PDC Home Tour - Group 32

World Champion Wright wins Group 32
The 32 night of the PDC Home Tour was the last night of the first stage of the tournament and with World Champion Peter Wright it had a worthy winner.

Wright opened the night with a 5:2 win over Adam Hunt. Though Hunt had a far lower average it was not an easy win for Wright.
In the following match Krzysztof Ratajski defeated the chance less Justin Pipe with 5:0 and headed the table. The so far losers Hunt and Pipe met in the next match. It was a solid and evenly matched game which Hunt won with 5:3. As Ratajski had the best leg difference he still headed the table.
Wright met Krzysztof Ratajski in his second match, his strongest opponent in the battle for the group match. And it was a hard fought match. In the deciding leg Wright threw the higher scores and won it with 5:4. He was back at the head of the table and now could only wait.
Both Ratajski and Hunt had still chances to win the group before the next match, both would need a win, Hunt a high win. It was a remarkable match. Ratajski was the better player till he was 4:1 in the lead. But in the sixth leg he missed a Matchdart and suddenly Hunt was back in the game and managed to draw. In the deciding match Ratajski missed another Matchdart and Hunt won the match 5:4. Ratajski was out of the race. Hunt still had a chance but only should Peter Wright lose 0:5 against Justin Pipe in the last match of the night.
Wright won the second leg of the match and by this had won the group. He changed down som gears while Pipe improved and in the end won the match with 5:4.

That was the last day of the first stage of the PDC Home Tour. It will go on after a break on Tuesday May 26 with the Damit ist die erste Phase der PDC Home Tour abgeschlossen. Das Turnier wird am Dienstag, den 26. Mai mit der second stage .

Peter Wright 5:2 Adam Hunt (101.3 : 88.7)
Krzysztof Ratajski 5:0 Justin Pipe (95.1, 3x180 : 89.4)
Adam Hunt 5:3 Justin Pipe (95.4, 1x180, 117 Finish : 95.0, 1x180, 110 Finish)
Peter Wright 5:4 Krzysztof Ratajski (97.2, 4x180 : 99.0, 2x180, 130 Finish)
Krzysztof Ratajski 4:5 Adam Hunt (97.2, 1x180 : 95.0, 4x180)
Justin Pipe 5:4 Peter Wright (91.1, 1x180, 106 Finish : 90.8, 2x180)

1Peter Wright321+34
2Adam Hunt32104
3Krzysztof Ratajski31232
4Justin Pipe312-62

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