PDC Home Tour - Group 19

Durrant commanding winner of Group 19
Glen Durrant was the commanding winner of the 20. Group of the PDC Home Tour - he won all his three matches.

Durrant started with a clear 5:1 win over Dutchman Vincent van der Meer in the night and so disproved immediately his words that he would only play rubbish online. In his second match he competes against Justin Pipe - an entertaining match which took place verbally as well between the two players who obviously enjoyed the match. Durrant won 5:3 and threw a 164 finish in the match. In the last match of the night Durrant defeated Maik Kuivenhoven who played his best match against Durrant but nevertheless didn't put him in danger.
Justin Pipe played against his two Dutch opponents as commanding as Durrant and won 5:1 against Kuivenhoven and 5:2 against van der Meer. He ended unchallenged on place two of the table.
From the two Dutch players of the night - who practice together and both got a Tour Card in 2019 - Maik Kuivenhoven was the better player of the night. He won his match against Vincent van der Meer who already had mentioned at the start of the night that it woul to be sure be difficult for him to contest against his practice partner.

In Group 20 on Wednesday Joe Cullen, Jermaine Wattimena, Ryan Murray and John Michael will stand at the oche.

Glen Durrant 5:1 Vincent van der Meer (101.8 : 85.9, 1x180)
Justin Pipe 5:1 Maik Kuivenhoven (91.0, 1x180 : 87.5, 2x180)
Vincent van der Meer 1:5 Maik Kuivenhoven (82.3, 2x180 : 87.8, 1x180)
Glen Durrant 5:3 Justin Pipe (98.2, 2x180, 164 Finish : 96.2, 2x180)
Justin Pipe 5:2 Vincent van der Meer (85.2, 116 Finish : 76.9)
Maik Kuivenhoven 3:5 Glen Durrant(96.1 : 100.1, 1x180, 110 Finish)

1Glen Durrant33-+86
2Justin Pipe321+44
3Maik Kuivenhoven312+22
4Vincent van der Meer303-110

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