PDC Home Tour 3


PDC Home Tour 2 will be played from 26. October - 11. December with 42 players and it will be streamed live on PDCTV.
Every player will take part in three groups and the combined results form a league table. The top seven of the league table will progress into the Championship Group.


Top ⇑

Monday, 26. October Group 1
Tuesday, 27. OctoberGroup 2
Wednesday, 28. OctoberGroup 3
Monday, 1. November Group 4
Tuesday, 2. November Group 5
Wednesday, 3. November Group 6
Thursday, 5. November Group 7
Monday, 23. November Group 8
Tuesday, 24. NovemberGroup 9
Wednesday, 25. November Group 10
Tuesday, 1. DecemberGroup 11
Wednesday, 2. December Group 12
Thursday, 3. DecemberGroup 13
Friday, 4. December Group 14
Monday, 7. December Group 15
Tuesday, 8. DecemberGroup 16
Wednesday, 9. December Group 17
Thursday, 10. DecemberGroup 18
Friday, 11. December Championship Group

Table - top 10

1Andy Boulton18162+3832
2Chris Dobey18153+3430
3Michael Smith18144+3128
4Krzystzof Ratajski18135+2526
5Steve West18135+2026
6Luke Humphries18126+1924
7Damon Heta18126+1724
8Kim Huybrechts18126+1624
9Mickey Mansell18126+1324
10Steve Beaton18126+1124
Monday, 26. October

Top ⇑

Group 1
Luke Humphries
Barrie Bates
James Wilson
Andy Boulton
Adam Hunt
William Borland
Jonathan Worseley

Luke Humphries4:2Barrie Bates
James Wilsonv2:4Andy Boulton
Jonathan Worsley4:3William Borland
Adam Hunt0:4Luke Humphries
Barrie Bates4:3Jonathan Worsley
William Borland4:2James Wilson
Andy Boulton4:2Adam Hunt
Jonathan Worsley3:4Luke Humphries
James Wilson4:0Barrie Bates
Andy Boulton4:0William Borland
Adam Hunt4:1Jonathan Worsley
Luke Humphries2:4James Wilson
Barrie Bates0:4Andy Boulton
William Borland4:2Adam Hunt
James Wilson4:0Jonathan Worsley
Andy Boulton2:4Luke Humphries
William Borland4:0Barrie Bates
Adam Hunt2:4James Wilson
Jonathan Worsley1:4Andy Boulton
Luke Humphries2:4William Borland
Barrie Bates4:3Adam Hunt

1Andy Boulton651+1310
2James Wilson642+88
3William Borland642+58
4Luke Humphries642+58
5Barrie Bates624-124
6Adam Hunt615-82
7Jonathan Worsley615-112

Tuesday, 27. October

Top ⇑

Group 2
Chris Dobey
Lisa Ashton
Ryan Meikle
Daniel Larsson
Marko Kantele
Krzysztof Kciuk
David Pallett

Mark Kantele1:4Daniel Larsson
David Pallett4:3Ryan Meikle
Lisa Ashton3:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey3:4Mark Kantele
Daniel Larsson4:2Lisa Ashton
Krzysztof Kciuk4:3David Pallett
Ryan Meikle1:4Chris Dobey
Lisa Ashton2:4Mark Kantele
David Pallett4:3Daniel Larsson
Ryan Meikle1:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey4:0Lisa Ashton
Mark Kantele4:2David Pallett
Daniel Larsson4:0Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Kciuk2:4Chris Dobey
David Pallett4:3Lisa Ashton
Ryan Meikle0:4Mark Kantele
Krzysztof Kciuk4:2Daniel Larsson
Chris Dobey4:3David Pallett
Lisa Ashton4:1Ryan Meikle
Mark Kantele4:1Krzysztof Kciuk
Daniel Larsson0:4Chris Dobey

1Chris Dobey651+1210
2Marko Kantele651+1010
3Krzysztof Kciuk642+28
4Daniel Larsson633+36
5David Pallett633-16
6Lisa Ashton615-82
7Ryan Meikle606-170

