PDC Ranking

The PDC rankings are all price money rankings - the PDC changed the ranking system in 2007 respectively. In all tournaments - whether Major or Pro Tour event - the players can win prize money according to their placing. The highest prize money is on offer in the World Championship, the lowest in the Pro Tour events.

All prize money won in the ranking tournaments flows into the PDC Order of Merit. The Premier League and the Grand Slam both are invitation tournaments and the prize money doesn't count to the ranking. The current Top 16 of the Order of Merit are automatically qualified for all PDC Major tournaments. Exceptions again are the Premier League and Grand Slam. To Premiere League only the Top 4 of the Order of Merit + 6 Wildcards are invited. To the Grand Slam predominantley winners and runner-ups of Major tournaments of the PDC and the BDO are invited.
The Order of Merit is a two year ranking meaning that over the year each time the prize money which was won by the players two years ago in the same tournament will be discarded.

Beside the Order of Merit the Pro Tour Order of Merit is the most important PDC ranking as the starting field of the Major tournaments is filled up with players from this ranking who are not otherwise qualified. Beside this the Top 32 of this ranking will play in the Players Championship final.
The Pro Tour Order of Merit is a one year ranking meaning that over the year each time the prize money which was won by the players one years ago in the same tournament will be discarded. Thus the Pro Tour Order of Merit provides information about the current form of the players.

To the UK Open Order of Merit only the money won in the UK Open qualifiers counts. The Top 96 are qualified for the UK Open. The UK Open Order of Merit starts afresh every year.

To the Scandinavian Order of Merit only counts the prize money won on the Scandinavian Tour of the SDC. By the Scandinavian Order of Merit players from Scandinavia can qualify for the European Championship and the PDC Wolrd Championship. The Scandinavian Order of Merit starts afresh every year.

Since 2011 there exists a Youth Order of Merit, to which all money won on the PDC Youth Tour counts. The PDC Youth Tour started in 2011. The top twenty will play together with international qualifiers in the PDC Youth World Championship. The player on top of the table gets a place in the Grand Slam of darts and in the preliminary round ot the PDC World Championship.

In 2014 the Challenge Tour was launched for PDPA Associate members. Those are players who took part in the Qualifying Tour but failed to win a Tour Card. The two players heading the Challenge Tour Order of Merit at the end of the season will get a two years Tour Card.

The Challenge Tour and the Youth Tour together are the PDC Developing Tour. Both Rankings start afresh every year.

2016 the European Tour Order of Merit was again intriduced. Only price moeney earned in European Tour events counts for the ranking by which the participants of the European Championship qualify. The top 32 of this ranking will take part in the tournament.

Order of Merit
Pro Tour Order of Merit
European Tour Order of Merit
Players Championship Order of Merit
UK Open Order of Merit
Nordic and Baltic Tour Order of Merit
Challenge Tour Order of Merit
Development (Youth) Tour Order of Merit

Order of Merit

Top ⇑

On 22. October

RankPlayerPrice MoneyTendeny
1Gerwyn Price£1.296 750 0
2Peter Wright£1.093 0000
3Michael van Gerwen£921 500 0
4James Wade£457 500 0
5Dimitri van den Bergh£448 750 0
6Gary Anderson£424 000 0
7Jose de Sousa£387 500 0
8Jonny Clayton£355 000 0
9Nathan Aspinall£347 500 0
10Michael Smith£337 750 0
11Rob Cross£322 500 0
12Dave Chisnall£309 500 0
13Krzysztof Ratajski£299 000 0
14Joe Cullen£288 750 0
15Stephen Bunting£249 750 0
16Danny Noppert£232 000 0
17Dirk van Duijvenbode£230 750 0
18Ian White£221 500 0
19Mervyn King£221 250 +1
20Simon Whitlock£220 250-1
21Glen Durrant£214 500 0
22Gabriel Clemens£209 000 +2
23Daryl Gurney£208 250 0
24Luke Humphries£207 500 -2
25Ryan Searle£195 500 +2
26Brendan Dolan£192 000 0
27Devon Petersen£188 000 -2
28Mensur Suljovic£184 000 0
29Chris Dobey£160 500 0
30Vincent van der Voort£158 000 0
31Adrian Lewis£145 2500
32Damon Heta£137 750 0
33Kim Huybrechts£129 250 +1
34Ross Smith£125 750 +4
35Darius Labanauskas£125 500 -2
36Jermaine Wattimena£122 250 -1
37Jamie Hughes£121 250 -1
38Jeffrey de Zwaan£120 250 -1
39Callan Rydz£117 750 +2
40Ricky Evans£113 500 -1
41William O'Connor£110 250 -1
42Ryan Joyce£101 500 0
43Steve Beaton£89 000 0
44Luke Woodhouse£82 250 0
45Max Hopp£77 500 0
46John Henderson£76 250 0
47Steve West£74 500 +1
48Steve Lennon£74 500 -1
49Keegan Brown£74 000 0
50Adam Hunt£70 500 0

