PDC Home Tour 2

PDC Home Tour 2 will be played from 31. August to 20. October in several phases and groups and it will be streamed live on PDCTV.
PDC Home Tour 2 offers the lower ranked players a chance to compete. In the first phase till 28. September the players play in ten groups with seven players each. The top three of every group and the five best placed fourths will progress into Phase 2 which will be played on five days in five groups. The top four of each group plus the best fifth placed player progress into Phase three and will play in three groups from 12. - 14. October. The top two of each group and the best third placed player progress into the Championship Group and will compete for the win on 20. October.

Monday, 31. AugustPhase 1 Group 1
Tuesday, 1. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 2
Wednesday, 2. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 3
Monday, 7. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 4
Tuesday, 8. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 5
Wednesday, 9. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 6
Monday, 21. September Phase 1 Group 7
Tuesday, 22. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 8
Wednesday, 23. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 9
Thursday, 24. SeptemberPhase 1 Group 10
Tuesday, 29. SeptemberPhase 2 Group 1
Wednesday, 30. SeptemberPhase 2 Group 2
Monday, 5. OctoberPhase 2 Group 3
Tuesday, 6. OctoberPhase 2 Group 4
Wednesday, 7. OctoberPhase 2 Group 5
Monday, 12. OctoberPhase 3 Group 1
Tuesday, 13. OctoberPhase 3 Group 2
Wednesday,14. OctoberPhase 3 Group 3
Tuesday, 20. October Championship Group

Monday, 31. August

Top ⇑

Group 1
Andy Boulton
Mike de Decker
Adrian Gray
Joe Murnan
Geert Nentjes
David Pallett
Conan Whitehead

Mike de Decker5:4Geert Nentjes
Conan Whitehead5:2Joe Murnan
Adrian Gray2:5Andy Boulton
David Pallett1:5Mike de Decker
Geert Nentjes3:5Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton5:2Conan Whitehead
Joe Murnan5:0Dave Pallett
Adrian Gray3:5Mike de Decker
Conan Whitehead1:5Geert Nentjes
Joe Murnan5:4Andy Boulton
David Pallett1:5Adrian Gray
Mike de Decker5:0Conan Whitehead
Geert Nentjes5:2Joe Murnan
Andy Boulton5:1David Pallett
Conan Whitehead5:3Adrian Gray
Joe Murnan5:2Mike de Decker
Andy Boulton5:2Geert Nentjes
David Pallett5:3Conan Whitehead
Adrian Gray2:5Joe Murnan
Mike de Decker5:2Andy Boulton
Geert Nentjes5:4David Pallett

Through to Phase 2: Mike de Decker, Andy Boulton, Joe Murnan; Fourth of the Group: Geert Nentjes

Tuesday, 1. September

Top ⇑

Group 2
Barrie Bates
Gary Blades
Matthew Edgar
Adam Hunt
Jamie Lewis
Alan Tabern
Carl Wilkinson

Jamie Lewis5:2Gary Blades
Adam Hunt5:4Carl Wilkinson
Matthew Edgar3:5Barrie Bates
Alan Tabern4:5Jamie Lewis
Gary Blades5:2Matthew Edgar
Barrie Bates1:5Adam Hunt
Carl Wilkinson1:5Alan Tabern
Matthew Edgar2:4Jamie Lewis
Adam Hunt5:1Gary Blades
Carl Wilkinson5:0Barrie Bates
Alan Tabern4:5Matthew Edgar
Jamie Lewis5:1Adam Hunt
Gary Blades5:4Carl Wilkinson
Barrie Bates0:5Alan Tabern
Adam Hunt1:5Matthew Edgar
Carl Wilkinson3:5Jamie Lewis
Barrie Bates2:5Gary Blades
Alan Tabern5:2Adam Hunt
Matthew Edgar5:2Carl Wilkinson
Jamie Lewis5:2Barrie Bates
Gary Blades0:5Alan Tabern

