PDC Home Tour - Last 32, Group 3

Group Win for Anderson
Gary Anderson stays unbeaten and progresses into the semi-finals.
Gary Anderson started with a hard earned victory over Nick Kenny into the night but played brilliantly in his second match against a strong Luke Humphries whom he defeated with 6:1. In his last match against Jamie Lewis it would have been enough to get one leg to win the group. Instead Anderson showed another strong performance with four 180s and a 103 and a 106 finish and won with 6:3. Against Humphries he played with 110,1 the highest average of the night.
Luke Humphries began his night with a 6:2 win over Jamie Lewis before he lost in his second match against Anderson. In the penultimate match of the night he defeated Nick Kenny with 6:1 and threw with 114, 117 and 160 three high finfishes.
Jamie Lewis won the all Welsh clash against Nick Kenny. Kenny had a slow start into the match but got stronger and stronger. Kenny lost all his three matches.

Tonight's Group will consist of Dave Chisnall, Darren Webster, Geert Nentjes and Damon Heta.

Gary Anderson 6:2 Nick Kenny (87.3 : 83.3, 1x180)
Luke Humphries 6:2 Jamie Lewis (100.7, 4x180 : 93.1, 2x180)
Nick Kenny 4:6 Jamie Lewis (87.3, 2x180 : 93.1, 3x180)
Gary Anderson 6:1 Luke Humphries (110.1, 1x180 : 102.0, 1x180)
Luke Humphries 6:1 Nick Kenny (94.6, 1x180, 114, 160 + 117 Finish : 91.8, 5x180)
Jamie Lewis 3:6 Gary Anderson (86.2, 1x180 : 98.7, 4x180, 103 + 106 Finish)

1Gary Anderson330+126
2Luke Humphries321+44
3Jamie Lewis312-52
4Nick Kenny303-110

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