PDC Home Tour - Group 8

Clyton prevails in Group 8
Group 8 was won by the highest ranked player Jonny Clayton who won all his three matches.

Clayton started the eight night of the PDC Home Tour with a 5:2 win over Adam Hunt - a match in which he played with 96 the highest average of the evening. Then he won his match against Richard North - a match in which eight 180 were thrown by the two players - before he defeated in the last match of the night David Pallet convincingly with 5:2.
The second place in the table went to Adam Hunt who after he was defeated by Clayton won his other two matches. David Pallett got his only win against Richard North, who was without luck and lost all his matches.

One the ninth night with Michael Smith another of the PDC top players will stand at his home oche. He will compete against former BDO player Martijn Kleermaker, Harry Ward and Matt Clark.

Jonny Clayton 5:2 Adam Hunt - (96.0, 2x180, 100 Finish : 90.2, 2x180)
Richard North 2:5 David Pallett - (90.8, 1x180 : 94.3, 1x180, 106 Finish)
Adam Hunt 5:3 David Pallett - (85.4, 1x180 : 81.0, 1x180)
Jonny Clayton 5:3 Richard North - (90.5, 5x180, 118 Finish : 87.6, 3x180, 110 Finish)
Richard North 1:5 Adam Hunt - (82.8, 2x180 : 88.8, 1x180, 106 und 144 Finish)
David Pallett 2:5 Jonny Clayton - (77.7 : 92.8, 1x180)

1Jonny Clayton330+86
2Adam Hunt321+34
3David Pallett312-32
4Gavin Carlin303-90

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