Daniel Larsson threw a nine-darter

Wednesday, 28. October

Top ⇑

Group 3
Steve Beaton
Mickey Mansell
Joe Murnan
Alan Tabern
Richard North
Gary Blades
Nathan Derry

Nathan Derry1:4Gary Blades
Alan Tabern2:4Mickey Mansell
Steve Beaton3:4Richard North
Joe Murnan2:4Nathan Derry
Gary Blades1:4Steve Beaton
Richard North0:4Alan Tabern
Mickey Mansell4:1Joe Murnan
Steve Beaton4:2Nathan Derry
Alan Tabern2:4Gary Blades
Mickey Mansell4:3Richard North
Joe Murnan2:4Steve Beaton
Nathan Derry1:4Alan Tabern
Gary Blades2:4Mickey Mansell
Richard North3:4Joe Murnan
Alan Tabern1:4Steve Beaton
Mickey Mansell4:3Nathan Derry
Richard North2:4Gary Blades
Joe Murnan4:3Alan Tabern
Steve Beaton4:3Mickey Mansell
Nathan Derry2:4Richard North
Gary Blades3:4Joe Murnan

1Steve Beaton651+1010
2Mickey Mansell651+810
3Gary Blades633+16
4Joe Murnan633-46
5Alan Tabern623-14
6Richard North623-54
7Nathan Derry615-92

Monday, 2. November

Top ⇑

Group 4
Kai Fan Leung
Simon Whitlock
Kirk Shepherd
James Wilson
Krzysztof Kciuk
Martin Schindler
Richard North

Kai Fan Leung3:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Simon Whitlock4:2Martin Schindler
Kirk Shepherd0:4Richard North
James Wilson2:4Kai Fan Leung
Krzysztof Kciuk3:4Kirk Shepherd
Richard North1:4Simon Whitlock
Martin Schindler0:4James Wilson
Kirk Shepherd3:4Kai Fan Leung
Simon Whitlock4:3Krzysztof Kciuk
Martin Schindler2:4Richard North
James Wilson3:4Kirk Shepherd
Kai Fan Leung2:4Simon Whitlock
Krzysztof Kciuk2:4Martin Schindler
Richard North0:4James Wilson
Simon Whitlock4:1Kirk Shepherd
Martin Schindler4:2Kai Fan Leung
Richard North4:2Krzysztof Kciuk
James Wilson1:4Simon Whitlock
Kirk Shepherd2:4Martin Schindler
Kai Fan Leung4:1Richard North
Krzysztof Kciuk0:4James Wilson

1Simon Whitlock66-+1410
2James Wilson633+66
3Kai Fan Leung633+16
4Richard North633-26
5Martin Schindler633-26
6Kirk Shepherd624-84
7Krzysztof Kciuk615-92

Tuesday, 3. November

Top ⇑

Group 5
Jonathan Worsley
Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Ratajski
Nathan Derry
Ron Meulenkamp
Martijn Kleermaker
Stephen Bunting

Jonathan Worsley2:4Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Ratajski4:3Nathan Derry
Ron Meulenkamp2:4Martijn Kleermaker
Stephen Bunting4:2Jonathan Worsley
Ryan Meikle4:3Ron Meulenkamp
Martijn Kleermaker1:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Nathan Derry2:4Stephen Bunting
Ron Meulenkamp3:4Jonathan Worsley
Krzysztof Ratajski4:0Ryan Meikle
Nathan Derry1:4Martijn Kleermaker
Stephen Bunting1:4Ron Meulenkamp
Jonathan Worsley1:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Ryan Meikle4:1Nathan Derry
Martijn Kleermaker4:3Stephen Bunting
Krzysztof Ratajski4:3Ron Meulenkamp
Nathan DerryvJonathan Worsley
Martijn KleermakervRyan Meikle
Stephen BuntingvKrzysztof Ratajski
Ron MeulenkampvNathan Derry
Jonathan WorsleyvMartijn Kleermaker
Ryan MeiklevStephen Bunting

