BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 5. Day

Six men's Third Round matches and the last First Round match of the women were played on day five. And as on the days before you again could say "the player who hits his doubles has the advantage".

You could already see it in the first match of the afternoon session between Wayne Warren and Andy Hamilton - a good match from both players. It was first evenly matched in which Warren threw the higher finishes and in which he was clinical in the deciding situations. When it was 2:2 Warren changed up a gear and Hamilton couldn't keep up. Warren won 4:2.

In the last women's First round match Lorraine Winstanley and Casey Gallagher met. As the ladies format is so short you can't allow too many mistakes and in this match it just took Gallagher too long to get going. And when she did the match was almost over.Gallagher only won two legs - not enough to be a danger for Winstanley's 2:0 win.

The last match of the afternoon was again a thrilling match. The more stolid Ben Hazel played against the bustling and fast throwing Chris Landman. The lead changed several times and none of the players managed to pull clear. So the match went into the tie-break in which Landman finally got the two leg lead he needed to win. As it looked Hazel at that time just had no energy left or at least much less than Landman.

The evening session started with the number 1 seed Wesley Harms and the number 16 seed Scott Waites. Well, one could have thought it would be a clear win for Harms but instead it was Waites who looked like the winner from the start even though he lost the first two sets. It took some time till Waites had warmed up but when he was he couldn't be stopped neither by Harms nor by the many bounce outs he had which have Waites - as he commentated after the match - the feeling he was not playing with three darts but only with two. And while Harms was sent into a tailspin and couldn't find his doubles any more, Waites got surer and won in the end with 4:2.

Hot you hit your doubles was a lesson Michael Unterbuchner had to learn in the second match against Scott Mitchell.The result of 4:0 looks more comfortable thought than it was for Mitchell as three of the sets went into a deciding fifth leg. Each time Unterbuchner had his chances to win the set but didn't take them and Mitchell unblinkingly and clinically hit his finishes.

To end the night we had another Netherlands v England match and a surprise winner. All had looked good for Richard Veenstra on paper - he was the number 3 seed and his opponent, David Evans only the number 14 seed and quite unknown. Beside for Evans it was his World Championship debut. It was a high-class match but it was dominated by Evans who won the first three sets in a row. It looked like Veenstra would come back when he managed to win the following two sets and for a while it even looked Evans had shot his bolt. But in set six he was back. Veenstra forced it into a deciding leg in which Evans had the throw. And the Englishman used this advantage - he hit the double already with his first Matchdart!

Statistics - First Round Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
73.1703829Winstanley 2:0Gallagher73.8403741

Statistics - Second Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
92.69410319Warren 4:1Hamilton95.58610291
87.18816157Landman 4:3Hazel83.93615499
90.67712271Harms 2:4Waites88.98012012
91.9948371Unterbuchner 0:4Mitchell92.5828548
94.11511482Veenstra 2:4Evans95.65311893

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