Through to Phase 2: Jamie Lewis, Adam Hunt and Alan Tabern ; Fourth of the Group: Matthew Edgar

Wednesday, 2. September

Top ⇑

Group 3
Lisa Aston
Kirk Shepherd
Steve Brown
Krzysztof Kciuk
Mickey Mansell
Martijn Kleermaker
Nathan Derry

Martijn Kleermaker5:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Mickey Mansell5:0Nathan Derry
Lisa Ashton1:5Steve Brown
Kirk Shepherd5:2Martijn Kleermaker
Krzysztof Kciuk3:5Lisa Ashton
Steve Brown1:5Mickey Mansell
Nathan Derry2:5Kirk Shepherd
Lisa Ashton5:4Martijn Kleermaker
Mickey Mansell5:1Krzysztof Kciuk
Nathan Derry1:5Steve Brown
Kirk Shepherd5:4Lisa Ashton
Martijn Kleermaker0:5Mickey Mansell
Krzysztof Kciuk5:4Nathan Derry
Steve Brown3:5Kirk Shepherd
Mickey Mansell5:2Lisa Ashton
Nathan Derry2:5Martijn Kleermaker
Steve Brown5:2Krzysztof Kciuk
Kirk Shepherd1:5Mickey Mansell
Lisa Ashton5:0Nathan Derry
Martijn Kleermaker4:5Steve Brown
Krzysztof Kciuk2:5Kirk Shepherd

Through to Phase 2: Mickey Mansell, Kirk shepherd and Steve Brown ;Fourth of the Group: Lisa Ashton

Monday, 7. September

Top ⇑

Group 4
William Borland
Bradley Brooks
Ted Evetts
Andy Hamilton
Jamie Hughes
Harald Leitinger
James Wilson

William Borland5:1Harald Leitinger
Bradley Brooks5:3Jamie Hughes
Andy Hamilton5:0Ted Evetts
James Wilson5:4William Borland
Harald Leitinger3:5Andy Hamilton
Ted Evetts4:5Bradley Brooks
Jamie Hughes1:5James Wilson
Andy Hamilton1:5William Borland
Bradley Brooks5:0Harald Leitinger
Jamie Hughes0:5Ted Evetts
James Wilson2:5Andy Hamilton
William Borland3:5Bradley Brooks
Harald Leitinger2:5Jamie Hughes
Ted Evetts3:5James Wilson
Bradley Brooks1:5Andy Hamilton
Jamie Hughes5:2William Borland
Ted Evetts5:2Harald Leitinger
James Wilson5:3Bradley Brooks
Andy Hamilton3:5Jamie Hughes
William Borland3:5Ted Evetts
Harald Leitinger3:5James Wilson

Through to Phase 2: James Wilson, Andy Hamilton, Bradley Brooks ; Fourth of the Group: Ted Evetts

Tuesday, 8. September

Top ⇑

Group 5
Damon Heta
Ryan Joyce
Marko Kantele
Daniel Larsson
Kai Fan Leung
John Michael
Devon Petersen

Damon Heta5:3Daniel Larsson
John Michael3:5Marko Kantele
Kai Fan Leung5:3Devon Petersen
Ryan Joyce5:4Damon Heta
Daniel Larsson5:4Kai Fan Leung
Devon Petersen5:0John Michael
Marko Kantele5:2Ryan Joyce
Kai Fan Leung2:5Damon Heta
John Michael0:5Daniel Larsson
Marko Kantele5:1Devon Petersen
Ryan Joyce1:5Kai Fan Leung
Damon Heta5:0John Michael
Daniel Larsson5:2Marko Kantele
Devon Petersen5:1Ryan Joyce
John Michael3:5Kai Fan Leung
Marko Kantele5:1Damon Heta
Devon Petersen5:1Daniel Larsson
Ryan Joyce4:5John Michael
Kai Fan Leung4:5Marko Kantele
Damon Heta5:4Devon Petersen
Daniel Larsson5:0Ryan Joyce