1Krzysztof Ratajski50-+1510
2Martijn Kleermaker53206
3Ryan Meikle532-16
4Jonathan Worsley523-54
5Ron Meulenkamp514-22
6Stephen Bunting514-72
7Nathan Derry------

Wednesday, 4. November

Top ⇑

Group 6
Carl Wilkinson
Peter Jacques
Chris Dobey
Andy Hamilton
Gary Blades
Barry Bates
Geert Nentjes

Carl Wilkinson4:2Peter Jacques
Chris Dobey4:3Andy Hamilton
Gary Blades4:0Barrie Bates
Geert Nentjes2:4Carl Wilkinson
Peter Jacques2:4Gary Blades
Barrie Bates1:4Chris Dobey
Andy Hamilton4:1Geert Nentjes
Gary Blades3:4Carl Wilkinson
Chris Dobey4:2Peter Jacques
Andy Hamilton4:0Barrie Bates
Geert Nentjes4:1Gary Blades
Carl Wilkinson4:2Chris Dobey
Peter Jacques4:2Andy Hamilton
Barrie Bates4:3Geert Nentjes
Chris Dobey4:1Gary Blades
Andy Hamilton4:3Carl Wilkinson
Barrie Bates1:4Peter Jacques
Geert Nentjes0:4Chris Dobey
Gary Blades0:4Andy Hamilton
Carl Wilkinson4:1Barrie Bates
Peter Jacques4:3Geert Nentjes

1Chris Dobey651+1110
2Carl Wilkinson651+910
3Andy Hamilton642+98
4Peter Jacques63306
5Gary Blades624-54
6Geert Nentjes615-82
7Barry Bates615-162

Thursday, 5. November

Top ⇑

Group 7
David Pallett
Martijn Kleermaker
Steve West
Andy Boulton
Alan Tabern
Martin Schindler
Ross Smith

David Pallett2:4Martijn Kleermaker
Steve West0:4Andy Boulton
Alan Tabern4:0Martin Schindler
Ross Smith4:1David Pallett
Martijn Kleermaker2:4Alan Tabern
Martin Schindler2:4Steve West
Andy Boulton4:1Ross Smith
Alan Tabern4:0David Pallett
Steve West4:3Martijn Kleermaker
Andy Boulton4:3Martin Schindler
Ross Smith4:1Alan Tabern
David Pallett4:2Steve West
Martijn Kleermaker3:4Andy Boulton
Martin Schindler0:4Ross Smith
Steve West2:4Alan Tabern
Andy Boulton4:3David Pallett
Martin Schindler1:4Martijn Kleermaker
Ross Smith3:4Steve West
Alan Tabern4:1Andy Boulton
David Pallett1:4Martin Schindler
Martijn Kleermaker4:0Ross Smith

1Alan Tabern651+1210
2Andy Boulton651+710
3Marijn Kleermaker633+56
4Ross Smith633+26
5Steve West633-46
6Martin Schindler615-112
7David Pallett615-112

Monday, 23. November

Top ⇑

Group 8
William Borland
Harald Leitinger
John Henderson
Steve Beaton
Steve Brown
Carl Wilkinson
Kim Huybrechts

William Borland4:2Carl Wilkinson
Kim Huybrechts4:0John Henderson
Harald Leitinger3:4Steve Beaton
Steve Brown2:4William Borland
Carl Wilkinson4:1Harald Leitinger
Steve Beaton1:4Kim Huybrechts
John Henderson2:4Steve Brown
Harald Leitinger2:4William Borland
Kim Huybrechts4:2Carl Wilkinson
John Henderson2:4Steve Beaton
Steve Brown4:1Harald Leitinger
William Borland2:4Kim Huybrechts
Carl Wilkinson4:3John Henderson
Steve Beaton4:1Steve Brown
Kim Huybrechts4:1Harald Leitinger
John Henderson4:1William Borland
Steve Beaton2:4Carl Wilkinson
Steve Brown4:1Kim Huybrechts
Harald Leitinger4:2John Henderson
William Borland2:4Steve Beaton
Carl Wilkinson4:3Steve Brown

