PDC Home Tour - Stage 1, Groups 1 - 32

The PDC Home Tour will start on Friday 17. April Darts fans will be able to watch PDC stars across 32 consecutive nights of live darts action as the PDC Home Tour launches this Friday. <
Elite level darts will be brought from the living rooms of the pros to fans worldwide through live video calls, with players set to make history as part of the PDC's first ever home-staged event.

All Tour Card Holders have been given the opportunity to take part in the PDC Home Tour, which will see four players in action every night. A nightly league format will see all four competitors play each other once in matches played over the best of nine legs, with a winner crowned each night.
Following the conclusion of the initial 32 nights of league phase action, the 32 group winners will advance to the second phase of the competition.

With each night's action commencing at 1930 BST, darts commentator Dan Dawson will be on hand to talk through proceedings, which will also include live score graphics on screen.

All PDC Home Tour action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for free to all registered PDCTV users.
The action will also be shown live through a series of bookmakers' websites.

The PDC Home Tour has been introduced following the success of 'Darts At Home', which saw nine PDC players, including Nathan Aspinall and Stephen Bunting, competing live on the PDC's Facebook page and YouTube channel across two nights of mini-league action. A popular concept among players and fans alike, 'Darts At Home' was featured on Sky Sports News as darts was highlighted as one of a small number of sports to broadcast live action during the current situation.

PDC Chairman Barry Hearn commented: "Firstly, I would like to thank all our incredible NHS staff who continue to save lives in the most difficult circumstances, we all owe an immense amount of gratitude to our key workers. "It gives me great excitement that we are able to deliver live darts to fans in these unprecedented times. "We've spent the last few weeks planning and looking at what is possible, and I'm delighted to be able to present a concept which gives all Tour Card Holders the opportunity to take part. "The PDC Home Tour will provide a regular supply of live sport to fans, showcasing the talent and unique characters of our players to both existing and new audiences. "The event will also give players a chance to play competitive darts in this down period in preparation for the return to normal action, whenever that may be."

Stage 2 - Last 32 - Final

Friday, 17. AprilGroup 1Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 18. April Group 2Report, Statistics, Table
Sunday, 19. April Group 3 Report, Statistics, Table
Monday, 20. April Group 4Report, Statistics, Table
Tuesday, 21. AprilGroup 5Report, Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 22. April Group 6Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 23. April Group 7 Report, Statistics, Table
Friday, 24. April Group 8Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 25. AprilGroup 9
Sunday, 26. April Group 10Report, Statistics, Table
Monday, 27. April Group 11 Report, Statistics, Table
Tuesday, 28. April Group 12Report, Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 29. AprilGroup 13Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 30. April Group 14
Friday, 1. May Group 15Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 2. May Group 16Report, Statistics, Table
Sunday, 3. May Group 17Report, Statistics, Table
Monday, 4. May Group 18Report, Statistics, Table
Tuesday, 5. May Group 19Report, Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 6. May Group 20Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 7. May Group 21Report, Statistics, Table
Friday, 8. May Group 22Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 9. May Group 23Report, Statistics, Table
Sunday, 10. May Group 24Report, Statistics, Table
Monday, 11. May Group 25Report, Statistics, Table
Tuesday, 12. May Group 26Report, Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 13. May Group 27Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 14. May Group 28Report, Statistics, Table
Friday, 15. May Group 29Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 16. May Group 30Report, Statistics, Table
Sunday, 17. May Group 32Report, Statistics, Table
Monday, 18. May Group 32Report, Statistics, Table

Friday, 17. April

Top ⇑

Group 1
Peter Wright
Peter Jacques
Jamie Lewis
Niels Zonneveld

Peter Wright5:4Peter Jacques
Jamie Lewis3:5Niels Zonneveld
Peter Jacques5:2Niels Zonneveld
Peter Wright1:5Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis5:4Peter Jacques
Niels Zonneveld1:5Peter Wright

Winner: Jamie Lewis

Saturday, 18. April

Top ⇑

Group 2
Gerwyn Price
Rowby-John Rodriguez
Luke Woodhouse
Ted Evetts

Gerwyn Price5:2Rowby-John Rodriguez
Luke Woodhouse5:2Ted Evetts
Rowby-John Rodriguez3;5Ted Evetts
Gerwyn Price0:5Luke Woodhouse, Nine-Darter
Luke Woodhouse5:2Rowby-John Rodriguez
Ted Evetts2:5Gerwyn Price

