PDC Home Tour - Group 12

Hopp wins Group 12
The 12. night of the PDC Home Tour was a night to remember - though not because outstanding performances of the players but because Keegan Brown due to technical problems was only able to play one match. So the format had to be changed from a format for four players to a format for three players and the group winner was decided by first and return matches. In the end Max Hopp was a slightly lucky winner while Conan whitehead was the unlucky loser of the night.

Hopp had started into the night with a defeat against Mike de Decker, who played just better in the match. In his second match he should have played against Brown but the connection was broken and the match between Hopp and Whitehead - which originally was scheduled as last match of the night - was preponed. At that time Whitehead sat after two wins over de Decker and Brown in the first place of the table. The match was not good from both players - Hopp won it. By now it was clear one could not reconnect to Brown and so the return match between Hopp and de Decker was on next. It was Hopp's best match of the night who averaged just around 90. Hopp won it and now headed the table. He stayed at the oche to play the return match against Whitehead - again not a good match with averages under 85, but this time it was Hopp who took his chances and won it with 5:2. By this he won the group.
In the final match of the night Mike de Decker once again played against Conan Whitehead. For Whitehead it was already his fifth match and it looked he had surrendered. While he had played with 97.4 the highest average of the night against Keegan Brown he now played with 77.6 the lowest. De Decker won 5:1 an ended on the second place of the table.

Group 13 on Wednesday night will sonsist of Steve Beaton, Callan Rydz, Matthew Edgar and Carl Wilkinson.

Max Hopp 3:5 Mike de Decker (89.8 : 94.6
Keegan Brown 3:5 Conan Whitehead (92.6 : 97.4)
Mike de Decker 2:5 Conan Whitehead (87.5 : 87.6)
Max Hopp 5:3 Conan Whitehead (81.9 : 81.3)
Max Hopp 5:3 Mike de Decker (90.3 : 86.0)
Conan Whitehead 2:5 Max Hopp (82.0 : 83.6)
Mike de Decker 5:1 Conan Whitehead (89.3 : 77.6)

1Max Hopp431+56
2Mike de Decker422+14
3Conan Whitehead413-62

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