1Kim Huybrechts651+1110
2Steve Beaton642+38
3Steve Brown642+38
4Carl Wilkinson633+16
5William Borland633-16
6John Henderson615-82
7Harald Leitinger615-102

Tuesday, 24. November

Top ⇑

Group 9
Kai Fan Leung
Ciaran Teehan
Daniel Larsson
Stephen Bunting
Mickey Mansell
Ross Smith
Andy Hamilton

Kai Fan Leung4:1Ciaran Teehan
Daniel Larsson4:2Stephen Bunting
Mickey Mansell2:4Ross Smith
Andy Hamilton3:4Kai Fan Leung
Ciaran Teehan2:4Mickey Mansell
Ross Smith2:4Daniel Larsson
Stephen Bunting4:1Andy Hamilton
Mickey Mansell3:4Kai Fan Leung
Daniel Larsson3:4Ciaran Teehan
Stephen Bunting4:1Ross Smith
Andy Hamilton4:3Mickey Mansell
Kai Fan Leung4:2Daniel Larsson
Ciaran Teehan3:4Stephen Bunting
Ross Smith1:4Andy Hamilton
Daniel Larsson3:4Mickey Mansell
Stephen Bunting4:3Kai Fan Leung
Ross Smith4:3Ciaran Teehan
Andy Hamilton3:4Daniel Larsson
Mickey Mansell1:4Stephen Bunting
Kai Fan Leung1:4Ross Smith
Ciaran Teehan4:1Andy Hamilton

1Stephen Bunting651+810
2Kai Fan Leung642+28
3Daniel Larsson633+26
4Ross Smith633-26
5Ciaran Teehan624-24
6Andy Hamilton624-44
7Mickey Mansell624-44

Wednesday, 25. November

Top ⇑

Group 10
Steve Brown
Joe Murnan
Kirk Shepherd
Peter Jacques
Steve West
Marko Kantele
Ron Meulenkamp

Steve Brown4:3Joe Murnan
Kirk Shepherd3:4Peter Jacques
Steve West4:1Marko Kantele
Ron Meulenkamp4:3Steve Brown
Joe Murnan4:1Steve West
Marko Kantele2:4Kirk Shepherd
Peter Jacques4:3Ron Meulenkamp
Steve West4:0Steve Brown
Kirk Shepherd2:4Joe Murnan
Peter Jacques2:4Marko Kantele
Ron Meulenkamp3:4Steve West
Steve Brown4:3Kirk Shepherd
Joe Murnan0:4Peter Jacques
Marko Kantele3:4Ron Meulenkamp
Kirk Shepherd1:4Steve West
Peter Jacques1:4Steve Brown
Marko Kantele2:4Joe Murnan
Ron Meulenkamp4:0Kirk Shepherd
Steve West4:1Peter Jacques
Steve Brown4:1Marko Kantele
Joe Murnan4:1Ron Meulenkamp

1Steve West651+1110
2Joe Murnan642+58
3Ron Meulenkamp633+16
4Peter Jacques633-26
5Steve Brown633-36
6Marko Kantele624-34
7Kirk Shepherd615-92

Tuesday, 1. December

Top ⇑

Group 11
Ross Smith
Ryan Searle
Ryan Meikle
Conan Whitehead
Steve Beaton
Luke Humphries
Michael Smith

Ross Smith4:1Ryan Searle
Ryan Meikle4:0Conan Whitehead
Steve Beaton0:4Luke Humphries
Michael Smith4:1Ross Smith
Ryan Searle1:4Steve Beaton
Luke Humphries4:2Ryan Meikle
Conan Whitehead3:4Michael Smith
Steve Beaton1:4Ross Smith
Ryan Meikle1:4Ryan Searle
Conan Whitehead4:3Luke Humphries
Michael Smith4:2Steve Beaton
Ross Smith4:0Ryan Meikle
Ryan Searle2:4Conan Whitehead
Luke Humphries4:2Michael Smith
Ryan Meikle2:4Steve Beaton
Conan Whitehead4:2Ross Smith
Luke Humphries3:4Ryan Searle
Michael Smith4:1Ryan Meikle
Steve Beaton4:2Conan Whitehead
Ross Smith0:4Luke Humphries
Ryan Searle1:4Michael Smith