Winner: Luke Woodhouse

Sunday, 19. April

Top ⇑

Group 3
Dave Chisnall
Scott Waites
Jan Dekker
Jonathan Worsley

Dave Chisnall5:2Scott Waites
Jan Dekker4:5Jonathan Worsley
Scott Waites5:1Jonathan Worsley
Dave Chisnall5:0Jan Dekker
Jan Dekker1:5Scott Waites
Jonathan Worsley1:5Dave Chisnall

Winner: Dave Chisnall

Monday, 20. April

Top ⇑

Group 4
Ross Smith
Lisa Ashton
Mickey Mansell
Geert Nentjes

Ross Smith5:1Lisa Ashton
Mickey Mansell4:5Geert Nentjes
Lisa Ashton3:5Geert Nentjes
Ross Smith3:5Mickey Mansell
Mickey Mansell3:5Lisa Ashton
Geert Nentjes5:3Ross Smith

Winner: Geert Nentjes

Tuesday, 21. April

Top ⇑

Group 5
Luke Humphries
Nick Kenny
Devon Petersen
Joe Murnan

Luke Humphries3:5Nick Kenny
Devon Petersen1:5Joe Murnan
Nick Kenny5:2Joe Murnan
Luke Humphries5:4Devon Petersen
Devon Petersen3:5Nick Kenny
Joe Murnan3:5Luke Humphries

Winner: Nick Kenny

Wednesday, 22. April

Top ⇑

Group 6
James Wade
Adrian Gray
Ryan Searle
Andy Boulton

James Wade5:2Adrian Gray
Ryan Searle5:1Andy Boulton
Adrian Gray2:5Andy Boulton
James Wade3:5Ryan Searle
Ryan Searle5:2Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton5:0James Wade

Winner: Ryan Searle

Thursday, 23. April

Top ⇑

Group 7
Gabriel Clemens
Ryan Meikle
Jelle Klaasen
Gavin Carlin

Gabriel Clemens5:3Ryan Meikle
Jelle Klaasen5:2Gavin Carlin
Ryan Meikle5:1Gavin Carlin
Gabriel Clemens3:5Jelle Klaasen
Jelle Klaasen4:5Ryan Meikle
Gavin Carlin5:4Gabriel Clemens

Winner: Jelle Klaasen

Friday, 24. April

Top ⇑

Group 8
Jonny Clayton
Adam Hunt
Richard North
David Pallett

Jonny Clayton5:2Adam Hunt
Richard North2:5David Pallett
Adam Hunt5:3David Pallett
Jonny Clayton5:3Richard North
Richard North1:5Adam Hunt
David Pallett2:5Jonny Clayton

Winner: Jonny Clayton

Saturday, 25. April

Top ⇑

Group 9
Michael Smith
Martijn Kleermaker
Harry Ward
Matt Clark

Michael Smith3:5Martijn Kleermaker
Harry Ward3:5Matt Clark
Martijn Kleermaker5:3Matt Clark
Michael Smith5:3Harry Ward
Harry Ward5:2Martijn Kleermaker
Matt Clark3:5Michael Smith

Winner: Martijn Kleermaker

Sunday, 26. April

Top ⇑

Group 10
Nathan Aspinall
Steve Brown
Ryan Joyce
Simon Stevenson

Nathan Aspinall5:2Steve Brown
Ryan Joyce5:2Simon Stevenson
Steve Brown5:1Simon Stevenson
Nathan Aspinall5:2Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce3:5Steve Brown
Simon Stevenson1:5Nathan Aspinall

Winner: Nathan Aspinall

Monday, 27. April

Top ⇑

Group 11
Simon Whitlock
Mike van Duivenbode
Kirk Shepherd
Alan Tabern

Simon Whitlock3:5Mike van Duivenbode
Kirk Shepherd5:1Alan Tabern
Mike van Duivenbode2:5Alan Tabern
Simon Whitlock5:4Kirk Shepherd
Kirk Shepherd4:5Mike van Duivenbode
Alan Tabern5:4Simon Whitlock

Winner: Alan Tabern

Tuesday, 28. April

Top ⇑

Group 12
Max Hopp
Mike de Decker
Keegan Brown
Conan Whitehead

Max Hopp3:5Mike de Decker
Keegan Brown3:5Conan Whitehead
Mike de Decker2:5Conan Whitehead
Max Hopp5:3Conan Whitehead
Max Hopp5:3Mike de Decker
Conan Whitehead2:5Max Hopp
Mike de Decker5:1Conan Whitehead

