BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 8. Day

On the penultimate day of the BDO World Championships in the Indigo in London the semi-finals of the men, the youth final and the women's final were played.

Women's Final
Mikuru Suzuki managed to defend her title - she defeated Lisa Ashton with 3:0. The match was not so easy for the Japanese as the score line suggests. Most of the time it was a head-to-head race. The first set was an easy win for Suzuki but the following two sets were hard fought and both sets went into a deciding leg in which Ashton couldn't find the double while Suzuki was rather clinical.

BDO World Youth Final
In contrast to Mikuru Suzuki Leighton Bennett failed to defend his youth title - he lost a high class final 0:3 to Irishmen Keane Barry. Barry already won the JDC Junior World Championship recently. In this final as well two sets went into a deciding fifth leg, both deciding legs were won by Barry. Barry scored all in all higher and his hitting rate on the doubles was slightly higher as well. It was a deserved win for the young Irishman. His new year started as well as the old one had ended.

Semi-Finals Men
In the first semi-final Scott Mitchell and Wayne Warren stood at the oche. It was not high-class from the beginning and Mitchell had the better start into the match. He got a 2:1 lead. But Warren improved and got into the lead himself. Mitchell managed to draw 3:3 but after that Warren was in the driving seat. He won the seventh set without losing a leg. In the eight and ninth set Mitchell forced a deciding fifths leg. Both times Warren scored higher and reached a finish first. And both times Warren kept his nerve and was clinical on the doubles. With 58 years Warren for the first time reached the final of the World Championship and - when you look at his performances throughout the event - it is well deserved.

The second semi-final between Belgian Mario Vandenbogaerde and Welshman Jim Williams was an even closer affair than the first one. And while Williams failed to impress so far he this time played his best match of the tournament. As Williams scored a little bit better and hit his doubles more clinical he had the advantage throughout the match though he needed in the end three attempts to hit the winning Double 8.

Statistics - Youth Final
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
84.2426374Bennett 0:3Barry90.5436821

Statistics - Final Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
85.0026517Ashton 0:3Suzuki83.3986532

Statistics - Semi-Finals, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
93.81818419Mitchell 3:6Warren93.321317980
86.491017701Vandenbogaerde 4:6Williams90.98818712

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