1Michael Smith651+1010
2Luke Humphries642+108
3Ross Smith633+16
4Steve Beaton633-26
5Conan Whitehead633-26
6Ryan Searle624-74
7Ryan Meikle615-102

Wednesday, 2. December

Top ⇑

Group 12
Barrie Bates
Ricard North
Ron Meulenkamp
Richard Pallett
Andy Boulton
Andy Hamilton
Peter Jacques

Barrie Bates4:1Richard North
Ron Meulenkamp4:0David Pallett
Andy Boulton4:0Andy Hamilton
Peter Jacques4:1Barrie Bates
Richard North2:4Andy Boulton
Andy Hamilton3:4Ron Meulenkamp
David Pallett3:4Peter Jacques
Andy Boulton4:0Barrie Bates
Ron Meulenkamp4:2Richard North
David Pallett2:4Andy Hamilton
Peter Jacques0:4Andy Boulton
Barrie Bates0:4Ron Meulenkamp
Richard North4:3David Pallett
Andy Hamilton2:4Peter Jacques
Ron Meulenkamp3:4Andy Boulton
David Pallett4:0Barrie Bates
Andy Hamilton4:3Richard North
Peter Jacques4:3Ron Meulenkamp
Andy Boulton4:1David Pallett
Barrie Bates4:2Andy Hamilton
Richard North4:1Peter Jacques

1Andy Boulton660+1812
2Ron Meulenkamp651+1110
3Peter Jacques642+48
4Andy Hamilton624-64
5Barrie Bates624-104
6David Pallett615-72
7Richard North615-102

Thursday, 3. December

Top ⇑

Group 13
Ciaran Teehan
Krzysztof Ratajski
Geert Nentjes
Michael Smith
Ryan Searle
Simon Whitlock
Joe Murnan

Ciaran Teehan0:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Geert Nentjes1:4Michael Smith
Joe Murnan0:4Ryan Searle
Simon Whitlock4:1Ciaran Teehan
Krzysztof Ratajski4:2Joe Murnan
Ryan Searle4:0Geert Nentjes
Michael Smith2:4Simon Whitlock
Joe Murnan4:1Ciaran Teehan
Geert Nentjes2:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Michael Smith1:4Ryan Searle
Simon Whitlock4:1Joe Murnan
Ciaran Teehan4:3Geert Nentjes
Krzysztof Ratajski2:4Michael Smith
Ryan Searle4:2Simon Whitlock
Geert Nentjes2:4Joe Murnan
Michael Smith3:4Ciaran Teehan
Ryan Searle4:3Krzysztof Ratajski
Simon Whitlock0:4Geert Nentjes
Joe Murnan0:4Michael Smith
Ciaran Teehan4:2Ryan Searle
Krzysztof Ratajski4:1Simon Whitlock

1Ryan Searle651+1210
2Krzysztof Ratajski642+88
3Michael Smith633+36
4Joe Murnan633-26
5Ciaran Teehan633-66
6Simon Whitlock624-74
7Geert Nentjes615-182

Friday, 4. December

Top ⇑

Group 14
Alan Tabern
Adam Hunt
Martijn Kleermaker
Chris Dobey
Marko Kantele
Michael Smith
Harald Leitinger

