Winmau World Masters Gleanings

In this last Winmau article you'll find mainly pictures, pictures to laugh at but as well pictures which would uncommentated got lost in the gallery or which just don't fit into the gallery.

First of all we have got this person who will thanks to Geln Durrants win now be able to take part in the BDO World Championship.

The following pictures one can summarise under the generic term "dart shirts" .Ther were two which seemed to imply the players love sweets... Why this swiss shirt has got "Heidi" on it I have no idea but the red was as radiant as that of James Hurrel...I really liked the Joker! And one of the players seemed to have lost his way - he was not really in Dublin, he was in Hull...

Even during a tournament you sometimes can laugh when you stand at the board... Sometimes you need three officials to get the board right. In this case even a fourth was needed.

This player got while he waited for his turn closer and closer to the edge of the stage and horrified the crowd... American Larry Butler meanwhile had a waitingplace totally different from all the other players.

Camera man Tom is the "running Gag" of the tournament! And that's the reason while the picture in the middle is slightly blurred ...But the golden hair really became him.

Among the crowd were some animals as well.The two in the picture in the middle asked to get their picture taken - at least the man. He just just nailed the woman because she stood beside him.But I think they knew each other.

Well - to be sure Larry Butler would have liked to win the trophy... The winner had some problems to lift it over his head...

And here to finish the Eurosport commentator, John Gwynne!

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