PDC Home Tour - Group 17

Heta wins 17. Night
The 17. night of the PDC Home Tour was even closer and well balanced than night 16 - three of the players of the group won two of their matches. Due to the better leg difference Australian Damon Heta - who had to play after midnight in his home country - won the group. A deserved group win as Deta Heat was the only player who at least in one of his matches played with 96.3 an average over over 90 during the evening.

John Henderson won the first close match of the night against Krzysztof Kciuk while Damon Heta in his first match against Gary Blades had no problems at all and won 5:0 - the foundation of his later group win. In the third match Krzysztof Kciuk got his first win in a weak over Gary Blades who had after already two defeats no chance to win the group.
In the fourth match Henderson and Heta met. Heta played not as convincing as in his first Match, but threw among others a 160 finish and won 5:3 to underscore his aspirations. In the penultimate match of the night he lost to Krzysztof Kciuk, but due to his better leg difference neither Kciuk nor Henderson could replace him any longer at the head of the table.
So the last match of the night between Henderson and Blades was only about placings. Henderson got a clear 5:1 win and secured himself the second place in the table.

The Home Tour returns on the 18. night with Harald Leitinger, Stephen Bunting, Kim Huybrechts and Nathan Derry.

John Henderson 5:4 Krzysztof Kciuk (87.5, 3x180 : 80.6)
Damon Heta 5:0 Gary Blades (96.3, 3x180 : 75.0)
Krzysztof Kciuk 5:3 Gary Blades (80.2, 139 Finish : 79.5)
John Henderson 3:5 Damon Heta (88.0, 2x180 : 84.2, 2x180, 160 Finish)
Damon Heta 3:5 Krzysztof Kciuk (81.5, 2x180 : 89.3, 2x180)
Gary Blades 1:5 John Henderson (77.6, 2x180 : 87.5, 1x180) :

1Damon Heta321+54
2John Henderson321+34
3Krzysztof Kciuk321+34
4Gary Blades3-3-110

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