Alan Tabern4:3Adam Hunt
Martijn Kleermaker0:4Chris Dobey
Marko Kantele2:4Michael Smith
Harald Leitinger0:4Alan Tabern
Adam Hunt3:4Marko Kantele
Michael Smith4:0Martijn Kleermaker
Chris Dobey4:1Harald Leitinger
Marko Kantele3:4Alan Tabern
Martijn Kleermaker4:2Adam Hunt
Chris Dobey0:4Michael Smith
Harald Leitinger1:4Marko Kantele
Alan Tabern4:1Martijn Kleermaker
Adam Hunt0:4Chris Dobey
Michael Smith4:1Harald Leitinger
Martijn Kleermaker4:2Marko Kantele
Chris Dobey4:3Alan Tabern
Michael Smith4:1Adam Hunt
Harald Leitinger0:4Martijn Kleermaker
Marko Kantele1:4Chris Dobey
Alan Tabern2:4Michael Smith
Adam Hunt4:2Harald Leitinger

1Michael Smith660+1812
2Chris Dobey651+1110
3Alan Tabern642+68
4Martijn Kleermaker633-36
5Marko Kantele624-44
6Adam Hunt615-92
7Harald Leitinger606-190

Monday, 7. December

Top ⇑

Group 15
Martin Schindler
Kai Fan Leung
James Wilson
William Borland
Carl Wilkinson
Kim Huybrechts
Damon Heta

Martin Schindler4:1Kai Fan Leung
Kim Huybrechts2:4James Wilson
Carl Wilkinson4:0William Borland
Damon Heta4:1Martin Schindler
Kai Fan Leung3:4Carl Wilkinson
William Borland0:4Kim Huybrechts
James Wilson3:4Damon Heta
Carl Wilkinson3:4Martin Schindler
Kim Huybrechts4:3Kai Fan Leung
James Wilson4:2William Borland
Damon Heta4:0Carl Wilkinson
Martin Schindler3:4Kim Huybrechts
Kai Fan Leung1:4James Wilson
William Borland1:4Damon Heta
Kim Huybrechts4:3Carl Wilkinson
James Wilson4:3Martin Schindler
William Borland1:4Kai Fan Leung
Damon Heta4:1Kim Huybrechts
Carl Wilkinson4:1James Wilson
Martin Schindler4:3William Borland
Kai Fan Leung1:4Damon Heta

1Damon Heta660+1712
2James Wilson642+48
3Kim Huybrechts642+28
4Carl Wilkinson633+26
5Martin Schindler63306
6Kai Fan Leung615-82
7William Borland606-170

Tuesday, 8. December

Top ⇑

Group 16
Damon Heta
Daniel Larsson
Mickey Mansell
Harald Leitinger
John Henderson
Stephen Bunting
Steve West

Daniel Larsson1:4Mickey Mansell
Stephen Bunting4:0Damon Heta
Steve West4:0Harald Leitinger
John Henderson2:4Daniel Larsson
Mickey Mansell4:1Steve West
Harald Leitinger3:4Stephen Bunting
Damon Heta2:4John Henderson
Steve West4:1Daniel Larsson
Stephen Bunting3:4Mickey Mansell
Damon Heta4:2Harald Leitinger
John Henderson1:4Steve West
Daniel Larsson0:4Stephen Bunting
Mickey Mansell4:1Damon Heta
Harald Leitinger0:4John Henderson
Stephen Bunting1:4Steve West
Damon Heta4:2Daniel Larsson
Harald Leitinger3:4Mickey Mansell
John Henderson4:1Stephen Bunting
Steve West4:1Damon Heta
Daniel Larsson3:4Harald Leitinger
Mickey Mansell2:4John Henderson

1Steve West651+1310
2Mickey Mansell651+910
3John Henderson642+68
4Stephen Bunting633+26
5Damon Heta624-84
6Harald Leitinger615-112
7Daniel Larsson615-112

Wednesday, 9. December

Top ⇑

Group 17
Krzysztof Ratajski
Krzysztof Kciuk
Ryan Searle
Luke Humphries
Jonathan Worsley
Ritchie Edhouse
Kim Huybrechts

