Jonny Clayton
Birthday: 4. October 1974
Lives in: Llanelli, Wales
Born in: Wales
Nickname The Ferret
Walk-On-Music: Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
Organisation: PDC

Jonny Clayton played from 2008 - 2015 for the BDO and was several times nominated for the Welsh national team. In 2014 the team won the WDF Europe Cup team contest.
2015 Clayton took part in the PDC Qualifying School and won himself a Tour Card. Since then he plays the PDC Pro Tour. In 2015 he qualified for the Grand Slam but didn't survive the group phase. In his almost two years on the tour he qualified for several European Tour events but never really made in impact. By the Pro Tour Order of Merit he qualified for the PDC World Championship 2017 and he will play against his fellow Welshman Gerwyn Price in the first round.

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