PDC Home Tour - Second Phase - Last 32 - Final

The second stage of the PDC Home Tour will begin on Tuesday, 26. May. On eight nights in eights groups each with four group winners of the first stage the Last 32 will be played. From those groups the eight group winners will progress into the Last Eight. those will be divided according to the ranking into two groups with four players. From ech of the two groups to top two will play on the finals day - the 5. June - for the group win.
The format will still be Round Robin but now Best of 11 Legs.

Group Winners Stage 1
Group 1: Jamie Lewis Group 2: Luke Woodhouse Group 3: Dave Chisnall Group 4: Geert Nentjes
Group 5: Nick Kenny Group 6: Ryan Searle Group 7: Jelle Klaasen Group 8: Jonny Clayton
Group 9: Martin Kleermaker Group 10: Nathan Aspinall Group 11: Alan Tabern Group 12: Max Hopp
Group 13: Carl Wilkinson Group 14: Chris Dobey Group 15: Darren Webster Group 16: Jeff Smith
Group 17: Damon Heta Group 18: Stephen Bunting Group 19: Glen Durrant Group 20: Ryan Murray
Group 21: Rob Cross Group 22: Jesus Noguera Group 23: Daniel Larsson Group 24: Jamie Hughes
Group 25: Jose de Sousa Group 26: Mike de Decker Group 27: Scott Waites Group 28: Luke Humphries
Group 29: Cristo Reyes Group 30: Gary Anderson Group 31: Joe Cullen Group 32: Peter Wright

Stage 1 - Groups 1 - 32

Tuesday, 26. MayLast 32 - Group 1Report, Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 27. MayLast 32 - Group 2Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 28. MayLast 32 - Group 3 Report, Statistics, Table-->
Friday, 29. May Last 32 - Group 4Report, Statistics, Table
Saturday, 30. May Last 32 - Group 5Statistics, Table
Sunday, 31. May Last 32 - Group 6
Monday, 1. June Last 32 - Group 7Statistics, Table
Tuesday, 2. June Last 32 - Group 8Statistics, Table
Wednesday, 3. June Semi-Finals - Group 1Report, Statistics, Table
Thursday, 4. June Semi-Finals - Group 2Report, Statistics, Table
Friday, 5. June Last 4 - FinalReport, Statistics, Table

Tuesday, 26. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 1
Peter Wright
Cristo Reyes
Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray

Peter Wright6:2Ryan Murray
Cristo Reyes6:5Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray4:6Jelle Klaasen
Peter Wright6:5Cristo Reyes
Cristo Reyes6:3Ryan Murray
Jelle Klaasen6:1Peter Wright

Winner: Jelle Klaasen

Wednesday, 27. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 2
Stephen Bunting
Glen Durrant
Alan Tabern
Mike de Decker

Stephen Bunting6:5Mike de Decker
Glen Durrant6:3Alan Tabern
Mike de Decker6:5Alan Tabern
Stephen Bunting6:3Glen Durrant
Glen Durrant4:6Mike de Decker
Alan Tabern6:2Stephen Bunting

Winner: Mike de Decker

Thursday, 28. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 3
Gary Anderson
Luke Humphries
Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny

Gary Anderson6:2Nick Kenny
Luke Humphries6:2Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny4:6Jamie Lewis
Gary Anderson6:1Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries6:1Nick Kenny
Jamie Lewis3:6Gary Anderson

Winner: Gary Anderson

Friday, 29. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 4
Dave Chisnall
Darren Webster
Geert Nentjes
Damon Heta

Dave Chisnall5:6Damon Heta
Darren Webster5:6Geert Nentjes
Damon Hetav5:6Geert Nentjes
Dave Chisnall6:2Darren Webster
Darren Webster6:2Damon Heta
Geert Nentjes3:6Dave Chisnall

Winner: Dave Chisnall

Saturday, 30. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 5
Rob Cross
Ryan Searle
Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson

Rob Cross6:3Daniel Larsson
Ryan Searle6:4Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson6:5Luke Woodhouse
Rob Cross6:4Ryan Searle
Ryan Searle6:4Daniel Larsson
Luke Woodhouse6:5Rob Cross

Winner: Rob Cross

Sunday, 31. May

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 6
Joe Cullen
Chris Dobey
Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker

Joe Cullen6:3Martijn Kleermaker
Chris Dobey1:6Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker5:6Jeff Smith
Joe Cullen6:5Chris Dobey
Chris Dobey6:3Martijn Kleermaker
Jeff Smith4:6Joe Cullen

Winner: Joe Cullen

Monday, 1. June

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 7
Nathan Aspinall
Jamie Hughes
Jose de Sousa
Jesus Noguera

Nathan Aspinall6:4Jesus Noguera
Jose de Sousa6:1Jamie Hughes
Jesus Noguera4:6Jamie Hughes
Nathan Aspinall6:2Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes6:4Jesus Noguera
Jose de Sousa4:6Nathan Aspinall

Winner: Nathan Aspinall

Tuesday, 2. June

Top ⇑

Last 32 - Group 8
Jonny Clayton
Max Hopp
Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites

Jonny Clayton6:3Scott Waites
Max Hopp6:3Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites6:0Carl Wilkinson
Jonny Clayton6:3Max Hopp
Max Hopp1:6Scott Waites
Carl Wilkinson2:6Jonny Clayton

Winner: Jonny Clayton

Wednesday, 3. June

Top ⇑

Semi-Finals - Group 1
Jelle Klaasen
Mike de Decker
Gary Anderson
Dave Chisnall

Gary Anderson6:5Mike de Decker
Dave Chisnall2:6Jelle Klaasen
Mike de Decker3:6Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson6:3Dave Chisnall
Dave Chisnall6:5Mike de Decker
Jelle Klaasen2:6Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson and Jelle Klaasen progress

Thursday, 4. June

Top ⇑

Semi-Finals - Group 2
Nathan Aspinall
Steve Brown
Nathan Aspinall
Jonny Clayton

Rob Cross6:4Joe Cullen
Nathan Aspinall6:5Jonny Clayton
Joe Cullen5:6Jonny Clayton
Rob Cross6:5Nathan Aspinall
Nathan Aspinall6:5Joe Cullen
Jonny Clayton6:1Rob Cross

Jonny Clayton and Nathan Aspinall progress into the final

Friday, 5. June

Top ⇑

Final - Championship Group
Gary Anderson
Jelle Klaasen
Jonny Clayton
Nathan Aspinall

Nathan Aspinall6:3Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson6:2Jonny Clayton
Jelle Klaasen2:6Jonny Clayton
Nathan Aspinall6:5Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson6:3Jelle Klaasen
Jonny Clayton4:6Nathan Aspinall

Winner: Nathan Aspinall

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