

2015 he again won two Challenge Tour (former youth Tour) tournaments and was one of the young players the PDC invited to take part in the World Series of Darts Final where he looked a little bit unsure during his televised debut and lost 3:6 to Max Hopp. For the PDC World Championship he qualified by the Pro Tour Order of Merit - where he was better ranked than Jyhan Artut. During his appearance on the World Championship he seemed to be quite "cool" - it looks he's overcome his stage fright. He didn't only impress the crowd by his dace so certainly it won the hearts.

Like David Pallett Ricky Evans got his Tour Card 2015 and he as well came from the BDO and for some time played BDO and PDC events. As a youth he had taken part five times in the Winmau World Masters - not with a lot of success. On his first year on the Youth Tour he qualified for the UK Open and reached the PDC Unicorn Youth World Championship final which he lost against Michael Smith. 2014 he was the first time qualified for the PDC World Championship and qualified for two events of the European Tour. 2015 he again qualified for the UK Open- A short while after the tournament he was battered by a stranger, who recognised him as a dart player which was a heavy blow for his self confidence.

He feared he would lose his Tour Card but practised hard and played a lot of local tournaments and finally won the PDC World Championship qualifier against really strong competitors. To the World Championship he travelled with a group of followers consisting of friends and family among them Joshua and James Richardson, who himself played some years on the Pro Tour and is one of Evan's practice partners. Probably it is Ricky Evans who is the fastest thrower among the players - he needs 3 - 5 seconds for all his three darts!

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