PDC Home Tour - Group 16

Win for Jeff Smith in Group 16
Night 16 of the PDC Home Tour was a very close affair. Only the last match of the night decided the group win in Favour of Canadian Jeff Smith.

Martin Atkins from Wigan looked after wins over Ricky Evans and Jeff Smith already like the winner of the night when in his last match German Christian Bunse thwarted his plans though Bunse had before with weak performances no chances at all against his other opponents.
The initial situation before the last match was complicated. Would Ricky Evans win it with 5:2 of better he would win the group. Would Evasn win but with 5:3 or 5:4 Martin Atkins would be the group winner. Would Jeff Smith win in which kind however he would win the group. The match started and stayed very close even after Evans knew he couldn't win. The last leg decided - and Smith won it with a sensational 142 finish.

In group 17 Damon Heta, Gary Blades, John Henderson and Krzysztof Kciuk will stand at the oche.

Ricky Evans 2:5 Martin Atkins (90.4, 2x180 : 90.6)
Christian Bunse 1:5 Jeff Smith (85.3, 1x180 : 94.8, 1x180)
Martin Atkins 5:4 Jeff Smith (89.5, 2x180 : 91.4, 2x180)
Ricky Evans 5:3 Christian Bunse (92.3, 1x180 : 75.8)
Christian Bunse 5:2 Martin Atkins 88.7 : 94.4)
Jeff Smith 5:4 Ricky Evans (85.8, 2x189, 121 + 147 Finish : 91.0, 1x180, 137 Finish)

1Jeff Smith321+44
2Martin Atkins321+14
3Ricky Evans312-22
4Christian Bunse312-32

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