Through to Phase 2: Marko Kantele, Daniel Larsson, Damon Heta ; Fourth of the Group: Devon Petersen

Wednesday, 9. September

Top ⇑

Group 6
Gabriel Clemens
Ryan Meikle
Ron Meulenkamp
William O'Connor
Ross Smith
Vincent van der Meer
Luke Woodhouse

Vincent van der Meer1:5Gabriel Clemens
Ron Meulenkamp5:2William O'Connor
Ross Smith5:1Luke Woodhouse
Ryan Meikle5:2Vincent van der Meer
Gabriel Clemens1:5Ross Smith
Luke Woodhouse2:5Ron Meulenkamp
William O'Connor3:5Ryan Meikle
Ross Smith5:2Vincent van der Meer
Ron Meulenkamp1:5Gabriel Clemens
William O'Connor2:5Luke Woodhouse
Ryan Meikle5:3Ross Smith
Vincent van der Meer1:5Ron Meulenkamp
Gabriel Clemens5:1William O'Connor
Luke Woodhouse4:5Ryan Meikle
Ron Meulenkamp2:5Ross Smith
William O'Connor1:5Vincent van der Meer
Luke Woodhouse5:3Gabriel Clemens
Ryan Meikle5:1Ron Meulenkamp
Ross Smith5:1William O'Connor
Vincent van der Meer1:5Luke Woodhouse
Gabriel Clemens2:5Ryan Meikle

Through to Phase 2: Ryan Meikle, Ross Smith, Gabriel Clemens ;Fourth of the Group: Luke Woodhouse

Monday, 21. September

Top ⇑

Group 7
William Borland
Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Nick Kenny
Ron Meulenkamp
Jermaine Wattimena

Jeffrey de Zwaan2:5Ron Meulenkamp
Jermaine Wattimena5:0Stephen Bunting
Nick Kenny2:5Jonny Clayton
William Borland0:5Jeffrey de Zwaan
Ron Meulenkamp5:2Nick Kenny
Jonny Clayton3:5Jermaine Wattimena
Stephen Bunting4:5William Borland
Nick Kenny1:5Jeffrey de Zwaan
Jermaine Wattimena5:2Ron Meulenkamp
Stephen Bunting0:5Jonny Clayton
William Borland0:5Nick Kenny
Jeffrey de Zwaan5:4Jermaine Wattimena
Ron Meulenkamp3:5Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton5:1William Borland
Jermaine Wattimena3:5Nick Kenny
Stephen Bunting2:5Jeffrey de Zwaan
Jonny Clayton3:5Ron Meulenkamp
William Borland3:5Jermaine Wattimena
Nick Kenny5:2Stephen Bunting
Jeffrey de Zwaan3:5Jonny Clayton
Ron Meulenkamp5:2William Borland

Through to Phase 2: Jonny Clayton, Jermaine Wattimena, Jeffrey de Zwaan ; Fourth of the Group: Ron Meulenkamp

Tuesday, 22. September

Top ⇑

Group 8
Lisa Ashton
Gary Blades
Adrian Gray
Jamie Hughes
Luke Humphries
Kai Fan Leung
Martin Schindler

Martin Schindler5:4Gary Blades
Jamie Hughes1:5Adrian Gray
Lisa Ashton0:5Luke Humphries
Kai Fan Leung5:3Martin Schindler
Gary Blades5:2Lisa Ashton
Luke Humphries5:3Jamie Hughes
Adrian Gray2:5Kai Fan Leung
Lisa Ashton4:5Martin Schindler
Jamie Hughes5:1Gary Blades
Adrian Gray1:5Luke Humphries
Kai Fan Leung5:2Lisa Ashton
Martin Schindler5:1Jamie Hughes
Gary Blades5:1Adrian Gray
Luke Humphries5:1Kai Fan Leung
Jamie Hughes5:0Lisa Ashton
Adrian Gray4:5Martin Schindler
Luke Humphries5:0Gary Blades
Kai Fan Leung5:4Jamie Hughes
Lisa Ashton5:2Adrian Gray
Martin Schindler3:5Luke Humphries
Gary Blades0:5Kai Fan Leung