Winner: Max Hopp

Wednesday, 29. April

Top ⇑

Group 13
Steve Beaton
Callan Rydz
Matthew Edgar
Carl Wilkinson

Steve Beaton5:1Callan Rydz
Matthew Edgar0:5Carl Wilkinson
Callan Rydz3:5Carl Wilkinson
Steve Beaton1:5Matthew Edgar
Matthew Edgar2:5Callan Rydz
Carl Wilkinson5:2Steve Beaton

Winner: Carl Wilkinson

Thursday, 30. April

Top ⇑

Group 14
Chris Dobey
Ciaran Teehan
Ron Meulenkamp
Kai Fan Leung

Chris Dobey5:2Ciaran Teehan
Ron Meulenkamp5:4Kai Fan Leung
Ciaran Teehan5:1Kai Fan Leung
Chris Dobey5:1Ron Meulenkamp
Ron Meulenkamp5:1Ciaran Teehan
Kai Fan Leung5:4Chris Dobey

Winner: Chris Dobey

Friday, 1. May

Top ⇑

Group 15
Darren Webster
Bradley Brooks
Scott Baker
Andy Hamilton

Darren Webster5:4Bradley Brooks
Scott Baker5:4Andy Hamilton
Bradley Brooks3:5Andy Hamilton
Darren Webster5:2Scott Baker
Scott Baker1:5Bradley Brooks
Andy Hamilton3:5Darren Webster

Winner: Darren Webster

Saturday, 2. May

Top ⇑

Group 16
Ricky Evans
Martin Atkins
Christian Bunse
Jeff Smith

Ricky Evans2:5Martin Atkins
Christian Bunse1;5Jeff Smith
Martin Atkins5:4Jeff Smith
Ricky Evans5:3Christian Bunse
Christian Bunse5:2Martin Atkins
Jeff Smith5:4Ricky Evans

Winner: Jeff Smith

Sunday, 3. May

Top ⇑

Group 17
John Henderson
Krzysztof Kciuk
Damon Heta
Gary Blades

John Henderson5:4Krzysztof Kciuk
Damon Heta5:0Gary Blades
Krzysztof Kciuk5:3Gary Blades
John Henderson3:5Damon Heta
Damon Heta3:5Krzysztof Kciuk
Gary Blades1:5John Henderson

Winner: Damon Heta

Monday, 4. May

Top ⇑

Group 18
Stephen Bunting
Harald Leitinger
Kim Huybrechts
Nathan Derry

Stephen Bunting5:4Harald Leitinger
Kim Huybrechts5:2Nathan Derry
Harald Leitinger5:0Nathan Derry
Stephen Bunting5:1Kim Huybrechts
Kim Huybrechts5:1Harald Leitinger
Nathan Derry1:5Stephen Bunting

Winner: Stephen Bunting

Tuesday, 5. May

Top ⇑

Group 19
Glen Durrant
Vincent van der Meer
Justin Pipe
Maik Kuivenhoven

Glen Durrant5:1Vincent van der Meer
Justin Pipe5:1Maik Kuivenhoven
Vincent van der Meer1:5Maik Kuivenhoven
Glen Durrant5:3Justin Pipe
Justin Pipe5:2Vincent van der Meer
Maik Kuivenhoven3:5Glen Durrant

Winner: Glen Durrant

Wednesday, 6. May

Top ⇑

Group 20
Joe Cullen
Ryan Murray
Jermaine Wattimena
John Michael

Joe Cullen5:4Ryan Murray
Jermaine Wattimena2:5John Michael
Ryan Murray5:3John Michael
Joe Cullen4:5Jermaine Wattimena
Jermaine Wattimena1:5Ryan Murray
John Michael3:5Joe Cullen

Winner: Ryan Murray

Thursday, 7. May

Top ⇑

Group 21
Rob Cross
William Borland
Dimitri van den Bergh
Karel Sedlacek

Rob Cross5:2William Borland
Dimitri van den Bergh5:1Karel Sedlacek
William Borland0:5Karel Sedlacek
Rob Cross5:4Dimitri van den Bergh
Dimitri van den Bergh3:5William Borland
Karel Sedlacek4:5Rob Cross

Winner: Rob Cross

Friday, 8. May

Top ⇑

Group 22
Ian White
Jesus Noguera
Danny Noppert
James Wilson

Ian White3:5Jesus Noguera
Danny Noppert5:2James Wilson
Jesus Noguera5:2James Wilson
Ian White5:2Danny Noppert
Danny Noppert5:2Jesus Noguera
James Wilson5:4Ian White

