PDC Home Tour - Group 28

Humphries wins high class Group 28
In a high class group Luke Humphries won his three matches and the group.

Michael Smith started with a 5:0 win over Mike Duivenbode. Humphries answered with a 5:4 win over Andy Boulton in a thriller - it was a very evenly matched game. Boulton stood on a finish in the deciding leg as well. So now the two "favourites" on the win both had two points and Michael Smith had due to the leg difference the advantage.
Before Smith and Humphries met in match four in the third match of the night Andy Boulton played against Mike van Duivenbode - another thriller. But this time Boulton won the deciding leg in a 13-Darter-
The clash between Michael Smith and Luke Humphries was the highlight of the night and especially Humphries impressed with an 108.5 average which made him almost unbeatable. Smith played well too but he just couldn't keep up and lost 2:5. So now Humphries had the advantage - the next match between Humphries and van Duivenbode could already decide the group win.
The match between van Duivenbode and Humphries was another good match in which both players averaged almost 100. But van Duivenbode had a few problems with his doubles and lost this match as well. So it was clear Humphries would win the group while van Duivenbode ended bottom of the table.
The last match of the night between Michael Smith and Andy Boulton was the match for the second place in the table - it didn't matter much and one could see it. A visible disappointed Smith won it in the end with 5:2 and once again only was runner-up.

In Group 29 with Cristo Reyes a "new" player will stand at the oche. He will be joined by Danny Noppert, Ryan Meikle and John Henderson.

Michael Smith 5:0 Mike van Duivenbode (97.6, 1x180 : 93.4, 2x180)
Luke Humphries 5:4 Andy Boulton (100.9, 2x180 : 98.0, 112 Finish)
Mike van Duivenbode 4:5 Andy Boulton (97.1, 4x180 : 103.5, 1x180)
Michael Smith 2:5 Luke Humphries (97.1, 1x180 : 108.5, 4x180)
Luke Humphries 5:3 Mike van Duivenbode (97.8, 1x180 : 98.3, 2x180)
Andy Boulton 2:5 Michael Smith (89.0, 2x180, 127 Finish : 88.5, 1x180, 106 Finish)

1Luke Humphries330+66
2Michael Smith321+54
3Andy Boulton312-32
4Mike de Decker303-80

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