PDC Home Tour - Group 11

Tabern wins Group 11
Group 11 was the till now closest and evenly matched group in which the group winner was only known after Tabern had won the last leg of the last match. Alan Tabern headed the table because he won in the head-to-head record against Mike van Duivenbode.

Alan Tabern, who hang his dartboard in his garage, won against Mike van Duivenbode and in a dramatic last match of the night against Simon Whitlock, in which he survived a 170 finish and three 180 from his opponent.
Mike van Duivenbode was the surprise winner in the opening match against Simon Whitlock and in a last leg thriller against Kirk Shepherd.
Simon Whitlock got his only win from his match against Kirk Shepherd. Shepherd only won his match against Alan Tabern in which he had the highest average of the night - 100.5.

Max Hopp, Keegan Brown, Kirk Shepherd, Conan Whitehead and Mike de Decker will be the players in action on Thursday night in Group 12.

Simon Whitlock 3:5 Mike van Duivenbode - (96.8, 2x180 : 97.0, 2x180)
Kirk Shepherd 5:1 Alan Tabern - (100.5, 3x180, 128 Finish : 83.0, 1x180)
Mike van Duivenbode 2:5 Alan Tabern - (89.1 : 97.6, 3x180)
Simon Whitlock 5:4 Kirk Shepherd - (89.9, 3x180, 138 Finish : 90.0, 1x180)
Kirk Shepherd 4:5 Mike van Duivenbode - (90.8, 146 Finish : 94.8)
Alan Tabern 5:4 Simon Whitlock - (87.2, 110 Finish : 92.6, 3x180, 170 Finish)

1Alan Tabern32104
2Mike van Duivenbode32104
3Kirk Shepherd312+22
4Simon Whitlock312-22

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