2015 - A few Random Thoughts

So it has been forever that I have been on my site for two reasons...One being I forgot my passwords LOL and now Facebook seems to dominate things I got lazy. This site though does allow me to do more then short posts on Facebook and will resume it a bit more.

So 2015 has began with my first event being the USA Cricket Nationals and the Las Vegas Open happening a week or so ago. I played well in the Nationals losing out in the semi finals in a close match. The Open was good to me as well as I reached two Finals but was short on both accounts but played very well all weekend. I stepped up my weight with my new SCORPION II to 20gm barrels and I really like how they are flying so see how it goes.

I been playing on webcamdarts.com a lot when I am getting ready for events. This is a great site for all levels of play as you can always find a game and there is even tournaments on the site. I use a webcam on a tripod for my set-up and the best part is you get to stay home to throw with people from all over the world. I strongly suggest if you are looking to improve you check out the site.

Renewed two contracts so far with Dartslive and FIT FLIGHT (be releasing a new flight design soon) and have one more to renew with Hinotori in a few months. I love the darts that Hinotori has produced for me and seems a few of you do too as well since the sales have been strong.

My next event is a soft tip event coming up here in Arizona this next week and look to keep my streak of Singles wins there alive but it conflicts with the Camellia Classic in Sacremento this year so I miss out one of my favorite events. Then I will be out to Virgina Beach to play that great event this year as it is a week before I head over to Japan to regain a spot in the SUPERDARTS this year (100,000 US Dollar for first). I have not made any plans beyond the start of April as waiting to see what happens with the Dartslive WORLD Tour and what changes they have made. The skill level is so high they need to change the game to allow skill to come back in to the game as hitting full bulls is just too easy and not really worth the $$$ it costs to play the events to lose in the 5th game because you started second in a game that gives you no chance to overpower the other player.

Well hopefully I will be back on here a bit more sharing the stories of the travels...

Until next time

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