BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics Men's Final

Jim Williams had the better start into the match and won the first two sets both with an average of over 100. In the fourth leg of the first set he threw the first 180 of the match and two more by him followed in the second set. It were two good sets by Warren as well who threw a 131 finish in the second leg of the second set and celebrated his first 180 in the deciding leg of the second set. The third set was a weaker set from both players and it as well needed a deciding fifth leg which this time Warren won with the double 3. Warren won the fourth set of the match as well and levelled 2:2. In the following set the older Welshman for the first time took the lead - again in a deciding leg in which he scored much better than Williams. But Williams not yet gave in - he played an outstanding sixth set in which he won all three legs and levelled 3:3.

Two weaker legs followed which the both players shared. After that Williams looked a little bit tired and couldn't keep up his good performance of the first part of the match while Warren won the next set without losing a leg and was 5:3 in the lead. He threw a 121 finish in the set. Set 10 was William's weakest set - though he won one leg. But Warren dominated and extended his lead. In the last set of the match Williams gave all and forced the set again into a deciding leg. He even had a chance to win the set but he was far less clinical on the doubles than at the start of the match and couldn't take the chance. Warren on the other side was strong-nerved and hit the double 20 for the win.

Statistics - Men's Final
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
93.591022305Warren 7:4Williams94.531522183

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