Through to Phase 2: Luke Humphries, Martin Schindler and Kai Fan Leung ; Fourth of the Group: Jamie Hughes

Wednesday, 23. September

Top ⇑

Group 9
Barrie Bates
Chris Dobey
Rickey Evans
Krzysztof Kciuk
Nick Kenny
Callan Rydz
Conan Whitehead

Krzysztof Kciuk3:5Ricky Evans
Conan Whitehead5:2Barrie Bates
Nick Kenny5:4Callan Rydz
Chris Dobey5:2Krzysztof Kciuk
Ricky Evans1:5Nick Kenny
Callan Rydz5:3Conan Whitehead
Barrie Bates0:5Chris Dobey
Nick Kenny5:3Krzysztof Kciuk
Conan Whitehead5:2Ricky Evans
Barrie Bates5:2Callan Rydz
Chris Dobey1:5Nick Kenny
Krzysztof Kciuk3:5Conan Whitehead
Ricky Evans2:5Barrie Bates
Callan Rydz2:5Chris Dobey
Conan Whitehead3:5Nick Kenny
Barrie Bates3:5Krzysztof Kciuk
Callan Rydz3:5Ricky Evans
Chris Dobey5:1Conan Whitehead
Nick Kenny5:2Barrie Bates
Krzysztof Kciuk2:5Callan Rydz
Ricky Evans5:3Chris Dobey

Through to Phase 2: Nick Kenny, Chris Dobey and Barrie Bates ; Fourth of the Group: Ricky Evans

Thursday, 24. September

Top ⇑

Group 10
Steve Beaton
Stephen Bunting
Matthew Edgar
Kim Huybrecht
Nick Kenny
Krzysztof Ratajski
Carl Wilkinson

Kim Huybrechts5:1John Michael
Krzysztof Ratajski5:2Carl Wilkinson
Stephen Bunting5:1Steve Beaton
Matthew Edgar2:5Kim Huybrechts
John Michael5:4Stephen Bunting
Steve Beaton0:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Carl Wilkinson4:5Matthew Edgar
Stephen Bunting5:3Kim Huybrechts
Krzysztof Ratajski5:1John Michael
Carl Wilkinson5:0Steve Beaton
Matthew Edgar1:5Stephen Bunting
Kim Huybrechts5:4Krzysztof Ratajski
John Michael3:5Carl Wilkinson
Steve Beaton5:1Matthew Edgar
Krzysztof Ratajski5:3Stephen Bunting
Carl Wilkinson3:5Kim Huybrechts
Steve Beaton1:5John Michael
Matthew Edgar1:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Stephen Bunting3:5Carl Wilkinson
Kim Huybrechts5:1Steve Beaton
John Michael5:3Matthew Edgar

Through to Phase 2: Krzysztof Ratajski, Kim Huybrechts and Stephen Bunting; Fourth of the Group: Carl Wilkinson

Tuesday, 29. September

Top ⇑

Phase 2 Group 1
Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton
Chris Dobey
Kim Huybrechts
Daniel Larsson
Alan Tabern
Jermaine Wattimena

