PDC Home Tour - Last 32, Group 4

Chisnall with hard-fought group win
Dave Chisnall won a hard fought group and progresses into the semi-finals.
The night started with defeats for the two highest ranked players Dave Chisnall and Darren Webster against Damon Heta and Geert Nentjes. Both were close matches and both were lost 5:6. In the third match Heta and Nentjes met and it was another close match. Nentjes had already been 4:0 in the lead when Heta started a comeback in which he won a 164 Finish. But Nentjes crossed the finishing line first with his second 6:5 win and headed the table with two wins.
In the fourth match Chisnall and Webster met - it was a match in which both players played the same average but Chisnall nevertheless dominated it and won 6:2. So Chisnall was still in the race while Webster was out after the second defeat.
But even though he had no longer a chance Webster didn't give in and won the penultimate match of the night with 6:2 over Damon Heta who played his weakest match of the night. He just couldn't find the high scores - might be because it was not late evening in Australia but by now five o'clock in the morning. After this defeat Heta was out of the race as well and the group win was decided in the last match of the night between Geert Nentjes and Dave Chisnall.
With his third win Nentjes would have won the group while Chisnall had to win the match with a certain leg difference. But Nentjes looked tired by now and couldn't keep up his performance while Chisnall managed to play all his three matches on almost the same level. Chisnall won with 6:3.

Tonight Rob Cross, Ryan Searle, Luke Woodhouse and Daniel Larsson will stand at the oche.

Dave Chisnall 5:6 Damon Heta (94.8, 3x180 : 83.5, 3x180, 110 + 110 Finish)
Darren Webster 5:6 Geert Nentjes (93.4, 2x180 : 89.8, 2x180, 120 Finish)
Damon Heta 5:6 Geert Nentjes (94.5, 5x180, 164 Finish : 85.3, 1x180, 126 Finish)
Dave Chisnall 6:2 Darren Webster (95.0, 3x180 : 95.0, 1x180)
Darren Webster 6:2 Damon Heta (90.4, 3x180, 125 Finish : 79.8, 1x180)
Geert Nentjes 3:6 Dave Chisnall (88.8, 4x180 : 92.6, 3x180, 106 Finish)

1Dave Chisnall321+64
2Geert Nentjes321-14
3Darren Webster312-12
4Damon Heta312-42

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