BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 6. Day

The sixth day of the BDO World Championships started with the BDO Youth World Championship final between Leighton Bennett and Nathan Girvan. It was a thrilling and astonishing high class match which was won by the better playing only 13 years old Leighton Bennett. The first set had been very close but then Girvan started to get more nervous then his opponent and had some problems with his doubles. Bennett on the other side kept his nerve and won the match with a 121 bullseye finish.

The first women's quarterfinal between Mikuru Suzuki and Sharon Prins followed. Suzuki won an all in all weak match with 2:0. Both players showed weak performances in the first set but the Japanese improved in set 2, even threw a 180 and hit her doubles better as well while Prins was outscored throughout the match. So the Japanese progressed in her debut without problems into the semi-finals.

In the second match again two women stood on stage - Maria O'Brien and one of the favorites to win Fallon Sherrock. O'Brien, who recently had reached the final of the PDC World Champion Qualifier, surprisingly dominated the match from the start and impressed especially by her clinical finishing. In the second set Sherrock had some chances to turn the match around but she again was outscored by O'Brien who won 2:0. O'Brien as well for the first time stands in the semi-finals of the World Championship.
The last match of the afternoon was am men's second round match between Scott Mitchell and Pole Krzysztof Kciuk. Mitchell didn't play as strong as in his first match but nevertheless defeated Kciuk with 4:0. In the first and in the fourth set the Pole forced a deciding leg but both times Mitchell hit his double first. For the third time in his career Mitchel reached the quarterfinals of the World championship.

The evening session started with a ladies match as well. It was a rather close affair between number 1 seed Lorraine Winstanley and ten times world champion Trina Gulliver. In the deciding leg of the second set Winstanley kept her nerve and won the match 2:0.
It followed an as close men's second round match between Kyle McKinstry and David Cameron. McKinstry stormed into a 2:0 lead but Cameron came back, levelled and went in front. But he couldn't get rid of McKinstry who finally won four legs in a row and progressed with a 4:3 win into the quarterfinals.

Next on stage was the last women's quarterfinal between Anastasia Dobromyslova and Aileen de Graaf. Dobromyslova had no problems in the first set but in set two de Graaf had settled in the match as well and proved to be very resilient. But it was in the end the Russian who hit the double for a 2:0 win.
In the last match of the night reigning champion Glen Durrant played his second round match against Scott Baker who made it rather difficult for him. Might be it was due to the fact that Durrant didn't play as strong as in his first match. First it looked as all would go according to plan and Durrant sailed into a 3:0 lead but somehow Baker managed to get back into the match and he levelled with a 140 checkout. Durrant though kept his nerve and thread his way over the finishing line.

Statistics - Youth Final
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
76.6515410Girvan 0:3Bennett86.6426383

Statistics - Quarterfinals Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
79.830-Suzuki 2:0Prins63.650-
86.7004768O'Brien 2:0Sherrock78.8404389
73.0704431Winstanley 2:0Gulliver72.3224292
82.5923826Dobromyslova 2:0de Graaf75.3013439

Statistics - Second Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
86.0117367Mitchell 4:0Kciuk81.7816842
83.78011728Cameron 3:4McKinstry88.93512541
95.91815347Durrant 4:3Baker88.172

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