PDC Home Tour - Group 13

Carl Wilkinson surprise winner of Group 13
On a thanks to all involved very entertaining thirteenth night of the PDC Home Tour Carl Wilkinson was the surprise winner.

Wilkinson, a Tour Card Holder since 2019 who till now played the Pro Tour without success, won all his three matches of the night and even played in his first match against Matthew Edgar his so far highest ever average of 101.5. On the Tour his till last night highest average rarely reached the 95 mark.He played on a completely new set-up as he normally never practices at home. In his second match Wilkinson defeated Callan Rydz with 5:3 and threw a 160 finish in the match. In the last match of the night he won against Steve Beaton. Beaton before the match had a very slim chance to reach with an at least 5:1 win the first place of the table. Instead he lost 2:5 but it didn't harm his good mood which he had passed on to Wilkinson as well.

The three other players of the group all won one match. Steve Beaton defeated in a from both players nervous first match Callan Rydz. Rydz suffered from a broken toe which he had injured by riding his new BMX cycle. Entertainer Matthew Edgar played from his garage with a brand new set of darts and defeated Steve Beaton 5:1. Callan Rydz won his match against Matthew Edgar which he laconically had announced before the start.

On night 14 the international group will consist of Chris Dobey, Ciaran Teehan, Ron Meulenkamp and Kai Fan Leung.

Steve Beaton 5:1 Callan Rydz (82.7, 1x180, 121 Finish : 71.6, 1x180
Matthew Edgar 0:5 Carl Wilkinson (90.7 : 101.5)
Callan Rydz 3:5 Carl Wilkinson (88.3, 1x180, 134 Finish : 96.1, 2x180, 160 Finish)
Steve Beaton 1:5 Matthew Edgar (88.1, 1x180 : 92.4)
Matthew Edgar 2:5 Callan Rydz (88.0 : 94.7)
Carl Wilkinson 5:2 Steve Beaton (88.4, 1x180 : 87.9, 1x180)

1Carl Wilkinson33=+106
2Steve Beaton312-32
3Callan Rydz312-32
4Matthew Edgar312-42

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