PDC Home Tour - Last 32, Group 1

Klaasen through to semi-finals
On the first night of the Last 32 Klaasen won the group.
The first group of the Last 32 of the PDC Home Tour consisted of Peter Wright, Ryan Murray, Cristo Reyes and Jelle Klaasen. It was a very close group and in the end Peter Wright, Cristo Reyes and Jelle Klaasen all had four points. Klaasen had the best leg difference and progressed into the semi-finals.
Peter Wright started with a win over Ryan Murray into the night and after that had a close 6:5 win over Cristo Reyes after which he headed the table. But then he lost his last match against Jelle Klaasen with 1:6 and lost his first rank. All in all it was a rather weak performance of the World Champion.
Cristo Reyes began the night with a 6:5 win over Jelle Klaasen and lost his second match with the same result to Peter Wright. He won his last match 6:3 against Ryan Murray.
After his close defeat by Ryes in his first match Jelle Klaasen won 6:4 against Ryan Murray and won in the last Match of the night 6:1 against Peter Wright.
Ryan Murray lost all his three matches. In parts he scored really well but he had a lot of double trouble.

Peter Wright 6:2 Ryan Murray (88.2, 1x180, 116 Finish : 87.7, 3x180)
Cristo Reyes 6:5 Jelle Klaasen (93.0, 1x180, 100 Finish : 91.3, 3x180)
Ryan Murray 4:6 Jelle Klaasen (76.3 : 82.0, 2x180)
Peter Wright 6:5 Cristo Reyes (83.1, 2x180 : 89.3, 3x180)
Cristo Reyes 6:3 Ryan Murray (92.2, 2x180 : 81.9, 122 Finish)
Jelle Klaasen 6:1 Peter Wright (90.4, 1x180, 100 Finish : 80.7)

1Jelle Klaasen321+64
2Cristo Reyes321+34
3Peter Wright32104
4Ryan Murray303-90

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