Winner: Jesus Noguera

Saturday, 9. May

Top ⇑

Group 23
Kyle Anderson
Daniel Larsson
Martin Schindler
Dirk van Duijvenbode

Kyle Anderson2;5Daniel Larsson
Martin Schindler1:5Dirk van Duijvenbode
Daniel Larsson5:2Dirk van Duijvenbode
Kyle Anderson0:5Martin Schindler
Martin Schindler0:5Daniel Larsson
Dirk van Duijvenbode5:3Kyle Anderson

Winner: Daniel Larsson

Sunday, 10. May

Top ⇑

Group 24
Krzysztof Ratajski
Toni Alcinas
Jamie Hughes
Darius Labanauskas

Krzysztof Ratajski5:3Toni Alcinas
Jamie Hughes5:2Darius Labanauskas
Toni Alcinas0:5Darius Labanauskas
Krzysztof Ratajski5:2Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes5:4Toni Alcinas
Darius Labanauskas5:3Krzysztof Ratajski

Winner: Jamie Hughes

Monday, 11. May

Top ⇑

Group 25
Keegan Brown
Reece Robinson
Jose de Sousa
Robert Thornton

Keegan Brown5:4Reece Robinson
Jose de Sousa0:5Robert Thornton
Reece Robinson5:2Robert Thornton
Keegan Brown0:5Jose de Sousa
Jose de Sousa5:1Reece Robinson
Robert Thornton2:5Keegan Brown

Winner: Jose de Sousa

Tuesday, 12. May

Top ⇑

Group 26
Conan Whitehead
Steve Brown
Mike de Decker
Martin Atkins

Conan Whitehead0:5Steve Brown
Mike de Decker3:5Martin Atkins
Steve Brown5:2Martin Atkins
Conan Whitehead5:1Mike de Decker
Mike de Decker5:2Steve Brown
Martin Atkins5:4Conan Whitehead

Winner: Mike de Decker

Wednesday, 13. May

Top ⇑

Group 27
Steve Beaton
Scott Waites
Ron Meulenkamp
Ross Smith

Steve Beaton3:5Scott Waites
Ross Smith5:1Ron Meulenkamp
Scott Waites5:0Ron Meulenkamp
Steve Beaton4:5Ross Smith
Ross Smith2:5Scott Waites
Ron Meulenkamp5:4Steve Beaton

Winner: Scott Waites

Thursday, 14. May

Top ⇑

Group 28
Michael Smith
Mike van Duivenbode
Luke Humphries
Andy Boulton

Michael Smith5:0Mike van Duivenbode
Luke Humphries5:4Andy Boulton
Mike van Duivenbode4:5Andy Boulton
Michael Smith2:5Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries5:3Mike van Duivenbode
Andy Boulton2:5Michael Smith

Winner: Luke Humphries

Friday, 15. May

Top ⇑

Group 29
Danny Noppert
Ryan Meikle
John Henderson
Cristo Reyes

Danny Noppert5:2Ryan Meikle
John Henderson4:5Cristo Reyes
Ryan Meikle4:5Cristo Reyes
Danny Noppert4:5John Henderson
John Henderson5:0Ryan Meikle
Cristo Reyes5:2Danny Noppert

Winner: Cristo Reyes

Saturday, 16. May

Top ⇑

Group 30
Gary Anderson
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Dimitri van den Bergh
Kim Huybrechts

Gary Anderson5:1Dirk van Duijvenbode
Dimitri van den Bergh2:5Kim Huybrechts
Dirk van Duijvenbode3:5Kim Huybrechts
Gary Anderson5:1Dimitri van den Bergh
Dimitri van den Bergh5:0Dirk van Duijvenbode
Kim Huybrechts2:5Gary Anderson

Winner: Gary Anderson

Sunday, 17. May

Top ⇑

Group 31
Gerwyn Price
Bradley Brooks
Joe Cullen
Keegan Brown

Gerwyn Price5:3Bradley Brooks
Joe Cullen5:2Keegan Brown
Bradley Brooks1:5Keegan Brown
Gerwyn Price3:5Joe Cullen
Joe Cullen5:0Bradley Brooks
Keegan Brown5:4Gerwyn Price

Winner: Joe Cullen

Monday, 18. May

Top ⇑

Group 32
Peter Wright
Adam Hunt
Krzysztof Ratajski
Justin Pipe

Peter Wright5:4Adam Hunt
Krzysztof Ratajski5:0Justin Pipe
Adam Hunt5:3Justin Pipe
Peter Wright5:4Krzysztof Ratajski
Krzysztof Ratajski4:5Adam Hunt
Justin Pipe5:4Peter Wright

Winner: Peter Wright

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