PDC Home Tour - Group 5

Nick Kenny wins Unibet Home Tour Group Five
Nick Kenny won Group Five of the Unibet Home Tour, as the innovative new tournament continued on Tuesday night.

The fifth of 32 consecutive nights of live darts action saw Welshman Kenny get off to the best possible start with a 5-3 defeat of World Youth Champion Luke Humphries. Kenny, who won his Tour Card for the first time in January, then got the better of former Players Championship event winner Joe Murnan 5-2, before sealing the group win with a 5-3 victory over popular South African star Devon Petersen.

Luke Humphries ended after wins over Joe Murnan and Devon Petersen on the second place of the table. In his last match against Joe Murnan he stood on Double 12 for the win when he suddenly disappeared from the stream due to a phone call. But he soon reappeared and clinically hit his Double 12.

Joe Murnan managed one win by beating Devon Petersen. Petersen lost all his three matches - surprisingly as he had dominated the first test run for the event.

Luke Humphries 3:5 Nick Kenny - (92.7, 1x180 : 90.8, 4x180)
Devon Petersen 1:5 Joe Murnan - (75.0 : 82.4)
Nick Kenny 5:2 Joe Murnan - (81.6, 1x180 : 76.6, 119 Finish)
Luke Humphries 5:4 Devon Petersen - (86.4 : 84.8, 4x180)
Devon Petersen 3:5 Nick Kenny - (80.3, 1x180 : 81.8, 1x180)
Joe Murnan 3:5 Luke Humphries - (87.7, 4x180 : 90.6, 4x180)

1Nick Kenny33-+76
2Luke Humphries321+14
3Joe Murnan312-12
4Devon Petersen303-70

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