PDC Home Tour - Group 3

Chisnall wins Unibet Home Tour Group Three
Dave Chisnall won Group Three of the Unibet Home Tour on Sunday evening as the innovative new tournament continued with Night Three.

World number 11 Chisnall began the night in impressive fashion in his darts cabin, averaging 102.8 in a 5-2 defeat of former Grand Slam of Darts champion Scott Waites, who played on his landing.
PDC newcomer Waites bounced back with back-to-back victories over Wales' Jonathan Worsley and Dutchman Jan Dekker, but Chisnall's 5-0 whitewash of Dekker kept him firmly in the driving seat.
Waites needed Worsley to win 5-1 or better against Chisnall in the final game of the night to win the group, but Chisnall romped home in style with a 5-2 success.

Dave Chisnall 5:2 Scott Waites - (102.8, 5x180 : 95.9, 2x180)
Jan Dekker 4:5 Jonathan Worsley - (80.9, 1x180, 120 und 121 Finish : 86.1, 1x180, 100 Finish)
Scott Waites 5:1 Jonathan Worsley - (96.8, 146 Finish : 83.6)
Dave Chisnall 5:0 Jan Dekker - (98.9 : 91.0)
Jan Dekker 1:5 Scott Waites - (77.2 : 87.1)
Jonathan Worsley 1:5 Dave Chisnall - (74.3 : 74.7, 1x180)

1Dave Chisnall33-+126
2Scott Waites321+54
3Jonathan Worsley312-72
4Jan Dekker3-3-100

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