PDC Home Tour - Group 25

Outstanding Portuguese wins Group 25
An outstanding Jose de Sousa wins Group 25 and only dropped one leg in his three won matches.

De Sousa stormed through his first match against Robert Thornton and won it 5:0. He hit 3 180s and a 132 Finish in the match. His match against Keegan Brown he won in the same manner with the same result. De Sousa dominated his last match against Reece Robinson as well though Robinson at least won a leg. In two of his matches de Sousa averaged over 100, in the third his average was with 97.6 a little bit lower.
With wins over Reece Robinson - in a very close match - and Robert Thornton - Browns best match of the night - Keegan Brown ended on the second place of the table. Both players had an average of over 100 in the match; Robinson played with 110.8 the highest average of the night.
Reece Robinson got his only win in the best match of the night when he defeated Robert Thornton with 5:2.

To the 26. night with Steve Brown, Mike de Decker and Martin Atkins three seconds in their groups return. They will be joined by Conan Whitehead, who was at a disadvantage in Group 12 after the connection to Keegan Brown had broken down as his win over Brown was not taken into account relating the group win and as he had to play one match more than his opponents.

Keegan Brown 5:4 Reece Robinson (89.1, 2x180, 109 Finish : 92.4, 3x180, 102 Finish)
Jose de Sousa 5:0 Robert Thornton (110.5, 3x180, 132 Finish : 77.4, 1x180)
Reece Robinson 5:2 Robert Thornton (110.8, 2x180, 100+121 Finish : 104.7, 1x180, 100 Finish)
Keegan Brown 0:5 Jose de Sousa (84.9, 1x180 : 97.6, 1x180)
Jose de Sousa 5:1 Reece Robinson (106.8, 4x180 : 92.7, 1x180)
Robert Thornton 2:5 Keegan Brown(82.9, 1x180 : 98.0, 1x180)

1Jose de Sousa330+146
2Keegan Brown321-14
3Reece Robinson312-22
4Robert Thornton303-110

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