PDC Home Tour - Group 31

Unstoppable Cullen wins Group 31
On the penultimate night of the PDC Home Tour Joe Cullen was unstoppable and got three impressive wins.

For Cullen the night started with a 5:2 win over Keegan Brown who won one of his two legs with a 170 finish. Cullen never was in danger; already in his first match he averaged 106.2. Gerwyn Price couldn't stop Cullen who even improved his average in this match to 107.8 while Price' average was over 103 - really outstanding performances from both players. In his last match Cullen played against the weakest player of the night - Bradley Brooks - and with a 5:0 drove home the group win. Brooks was steamrolled by Cullen's 105.8 average in the match.
Gerwyn Price certainly had hoped to win the group after he had defeated Brooks in the first match of the night with 5:3. But those hopes soon were shattered by Cullen. So his third match of the night was only about the second place in the table. One could see Price was disappointed - he played his weakest match and lost 4:5 to Keegan Brown.
Keegan Brown got with wins against Bradley Brooks and Gerwyn Price to the second place of the table. Against Bradley Brooks he played his best of the night. But he managed to hold Gerwyn Price at bay as well though he probably was so tired at that time of the evening to fall asleep standing up. Due to the shift duty in hospital he had only slept for two hours before he stand at the oche.
Bradley Brooks was on this night not able to keep up with the three strong playing other members of the group and lost all three matches.

On the last night of the first tournament phase Peter Wright, Adam Hunt, Krzysztof Ratajski and Justin Pipe will stand at the oche.

Gerwyn Price 5:3 Bradley Brooks (97.4, 2x180, 116 + 105 Finish : 84.6)
Joe Cullen 5:2 Keegan Brown (106.2, 1x180, 103 Finish : 96.7, 170 Finish)
Bradley Brooks 1:5 Keegan Brown (84.8 : 101.3, 1x180)
Gerwyn Price 3:5 Joe Cullen (103.3, 4x180, 100 Finish : 107.6, 4x180)
Joe Cullen 5:0 Bradley Brooks (105.8, 5x180, 164 Finish : 81.1, 1x180)
Keegan Brown 5:4 Gerwyn Price (92.9, 1x180 : 86.3, 2x180, 108 Finish)

1Joe Cullen330+106
2Keegan Brwon321+24
3Gerwyn Price312-12
4Bradley Brooks303-110

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