PDC Home Tour - Group 21

Fighting Cross wins Group
The 21. Night of the PDC Home Tour was thrilling till the last dart in the last match. In the end Rob Cross got with a hard fought 5:4 comeback win the group win.

For Cross the night started with a 5:2 win over William Borland. It was a weak and disappointing match from both players. His second match Cross won in the deciding leg against Dimitri van den Bergh. Cross improved a little bit and though he didn't score as well as his opponent he impressed and convinced with his accuracy on the double 4. In his last match was 0:4 in the rear to the at the start better playing Karel Sedlacek who even had a chance to win the match 5:0. But he missed the double 2 for the match and Cross stole the leg. After that Cross got stronger and managed to draw 4:4. That destroyed all Sedlacek's hopes for the group win. Cross won the last leg as well and thus won the group undefeated. In all his five legs won against Sedlacek he threw a 180.
Dimitri van den Bergh - who due to the lockdown still resides with Peter Wright - only won his first match against Sedlacek with a good performance. His second match he lost to Rob Cross and in his third match he was surprised by a suddenly very strong playing William Borland. Despite an average of 98.8 he had noc chance against Borland's 103.8 and lost 3:5. All in all van den Bergh was with three averages over 90 the best player of the night but never had a chance to win the group.
Karel Sedlacek lost his first match to Karel Sedlacek but after that celebrated a 5:0 win over William Borland - a quite good starting position for the group win. So he went quite motivated in his last match against Rob Cross but couldn't hinder Cross' win.
William Borland - who only won a Tour Card in January - lost his first two matches with weak performances but found at least three more gears in his last one against Dimitri van den Bergh and played the best average of the night. Nevertheless he ended on the bottom place of the table.

On Friday Group 22 with Ian White, Danny Noppert, Jesus Noguera and James Wilson will stand at the oche.

Rob Cross 5:2 William Borland (79.3, 1x180 : 77.4, 1x180)
Dimitri van den Bergh 5:1 Karel Sedlacek (97.7, 112 Finish : 85.7)
William Borland 0:5 Karel Sedlacek (82.5, 1x180 : 93.9, 120 Finish)
Rob Cross 5:4 Dimitri van den Bergh (81.4, 1x180 : 91.2, 3x180, 121 Finish)
Dimitri van den Bergh 3:5 William Borland (98.9, 1x180 : 103.8, 4x180)
Karel Sedlacek 4:5 Rob Cross(85.0, 1x180 : 85.2, 5x180)

1Rob Cross330+56
2Dimitri van den Bergh312+12
3Karel Sedlacek312-12
4William Borland312-62

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