Jermaine Wattimena5:4Daniel Larsson
Kim Huybrechts3:5Chris Dobey
Stephen Bunting2:5Jonny Clayton
Alan Tabern3:5Jermaine Wattimena
Daniel Larsson3:5Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton5:2Kim Huybrechts
Chris Dobey5:4Alan Tabern
Stephen Bunting2:5Jermaine Wattimena
Kim Huybrechts5:2Daniel Larsson
Chris Dobey5:4Jonny Clayton
Alan Tabern5:1Stephen Bunting
Jermaine Wattimena5:3Kim Huybrechts
Daniel Larsson1:5Chris Dobey
Jonny Clayton5:2Alan Tabern
Kim Huybrechts5:0Stephen Bunting
Chris Dobey1:5Jermaine Wattimena
Jonny Clayton5:2Daniel Larsson
Alan Tabern4:5Kim Huybrechts
Stephen Bunting1:5Chris Dobey
Jermaine Wattimena2:5Jonny Clayton
Daniel Larsson1:5Alan Tabern

Through to Phase 3: Jonny Clayton, Jermaine Wattimena, Chris Dobey, Kim Huybrechts ; Fifth of the Group: Alan Tabern

Wednesday, 30. September

Top ⇑

Phase 2 Group 2
Bradley Brooks
Gabriel Clemens
Ted Evetts
Kai Fan Leung
Mickey Mansell
Krzysztof Ratajski
Martin Schindler

Krzysztof Ratajski5:2Kai Fan Leung
Mickey Mansell2:5Gabriel Clemens
Martin Schindler4:5Bradley Brooks
Ted Evetts4:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Kai Fan Leung5:2Martin Schindler
Bradley Brooks5:3Mickey Mansell
Gabriel Clemens5:3Ted Evetts
Martin Schindler4:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Mickey Mansell5:1Kai Fan Leung
Gabriel Clemens0:5Bradley Brooks
Ted Evetts1:5Martin Schindler
Krzysztof Ratajski5:4Mickey Mansell
Kai Fan Leung5:3Gabriel Clemens
Bradley Brooks4:5Ted Evetts
Mickey Mansell5:2Martin Schindler
Gabriel Clemens0:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Bradley Brooks2:5Kai Fan Leung
Ted Evetts5:1Mickey Mansell
Martin Schindler2:5Gabriel Clemens
Krzysztof Ratajski4:5Bradley Brooks
Kai Fan Leung5:3Ted Evetts

Through to Phase 3: Krzysztof Ratajski, Bradley Brooks, Kai Fan Leung, Gabriel Clemens ; Fifth of the Group: Mickey Mansell - can't progress

Monday, 5. October

Top ⇑

Phase 2 Group 3
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Adam Hunt
Nick Kenny
Geert Nentjes
Kirk Shepherd
Carl Wilkinson
James Wilson

Jeffrey de Zwaan5:0Geert Nentjes
Carl Wilkinson5:2James Wilson
Kirk Shepherd5:2Nick Kenny
Adam Hunt3:5Jeffrey de Zwaan
Geert Nentjes1:5Kirk Shepherd
Nick Kenny5:4Carl Wilkinson
James Wilson5:2Adam Hunt
Kirk Shepherd5:4Jeffrey de Zwaan
Carl Wilkinson5:2Geert Nentjes
James Wilson5:4Nick Kenny
Adam Hunt5:2Kirk Shepherd
Jeffrey de Zwaan1:5Carl Wilkinson
Geert Nentjes1:5James Wilson
Nick Kenny5:2Adam Hunt
Carl Wilkinson5:2Kirk Shepherd
James Wilson5:4Jeffrey de Zwaan
Nick Kenny2:5Geert Nentjes
Adam HuntvCarl Wilkinson
Kirk ShepherdvJames Wilson
Jeffrey de ZwaanvNick Kenny
Geert NentjesvAdam Hunt

Through to Phase 3: Carl Wilkinson, Kirk Shepherd, James Wilson, Nick Kenny ; Fifth of the Group: Jeffrey de Zwaan

Tuesday, 6. October

Top ⇑

Phase 2 Group 4
Barrie Bates
Mike de Decker
Damon Heta
Luke Humphries
Joe Murnan
Ross Smith
Luke Woodhouse

