PDC Home Tour - Group 15

Webster wins Group 15
With Darren Webster on the 15. night of the PDC Home Tour the highest ranked player got the group win. He won all his three matches.

For Webster the night started with a hard fought win over Bradley Brooks. It wasn't a good match from either player. Webster scored high but couldn't hit his doubles - at least not until a downpour hit his conservatory, which for short while disrupted the match. Brooks on the other side couldn't find the triples but was quite good in finishing. After the downpour Webster had his doubles back and won the match with 5:4. In his two other matches against Scott Baker and Andy Hamilton Webster was warmed up and showed solid performances. In the last match against Hamilton he played with 94.5 the highest average of the night.
Bradley Brooks, Scott Baker and Andy Hamilton all won one match each so that the leg difference had to decide the position in the table. Scott Baker defeated Andy Hamilton, Bradley Brooks - who got much better during the night - won his match against Scott Baker and Andy Hamilton got a win over Bradley Brooks.

In night 16 Christian Bunse, Ricky Evans, Martin Atkins and Jeff Smith will compete.

Darren Webster 5:4 Bradley Brooks (82.4 : 80.3)
Scott Baker 5:4 Andy Hamilton (88.8 : 86.7, 4x180, 100 Finish)
Bradley Brooks 3:5 Andy Hamilton (93.8, 2x180 : 92.6, 1x180, 116 + 124 Finish)
Darren Webster 5:2 Scott Baker (90.5, 107 Finish : 90.2)
Scott Baker 1:5 Bradley Brooks (93.5 : 90.0, 110 Finish)
Andy Hamilton 3:5 Darren Webster (89.2, 104 Finish : 94.5, 1x180, 116 Finish)

1Darren Webster330+66
2Bradley Brooks312+12
3Andy Hamilton312-12
4Scott Baker312-62

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