PDC Home Tour - Group 27

Impressive Waites wins Group 27
Scott Waites impressed on the 27. night of the PDC Home Tour with his clinical finishing and won all his three matches and the group.

Waites started the evening with a 5:3 win over Steve Beaton. It was an entertaining match and both players told Dan Dawson at the start that they had practiced "a lot" till their first appearance in the Home Tour. Waites threw five 180s in the match and almost hit a nine-darter in Leg 7. For the rest of the match he was the better player. In his second match against Ron Meulenkamp Waites dominated due to his finishing and won with 5:0 despite a slightly higher average of Meulenkamp. After that Waites headed the table and only Ross Smith would have been able to replace him with a win in their match. But though Smith showed a very good performance again Waites was clinical on his doubles and won with 5:3.
Ross Smith on the other side - who mentioned he hadn't practiced but worked in his garden - presented himself in good form and won two of his matches. First he showed a very professional performance against Ron Meulenkamp in his 5:1. In this match Smith played with 99.8 the highest average of the night. Smith got his second win in a very close match against Steve Beaton in which he survived a 160 and a 110 finish and two matchdarts of his opponent.
Ron Meulenkamp defeated as well Steve Beaton in a very close match thanks to an outstanding deciding leg in a mostly even matched game. After his third 180 Meulenkamp threw a 161 finish for the win.
Steve Beaton lost all his three matches but nevertheless was an important factor in an entertaining and high class night of darts.

Tonights Group 28 consists of Michael Smith, Mike van Duivenbode, Luke Humphries and Andy Boulton.

Steve Beaton 3:5 Scott Waites (92.5, 1x180, 102 Finish : 97.4, 5x180)
Ross Smith 5:1 Ron Meulenkamp (99.7, 101 + 120 Finish : 89.2, 2x180)
Scott Waites 5:0 Ron Meulenkamp (90.5, 115, 100 + 130 Finish : 93.3, 1x180)
Steve Beaton 4:5 Ross Smith (86.7, 1x180, 160 +110 Finish : 92.0)
Ross Smith 2:5 Scott Waites (99.0 : 98.6)
Ron Meulenkamp 5:4 Steve Beaton (91.1, 3x180, 110 + 161 Finish : 92.2, 4x180)

1Scott Waites330+106
2Ross Smith321+24
3Ron Meulenkamp312-82
4Steve Beaton303-40

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