Alexsandr Oreshkin
Geburtstag: 15. Juli 1961
Wohnt in: St.Petersburg, Russland
Geboren in: St.Petersburg, Russland
Verband: PDC

Aleksandr Oreshkin qualified by the Russian qualifier for the PDC World Championship 2016 and lst there first round against Mervyn King after he had won the first two sets. 2016 and 2017 he together with Boris Koltsov took part as Team Russia in the PDC World Cup reaching the quarterfinals in 2017. As well in 2017 the pair won the pairs event of the WDF World Cup. In the Russian qualifier 2017 Oreshkin prevailed against Boris Koltsov and will take part in the PDC World Championship 2018.
Oreshkin has a very individual throwing style und an interesting hairstyle. Beside he usually wears sun glasses on stage and prefers long sleeves.

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