Women's Series

The PDC Women's Series is a series of events which will be played on 17. and 18. October behind closed doors in the Metrodome in Barnsley. On both days two events will be played.
The price money earned counts for a ranking by which two places in the PDC World Championship will be allocated.
All women aged 16 and over can take part. 20 000 pound price money in total are on offer. The four events replaced the two women's World Championship qualifiers which have been staged over the last two years.

Beside on 16. October a Grand Slam qualifier takes place offering one place in the tournament.

Grand Slam Qualifier
Women's Series 1
Women's Series 2

Friday, 16. October - Grand Slam Qualifier

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Saturday, 17. October - Women's Series 1

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Event 1

Event 2

Sunday, 18. October - Women's Series 2

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Event 3

Event 4

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