PDC Home Tour - Group 7

Klaasen wins Group 7
The seventh group was a close group which in the end Jelle Klaasen won due to his better leg difference.
Both Jelle Klaasen and Ryan Meikle won two of their matches on the seventh night of the PDC Home Tour but Klaasen had the better leg difference and thus was the group winner.

None of the four players of the group really convinced. The night started with a 5:3 win of Gabriel Clemens over Ryan Meikle - quite a good match. After this Klaasen prevailed with 5:2 over Gavin Carlin. Both players didn't play well and probably Klaasen won it due to his experience. Especially with the finishing the on the Pro Tour rather new Gavin Carlin had his problems - he busted his scores twice while Klaasen's finishing was quite clinical. It was a similar story for Carlin in the next match against Ryan Meikle. While Meikle threw two high finishes Carlin - who could well keep up with the scoring - again busted once and had a lot of problems to hit his doubles. Meikle won 5:1.
The following two matches decided the outcome of the night. First Gabriel Clemens lost 3:5 to Jelle Klaasen. Clemens scored too inconsistent and gave Klaasen too many chances who used them all. Than Ryan Meikle won a very close match against Klaasen with 5:4. So both players had won two matches but Klaasen had the better leg difference and crowned himself winner of the night.
The final match between Gabriel Clemens and Gavin Carlin had no longer an impact on the result though Clemens could have reached the second place in the table. But Clemens played his weakest match of the night and Carlin had less double trouble then in his other matches and he won with 5:4.

In night and group 8 Jonny Clayton, Adam Hunt, Richard North und David Pallett will stand at the oche.

Gabriel Clemens 5:3 Ryan Meikle - (93.8, 2x180 : 90.1)
Jelle Klaasen 5:2 Gavin Carlin - (85.4 : 85.0, 2x180)
Ryan Meikle 5:1 Gavin Carlin - (87.0, 1x180, 104 und 100 Finish : 86.8, 2x180)
Gabriel Clemens 3:5 Jelle Klaasen - (96.2, 3x180, 132 Finish : 93.0, 4x180)
Jelle Klaasen 4:5 Ryan Meikle - (92.7, 4x180 : 94.6, 112 Finish)
Gavin Carlin 5:4 Gabriel Clemens - (89.8, 2x180 : 87.4, 1x180, 123 Finish)

1Jelle Klaasen321+44
2Ryan Meikle321+34
3Gabriel Clemens312-12
4Gavin Carlin312-62

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