PDC Home Tour - Group 26

Mike de Decker wins Group 26
In night 26 for the first time players stood at the oche who got a second chance. The winner in the end was Belgian Mike de Decker who had been the runner-up of Group 12.

De Decker lost his first match against an in that match outstanding playing Martin Atkins before he won his second match against Conan Whitehead - the weakest player of the night - with 5:1. So the decision over the group win would be made in the match between Steve Brown, who before the match headed the table, and Mike de Decker. De Decker had to win 5:2 or better, Steve Brown needed to win three legs. Steve Brown had been very clinical on his doubles in his first two matches but now suddenly experienced double trouble and de Decker won the match 5:2. As de Decker told Dan Dawson he had played a lot of matches online since his first Home Tour appearance.
Steve Brown defeated in his first match Conan Whitehead with 5:0 before he won against Martin Atkins with 5:2. He was very accurate on his doubles in those two matches.
Martin Atkins won two matches as well - he defeated Mike de Decker with 5:3 and won in the last match of the night a close match against Conan Whitehead with 5:4. Due to the leg difference he had no chance to win the group.

In night 27 Steve Beaton, Ross Smith, Scott Waites and Ron Meulenkamp will get a second chance at the oche.

Conan Whitehead 0:5 Steve Brown (82.9 : 91.7)
Mike de Decker 3:5 Martin Atkins (97.3, 2x180 : 102.0, 122 Finish)
Steve Brown 5:2 Martin Atkins (93.8, 1x180 : 94.6, 1x180)
Conan Whitehead 1:5 Mike de Decker (77.0 : 87.1, 1x180)
Mike de Decker 5:2 Steve Brown (93.8, 1x180, 135 Finish : 84.4)
Martin Atkins 5:4 Conan Whitehead(90.8 : 85.9, 1x180)

1Mike de Decker321+54
2Steve Brown321+54
3Martin Atkins32104
4Conan Whitehead303-100

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