Mike de Decker5:3Barrie Bates
Ross Smith3:5Joe Murnan
Luke Humphries5:2Luke Woodhouse
Damon Heta5:3Mike de Decker
Barrie Bates0:5Luke Humphries
Luke Woodhouse2:5Ross Smith
Joe Murnan1:5Damon Heta
Luke Humphries5:2Mike de Decker
Ross Smith5:2Barrie Bates
Joe Murnan5:4Luke Woodhouse
Damon Heta3:5Luke Humphries
Mike de Decker1:5Ross Smith
Barrie Bates1:5Joe Murnan
Luke Woodhouse5:3Damon Heta
Ross Smith5:4Luke Humphries
Joe Murnan5:2Mike de Decker
Luke Woodhouse5:1Barrie Bates
Damon Heta3:5Ross Smith
Luke Humphries5:2Joe Murnan
Mike de Decker2:5Luke Woodhouse
Barrie Bates2:5Damon Heta

Through to Phase 3: Luke Humphries, Ross Smith, Joe Murnan, Damon Heta ; Fifth of the Group: Luke Woodhouse

Wednesday, 7. October

Top ⇑

Phase 2 Group 5
Andy Boulton
Steve Brown
Matthew Edgar
Alan Tabern
Marko Kantele
Ryan Meikle
Ron Meulenkamp

Ron Meulenkamp5:1Marko Kantele
Alan Tabern5:4Ryan Meikle
Andy Boulton5:4Steve Brown
Matthew Edgar0:5Ron Meulenkamp
Marko Kantele3:5Andy Boulton
Steve Brown1:5Alan Tabern
Ryan Meikle2:5Matthew Edgar
Andy Boulton5:4Ron Meulenkamp
Alan Tabern2:5Marko Kantele
Ryan Meikle5:1Steve Brown
Matthew Edgar3:5Andy Boulton
Ron Meulenkamp5:3Alan Tabern
Marko Kantele2:5Ryan Meikle
Steve Brown3:5Matthew Edgar
Alan Tabern1:5Andy Boulton
Ryan Meikle5:1Ron Meulenkamp
Steve Brown2:5Marko Kantele
Matthew Edgar3:5Alan Tabern
Andy Boulton5:4Ryan Meikle
Ron Meulenkamp5:2Steve Brown
Marko Kantele5:4Matthew Edgar

Through to Phase 3: Andy Boulton, Ron Meulenkamp, Ryan Meikle, Marko Kantele ; Fifth of the Group: Alan Tabern

Monday, 12. October

Top ⇑

Phase 3 Group 1
Damon Heta
Kai van Leung
Luke Woodhouse
Ron Meulenkamp
James Wilson
Andy Boulton
Carl Wilkinson

Luke Woodhouse0:5Kai Fan Leung
Ron Meulenkamp3:5James Wilson
Andy Boulton3:5Carl Wilkinson
Damon Heta5:4Luke Woodhouse
Kai Fan Leung4:5Andy Boulton
Carl Wilkinson1:5Ron Meulenkamp
James Wilson1:5Damon Heta
Andy Boulton5:4Luke Woodhouse
Ron Meulenkamp0:5Kai Fan Leung
James Wilson5:2Carl Wilkinson
Damon Heta5:2Andy Boulton
Luke Woodhouse3:5Ron Meulenkamp
Kai Fan Leung5:3James Wilson
Carl Wilkinson2:5Damon Heta
Ron Meulenkamp5:2Andy Boulton
James Wilson2:5Luke Woodhouse
Carl Wilkinson1:5Kai Fan Leung
Damon Heta2:5Ron Meulenkamp
Andy Boulton1:5James Wilson
Luke Woodhouse0:5Carl Wilkinson
Kai Fan Leung1:5Damon Heta

Through to Championship Group: Damon Heta, Kai Fan Leung ; Third of the Group: Ron Meulenkamp

Tuesday, 13. October

Top ⇑

Phase 3 Group 2
Krzysztof Ratajski
Chris Dobey
Ryan Meikle
Marko Kantele
Joe Murnan
Ross Smith
Nick Kenny

