BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 3. Day

On the third day of the World Championships again an afternoon- and an evening session were played. In the afternoon-session this time no women's match took place, only the two last men's First Round matches and one men's Second Round match in which the number 1 seed Wesley Harms stood at the oche.

In the penultimate First Round match Romanian Gabriel Pascaru met Englishman Justin Hood, who had qualified by the Play-Offs for his first World championship. For Hood it was after the World Masters only his second TV appearance. The first two sets were comparatively close and the players split them. After the break Hood dominated the match and won it in the end 3:1 with a 90.24 average.

In the last First round match Nick Fullwell - a former PDC player - played against Canadian David Cameron. For Cameron it was already his sixth World Championship, Fullwell gave his debut. Nevertheless it was Fullwell who dominated the match and he gave the Canadian not many chances. Fullwell won - as well with 3:1 - and progressed into the second round.

To end the afternoon session Wesley Harms came on stage and he played against Andreas Harrysson who had impressed in his First Round match. Well - Harms had some problems with the strong Swede as well who even was in the lead some time. When it was 2:2 in the deciding fifth set the match went into overtime. And this time Harms had no problems to win the two legs necessary for the win.

The evening session started with another former PDC player: Andy Hamilton played against New Zealand's Darren Herewini. Herewini couldn't keep up his First Round performance and Hamilton - who was far away from the form he once had shown in the PDC - controlled the match. In the first set he had some double trouble and Herewini won it. But after that Hamilton was more clinical on his doubles and won 3:1.

The following match was the women's match of the day and reigning champion Mikuru Suzuki played against Maria O'Brien. O'Brien showed a strong performance and won the first set against a slightly unsure Suzuki. Than Suzuki was in the match and O'Brien only won one more leg. Suzuki won 2:1. It was a good match from both players who both averaged over 80.

To be sure a lot of Fans and the crowd had waited for the next match - with Scott Waites and Martin Adams two BDO legends and former World Champions came on stage. In the end it was not what we had hoped for. Both players had too much double trouble. Especially Adams found them not often enough though from time to time the "old Adams" flared. In the end Scott Waites won a slightly disappointing match.

The day ended with a positive surprise - though only by one of the players. While Adam Smith-Neale had a pitch black night Paul Hogan played relaxed and looked like he enjoyed it. He steam-rolled his opponent whom he only conceded two legs, threw almost a nine-darter and had with 97.51 the till now highest average of the tournament. An entertaining 3:0 win for Hogan!

Statistics - Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
84.9224897Suzuki 2:1O'Brien80.6904680

Statistics - Preliminary Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
81.9006934Pescaru 1:3Hood90.2437670
86.6028314Cameron 1:3Fullwell90.4458682

Statistics - First Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
91.79111259Harms 3:2Harrysson88.22510733
82.5947653Hamilton 3:1Herewini79.5316972
84.2029065Waites 3:2Adams85.6229104
83.2124327Smith-Neale 0:3Hogan97.5155363

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