PDC Home Tour - Group 29

Second Spanish win in Group 29
Thanks to three wins in three matches Cristo Reyes was the second Spanish Group winner in the PDC Home Tour.

In his first match against John Henderson both players seemed to be a little bit cautious. Seven of the nine legs were won against the break and the match was won in the deciding leg by Reyes who scored a little bit higher and reached a finish first. The second match against Ryan Meikle was won again in the deciding leg from the Spain who played from his father-in-law's bar. But in this match Reyes was the better player from the start. Meikle even could have won the deciding leg but couldn't hit his 135 finish. His third and all deciding win - both Noppert and Henderson had a chance to win the group before the match - Reyes got in the last match of the night against Danny Noppert. He won with 5:2 and played his best match of the night with an almost 100 average.
John Henderson who had started with a close loss against Reyes in the evening, improved in his two other matches and was the best player of the night. He first won with 5:4 and an average of 101,4 against Danny Noppert and then with the highest average of the night of 104.4 5:0 against Ryan Meikle.
Danny Noppert only won against Ryan Meikle while Meikle lost all his three matches.

With Gary Anderson we'll see a "new" player in Group 30 as well. Dimitri van den Bergh, Kim Huybrechts and Dirk van Duivenbode will get a second chance.

Danny Noppert 5:2 Ryan Meikle (90.8, 100 Finish : 85.1, 138 Finish)
John Henderson 4:5 Cristo Reyes (94.0, 2x180 : 91.2, 4x180)
Ryan Meikle 4:5 Cristo Reyes (82.5, 1x180, 113 Finish : 95.2, 1x180, 138 Finish)
Danny Noppert 4:5 John Henderson (97.0, 1x180, 129 Finish : 101.4, 3x180)
John Henderson 5:0 Ryan Meikle (104.4, 2x180, 107 + 121 Finish : 99.9, 1x180)
Cristo Reyes 5:2 Danny Noppert (99.4, 2x180 : 91.8, 156 Finish)

1Cristo Reyes330+56
2John Henderson321+54
3Danny Noppert312-12
4Ryan Meikle303-90

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