Krzysztof Ratajski5:1Marko Kantele
Joe Murnan2:5Ross Smith
Chris Dobey5:4Ryan Meikle
Nick Kenny1:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Marko Kantele3:5Chris Dobey
Ryan Meikle2:5Joe Murnan
Ross Smith4:5Nick Kenny
Chris Dobey1:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Joe Murnan5:2Marko Kantele
Ross Smith1:5Ryan Meikle
Nick Kenny5:2Chris Dobey
Krzysztof Ratajski5:2Joe Murnan
Marko Kantele2:5Ross Smith
Ryan Meikle3:5Nick Kenny
Joe Murnan2:5Chris Dobey
Ross Smith3:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Ryan Meikle5:4Marko Kantele
Nick Kenny5:1Joe Murnan
Chris Dobey4:5Ross Smith
Kryzsztof Ratajski4:5Ryan Meikle
Marko Kantele5:2Nick Kenny

Through to Championship Group: Kryzsztof Ratajski, Ross Smith ; Third of the Group: Chris Dobey

Wednesday, 14. October

Top ⇑

Phase 3 Group 3
Jonny Clayton
Jermaine Wattimena
Gabriel Clemens
Kim Huybrechts
Luke Humphries
Kirk Shepherd
Bradley Brooks

Bradley Brooks3:5Kirk Shepherd
Gabriel Clemens5:4Kim Huybrechts
Jermaine Wattimena2:5Jonny Clayton
Luke Humphries5:2Bradley Brooks
Kirk Shepherd2:5Jermaine Wattimena
Jonny Clayton5:2Gabriel Clemens
Kim Huybrechts1:5Luke Humphries
Jermaine Wattimena5:2Bradley Brooks
Gabriel Clemens3:5Kirk Shepherd
Kim Huybrechts0:5Jonny Clayton
Luke Humphries5:0Jermaine Wattimena
Bradley Brooks5:4Gabriel Clemens
Kirk Shepherd2:5Kim Huybrechts
Jonny Clayton5:2Luke Humphries
Gabriel Clemens5:3Jermaine Wattimena
Kim Huybrechts5:2Bradley Brooks
Jonny Clayton5:1Kirk Shepherd
Luke Humphries5:1Gabriel Clemens
Jermaine Wattimena1:5Kim Huybrechts
Bradley Brooks4:5Jonny Clayton
Kirk Shepherd1:5Luke Humphries

Through to Championship Group: Jonny Clayton, Luke Humphries ; Third of the Group: Kim Huybrechts

Tuesday, 20. October

Top ⇑

Championship Group
Krzysztof Ratajski
Damon Heta
Kai Fan Leung
Jonny Clayton
Luke Humphries
Ross Smith
Ron Meulenkamp

Krzysztof Ratajski5:3Kai Fan Leung
Ross Smith4:5Luke Humphries
Damon Heta5:2Jonny Clayton
Ron Meulenkamp5:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Kai Fan Leung4:5Damon Heta
Jonny Clayton5:4Ross Smith
Luke Humphries5:4Ron Meulenkamp
Damon Heta4:5Krzysztof Ratajski
Ross Smith4:5Kai Fan Leung
Luke Humphries3:5Jonny Clayton
Ron Meulenkamp5:4Damon Heta
Krzysztof Ratajski5:2Ross Smith
Kai Fan Leung1:5Luke Humphries
Jonny Clayton5:3Ron Meulenkamp
Ross Smith1:5Damon Heta
Luke Humphries5:2Krzysztof Ratajski
Jonny Clayton5:4Kai Fan Leung
Ron Meulenkamp3:5Ross Smith
Damon Heta2:5Luke Humphries
Kryzsztof Ratajski2:5Jonny Clayton
Kai Fan Leung4:5Ron Meulenkamp

Winner: Luke Humphries

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