PDC Home Tour - Last 8, Group 2

Clayton and Aspinall progress into Finals Group
The second Last 8 evening was a thrilling evening with many high class matches. Only after the last match it was clear that Nathan Aspinall and Jonny Clayton would progress into the Finals Group.

In the first match of the night Joe Cullen defeated rob Cross with 6:4. Cullen threw seven 180s in the match. In match two - the first of two outstanding matches of the night - Nathan Aspinall and Jonny Clayton met. It was a very evenly match which Aspinall won due to a 12-darter in the deciding leg.
After that Joe Cullen played against Jonny Clayton. With a second win Cullen would have headed the table and he was in the lead early in the match. But Clayton managed to draw and once again a match went into a deciding leg which this time Jonny Clayton managed to win.
The fourth match between Rob Cross and Nathan Aspinall was the second highlight of a high class evening and another thriller. Cross improved a lot compared to his first match and Aspinall threw three high finishes in the match. Again a deciding leg was needed. Aspinall missed a match dart, Cross won the match. So now all four players had won one match each - the last two matches of the night would decide who would progress into the final.
First Nathan Aspinall played against Joe Cullen - another thriller and another last leg decider. Cullen threw a 170 finish during the match and four 180s but Aspinall won it 6:5 and progressed.
In the final match of the night Clayton and Cross met. Clayton by now was in full swing while Cross couldn't keep up his good performance. So the Welshman dominated the match and threw on his way to a 6:1 win a 126 and a 142 finish. Clayton won the group due to his better legd difference and progressed beside Aspinall into the Finals Group.

Rob Cross 4:6 Joe Cullen(91.5, 2x180 : 99.3, 7x180, 117 Finish)
Nathan Aspinall 6:5 Jonny Clayton (106.7, 4x180, 147 Finish : 100.2, 2x180)
Joe Cullen 5:6 Jonny Clayton (89.7, 2x180 : 90.5, 3x180, 101 Finish)
Rob Cross 6:5 Nathan Aspinall (107.5, 2x180 : 104.8, 130, 108, 111 Finish)
Nathan Aspinall 6:5 Joe Cullen (97.3, 1x180, 127 Finish : 92.5, 4x180, 170 + 114 Finish)
Jonny Clayton 6:1 Rob Cross (97.0, 1x180, 126 + 142 Finish : 92.8, 1x180)

1Jonny Clayton321+54
2Nathan Aspinall321+14
3Joe Cullen31202
4Rob Cross312-62

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