Gerwyn Price
Birthday: 7. March 1985
Lives in: Markham, Wales
Born at: Wales
Nickname: The Iceman
Walk-On-Music: Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)
Organisation: PDC

Welshman Gerwyn Price started to play darts in 2010 and in 2014 he joined the PDC. Before he got involved into darts he was a rugby players in different teams of the Welsh Premier Division.
Welsh PDC player Barrie Bates told Price to try his luck in PDC qualifying school and already on the second day Price won himself a tour card. He qualified for the UK Open 2014 but lost second round. Twice he reached the last 16 of a Players Championship and twice he qualified for events of the European Tour where in September he reached the quarterfinals of the European Darts Trophy by which he almost managed to qualify for the World Grand Prix. On the last Players Championship weekend in 2014 he played himself in his first semi-final, but lost against later winner Ian White. Price qualified by the Pro Tour Order of Merit for the PDC World Championship 2015.

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