BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 4. Day

On the fourth day of the BDO World Championships the Second Round of the men was played to the end - six matches were to be played. Beside the First Round of the women went on with two matches. All in all it was more a tedious day of darts which not much ludic brilliance. After it two of the seeded players - Nick Kenny and Gary Robson were out of the tournament.

The afternoon started with David Evans v Nick Fullwell. Evans is the number 14 seed but not a too well-known player. I can't say he convinced in his World Championship debut, but his a little better playing opponent had more double trouble and so Evans progressed with a hard fought 3:2 win into the Third Round.

A little bit better was the next match between Nick Kenny and Dennie Olde Kalter who both had a t least averaged of over 88 and threw in the match nine 180s. It developed a spirited and entertaining match, in which at first Kalter got a 2:0 lead. Kenny started a comeback and managed to draw. In the deciding last set Kenny couldn't really keep up and Kalter won it with a 111 checkout.

The first women's match of the day followed. Anastasia Dobromyslova played against Sharon Price. Dobromyslova won it with 2:0, but from both players it was an awful match. Most scores were low and loads of doubles were missed. Dobromyslova will have to improve a lot should she want to win the title.

After that number three seed Richard Veenstra played against debutant Justin Hood. All in all it was an alright match though the players didn't enthuse. At least Veenstra threw a few great darts. Veenstra won without problems 3:1. One of the reasons was that his opponent - who scored a little bit better - was far from clinical on his doubles.

It didn't get much better in the evening session. Well - it even got worse in the first match as Gary Robson had a pitch black day and averaged just 79.. Nevertheless he won the first set as his opponent played even worse than he in that set. In the next set Ben Hazel started to settle and Robson had some more problems but his experience helped him to win set two as well. After set it was game over for Robson. Hazel was in the driving seat and won the last three sets of the match..

The following match was the women's match between Lisa Ashton and Paula Jacklin. I've no idea how good Jacklin performs usually but in this match she just was weak and Lisa Ashton - who played not completely convincing herself but averaged near 80 - had no problems at all to win 2:0.

The next match was the match most had waited for - the darts wunderkind Leighton Bennett played against Scott Mitchell. Bennet is the youngest player ever to compete in a BDO World Championship. To be sure Bennett already had some great performances but in this match, in this tournament and against this opponent he looked over challenged to me. In the first two sets he had no chance at all. After the break he won the first set but Mitchell didn't play well in it. Then Mitchell was back and won the set and with it the match. Mitchell - though playing far from excellent - had been far too much for Bennett.

In the final match of the day Ryan Hogarth didn't play impressive at all but won 3:1 against Thibault Tricole. It felt Tricole was the better player but Hogarth was hitting his doubles slightly better.

Statistics - Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
64.5114365Dobromyslova 2:0Prins62.3514240
79.8113006Ashton 2:0Jackson63.5012286

Statistics - Second Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
83.6529452Evans 3:2Fullwell88.2619767
89.02510030Kenny 2:3Kalter88.1549902
86.3167365Veenstra 3:1Hood90.2287548
79.4719987Robson 2:3Hazel80.30210091
84.9616315Mitchell 3:1Bennett77.5815741
80.3628170Hogarth 3:1Tricole82.2128385

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