Krzysztof Ratajski3:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Ritchie Edhouse1:4Kim Huybrechts
Jonathan Worsley4:1Ryan Searle
Luke Humphries1:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Krzysztof Kciuk4:3Jonathan Worsley
Ryan Searle2:4Ritchie Edhouse
Kim Huybrechts2:4Luke Humphries
Jonathan Worsley3:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Ritchie Edhouse4:2Krzysztof Kciuk
Kim Huybrechts3:4Ryan Searle
Luke Humphries4:3Jonathan Worsley
Krzysztof Ratajski4:1Ritchie Edhouse
Krzysztof Kciuk4:2Kim Huybrechts
Ryan Searle4:3Luke Humphries
Ritchie Edhouse4:1Jonathan Worsley
Kim Huybrechts4:2Krzysztof Ratajski
Ryan Searle2:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Luke Humphries4:1Ritchie Edhouse
Jonathan Worsley1:4Kim Huybrechts
Kryzsztof Ratajski1:4Ryan Searle
Krzysztof Kciuk2:4Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries2:4Ryan Searle

1Luke Humphries642+48
2Krzysztof Kciuk642+28
3Kim Huybrechts633+36
4Krzysztof Ratajski633+26
5Ritchie Edhouse633-26
6Ryan Searle633-26
7Jonathan Worsley615-62

Thursday, 10. December

Top ⇑

Group 18
Gary Blades
Geert Nentjes
Simon Whitlock
Damon Heta
John Henderson
Kirk Shepherd
Ciaran Teehan

Gary Blades4:2Geert Nentjes
John Henderson4:2Ciaran Teehan
Damon Heta4:2Kirk Shepherd
Simon Whitlock4:2Gary Blades
Geert Nentjes2:4Damon Heta
Kirk Shepherd1:4John Henderson
Ciaran Teehan4:1Simon Whitlock
Damon Heta4:0Gary Blades
John Henderson3:4Geert Nentjes
Ciaran Teehan2:4Kirk Shepherd
Simon Whitlock4:3Damon Heta
Gary Blades2:4John Henderson
Geert Nentjes1:4Ciaran Teehan
Kirk Shepherd1:4Simon Whitlock
John Henderson4:3Damon Heta
Ciaran Teehan4:1Gary Blades
Kirk Shepherd4:3Geert Nentjes
Simon Whitlock2:4John Henderson
Damon Heta4:2Ciaran Teehan
Gary Blades0:4Kirk Shepherd
Geert Nentjes4:0Simon Whitlock

1John Henderson651+8td>10
2Damon Heta642+88
3Ciaran Teehan633+86
4Kirk Shepherd63306
5Simon Whitlock633-26
6Gert Neentjes614-44
7Gary Blades615-132

Friday, 11. December

Top ⇑

Championship Group
Krzysztof Ratajski
Damon Heta
Chris Dobey
Steve West
Luke Humphries
Andy Boulton
Michael Smith

Krzysztof Ratajski4:3Chris Dobey
Steve West3:4Luke Humphries
Damon Heta1:4Andy Boulton
Michael Smith2:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Chris Dobey2:4Damon Heta
Andy Boulton4:0Steve West
Luke Humphries4:3Michael Smith
Damon Heta4:3Krzysztof Ratajski
Steve West2:4Chris Dobey
Luke Humphries2:4Andy Boulton
Michael Smith1:4Damon Heta
Krzysztof Ratajski4:1Steve West
Chris Dobey4:1Luke Humphries
Andy Boulton1:4Michael Smith
Steve West2:4Damon Heta
Luke Humphries4:2Krzysztof Ratajski
Andy Boulton0:4Chris Dobey
Michael Smith4:0Steve West
Damon Heta4:0Luke Humphries
Kryzsztof Ratajski2:4Andy Boulton
Chris Dobey4:3Michael Smith

Damon Heta 4:2 Chris Dobey

1Damon Heta651+910
2Chris Dobey642+78
3Andy Boulton642+48
4Krzysztof Ratajski633+16
5Luke Woodhouse633-56
6Michael Smith62404
7Steve West606-160

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