PDC Home Tour - Group 4

Nentjes wins Unibet Home Tour Group Four
Geert Nentjes won Group Four of the Unibet Home Tour as the fourth night of the tournament continued on Monday evening. The 21-year-old, who was the first player who said he felt more secure playing from his home then in tournaments, won all three of his matches on the night, but he was forced to survive a match dart in his first game against Mickey Mansell before taking the deciding leg. The rising Dutch star then claimed back-to-back victories as he defeated Lisa Ashton 5-3 to top the table at the halfway point. He went on to defeat In the final match of the night Ross Smith. Nentjes was the dominating player of the night and with 100.2 against Mansell he played the highest average as well.

The other three players of the group all got only one win.
Smith, the highest ranked of the players, defeated in the first match of the night Lisa Ashton. Mickey Mansell, who passes his time at the moment often on his bicycle and who had a very professional looking set-up, defeated Ross Smith. Lisa Ashton, the only female player among the 128 Tour Card holders, won in her best match 5:3 against Mickey Mansell. She averaged 91.3 in the match.

Ross Smith 5:1 Lisa Ashton - (99.7, 2x180, 108 Finish : 80.1, 1x180)
Geert Nentjes 5:4 Mickey Mansell - (100.2, 1x180 : 99.1, 117 und 116 Finish)
Geert Nentjes 5:3 Lisa Ashton - (95.4, 2x180 : 80.1)
Mickey Mansell 5:3 Ross Smith - (86.9 : 87.3, 1x180, 135 Finish)
Lisa Ashton 5:3 Mickey Mansell - (91.3, 1x180 : 88.5, 133 Finish)
Geert Nentjes 5:3 Ross Smith - (95.2, 1x180 : 86.2, 101 Finish)

1Geert Nentjes33-+56
2Ross Smith31202
3Mickey Mansell312-12
4Lisa Ashton312-42

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