BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 5. Day

Andy Baetens 4: 2 Scott Mitchell
Lakeside debutant Andy Baetens stunned 2015 BDO World champion Scott Mitchell in the second round. The 28 year-old from Belgium won 4-2 after Mitchell missed five chances to send the match into a deciding seventh set. Baetens had raced into a 2-0 lead, winning six of the opening seven legs, before Mitchell turned that crucial third set his way with a 180 in the third leg that set him up for a break. He went on to nail a high-pressure double 16 with his last dart for the set and came from 2-1 behind to snatch the fourth set and level the match with back-to-back check outs of 121 and 141. Baetens had a 127 finish in the fifth set and went on to grab the set for a 3-2 lead with a 91 check out on the bulls-eye in the deciding leg. The sixth also went to a fifth leg and Baetens grabbed it to reach the last eight after Mitchell missed five chances to save the match.

Lorraine Winstanley 2:0 Tricia Wright
Women's World No 1 Lorraine Winstanley meets Anastasia Dobromyslova in the last eight after a straight-sets win over Tricia Wright. Winstanley arrived at the Lakeside as a player in form and outplayed Wright, dropping just one leg.

Danny Noppert 1:4 Mark McGeeney
No 2 seed Mark McGeeney had finishes of 160, 120 and 127 in his 4-1 win over Danny Noppert, last year's beaten finalist. Noppert won the opening set against the darts, but after that, he couldn't stay with McGeeney. He levelled the match, added the third set with a 'Shanghai' finish and won the crucial fourth for a 3-1 scoreline after Noppert missed a chance to make it 2-2. McGeeney took out 127 to move to the brink of victory in the fifth set and then held for the match. He said afterwards: "I set myself two goals at the start of last year. The first was to be World No 1 and the other was to be World Champion. "I've done one of them and now I've got to try to do the other. "I've always believed I can win the world title."

Willem Mandigers 2:4 Wayne Warren
Wayne Warren came through a high-quality shoot out with No 10 seed Willem Mandigers to reach the last eight. The 55 year old from Wales was a 4-2 winner after six sets of to-and-fro tungsten tossing. Warren won the first two sets, went 2-0 up in the third - and then Mandigers came back. The Dutchman snatched the third set with a 103 check out and the next two were shared. Mandigers looked certain to level the match at 3-3, but missed a clutch of set-winning chances in the sixth set and from 2-0 down, Warren won the match, wrapping it up with a stunning 136 check out.

Darryl Fitton 1:4 Glen Durrant
Glen Durrant is still on course to retain the BDO Lakeside World Championship after a win over Darryl Fitton that took him through to the last eight. Durrant was a 4-1 winner with an average of 99.58, his second highest on the Lakeside stage. Fitton played his part in an entertaining match and had it not been for a perfectly-timed 180 from Durrant in the deciding leg of the fourth set, Fitton may well have gone on to level the match at 2-2. Durrant went 2-0 up, missed darts for 3-0 and from nowhere, Fitton found his 'A' game. He grabbed that third set and check outs of 132 and 121 put Fitton on course for the fourth set and a 2-2 scoreline. Fitton had the throw in the deciding fifth leg and Durrant turned it his way with a maximum 180 that landed him on 24. Fitton couldn't take out a three-figure finish and at the second attempt, Durrant found double 12 for 3-1. Fitton stayed with Durrant in the fifth set, but couldn't get the break he needed to save the match.

Dean Reynolds 2:4 Scott Waites
Scott Waites took out 112 to finally end Dean Reynolds' challenge in the sixth set of another terrific match that swung one way, then the other. Reynolds won the opening set against the throw - and then fell 3-1 behind. Reynolds pegged back the fifth and from 2-0 down, he took the sixth to a decider. He was only 54 points away from levelling the match at 3-3 when Waites took aim at 112. Waites found 20, treble 20 and double 16, leaving him with a 64 per cent check-out success.

Statistics - First Round Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
80.0103467Winstanley 2:0Wright74.1303118

Statistics - Second Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
94.55212985Baetens 4:2Mitchell96.39313237
89.4879574Noppert 1:4McGeeney92.13410011
87.03912562Mandigers 2:4Warren88.62812938
93.37912562Fitton 1:4Durrant99.43812938
94.53811924Reynolds 2:4Waites92.21411900

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