Pro Tour Order of Merit

Top ⇑

On 22. Oktober
PlacePlayerPrice MoneyTendency
1Gerwyn Price£109 5000
2Michael Smith£95 750+2
3Joe Cullen£94 2500
4Jose de Sousa£89 000-2
5Peter Wright£80 2500
6Brendan Dolan£65 000+1
7Jonny Clayton£62 250-1
8Michael van Gerwen£53 2500
9Damon Heta£50 0000
10Ryan Searle£49 500+3
11Dirk van Duijvenbode£48 7500
12Dimitri van den Bergh£46 750+4
13James Wade£45 750-3
14Ross Smith£45 000+3
15Rob Cross£44 750+6
16Callan Rydz£44 250+9
17Luke Humphries£41 750-5
18Gabriel Clemens£41 500+1
19Nathan Aspinall£40 000-5
20Krzysztof Ratajski£39 750-2
21Danny Noppert£38 250-6
22Stephen Bunting£34 5000
23Vincent van der Voort£33 5000
24Dave Chisnall£29 000+6
25Mensur Suljovic£28 750-5
26Daryl Gurney£28 500+1
27Adrian Lewis£28 250+8
28Mervyn King£27 7500
29Chris Dobey£26 500+3
30Ryan Joyce£26 500+1
31Martin Schindler£25 500+8
32Martijn Kleermaker£24 750-7
33Raymond van Barneveld£23 5000
34Kim Huybrechts£22 750+10
35Jermaine Wattimena£22 750+1
36Scott Mitchell£22 000+4
37Darius Labanauskas£21 500-8
38Ian White£21 000-12
39Simon Whitlock£20 750-1
40Jamie Hughes£20 250-6
41Luke Woodhouse£20 000+2
42Ron Meulenkamp£20 000+3
43Jeff Smith£19 500++
44Maik Kuivenhoven£19 250-7
45Alan Soutar£18 750+1
46William O'Connor£18 500-5
47Madars Razma£18 250++
48Ritchie Edhouse£17 750+2
49Ricky Evans£17 500++
50Steve Lennon£17 000-8

European Tour Order of Merit

Top ⇑

Final Standings 28. September
RankPlayerPrice MoneyTendency
1Gerwyn Price£50 0000
2Mensur Suljovic£10 000++
3Brendan Dolan£10 000+2
4Michael Smith£10 000-2
5Nathan Aspinall£9.500+4
6Jose de Sousa£9.500-3
7Simon Whitlock£8.500+10
8Michael van Gerwen£8.000+1
9James Wade£8.0000
10Joe Cullen£8.000-5
11Luke Humphries£7.500-8
12Damon Heta£6.000-3
13Krzysztof Ratajski£5.000-4
14Rob Cross£5.000-5
15Peter Wright£5.000-10
16Adam Gawlas£5.000-11
17Joe Murnan£4.0000
18Florian Hempel£4.000-1
19Keane Barry£4.000-10
20Danny Noppert£3.000++
21Gabriel Clemens£3.000++
22Callan Rydz£3.000++
23Ted Evetts£3.000++
24Adam Smith-Neale£3.000++
25Boris Krcmar£3.000+3
26William Borland£3.000-17
27Lewis Williams£2.000-18
28Mervyn King£2.000++
29Ryan Searle£2.000++
30Kim Huybrechts£2.000++
31Adam Hunt£2.000++
32Ritchie Edhouse£2.000++

Players Championship Order Order of Merit

Top ⇑

On 22. October
RankPlayerPrice MoneyTendency
1Jose de Sousa£62.500+2
2Peter Wright£60.250-1
3Jonny Clayton£56.500-1
4Michael Smith£55.750+2
5Gerwyn Price£48.000-1
6Brendan Dolan£45.250+1
7Dimitri van den Bergh£44.250+3
8Ryan Searle£43.750+1
9Joe Cullen£43.750-4
10Dirk van Duijvenbode£42.740-2
11Rob Cross£37.750+10
12Callan Rydz£35.750+7
13Ross Smith£34.500+2
14Michael van Gerwen£34.250-1
15Luke Humphries£33.250-4
16Gabriel Clemens£32.750+1
17Damon Heta£32.500-5
18James Wade£29.750-4
19Stephen Bunting£26.750-1
20Danny Noppert£25.750-4
21Chris Dobey£25.500+1
22Vincent van der Voort£25.250+1
23Martin Schindler£24.500+2
24Dave Chisnall£24.000+6
25Raymond van Barneveld£23.500-4
26Mervyn King£22.750+1
27Nathan Aspinall£22.500++
28Krzysztof Ratajski£12.250+3
29Scott Mitchell£22.000-5
30Ryan Joyce£21.750-1
31Adrian Lewis£21.500++
32Daryl Gurney£21.250-4

UK Open Order of Merit

Top ⇑

Final Standings on 12. February
1Michael van Gerwen£22 000
2Michael Smith£19 500
3Krzysztof Ratajski£15 000
4Corey Cadby£13 000
5Rob Cross£10 000
6Gary Anderson£10 000
7Peter Wright£10 000
8Daryl Gruney£9 500
9Kim Huybrechts£8 500
10Jeffrey de Zwaan £7 000
11Darren Webster£6 500
12Mervyn King£6 250
13Zoran Lerchbacher£5 500
14John Henderson£5 500
15Steve Beaton£5 500
16Adrian Lewis£5 250
17Steve West£5 000
18Jamie Lewis£5 000
19David Pallett£4 750
20James Wade£4 750
21Justin Pipe£4 500
22Jelle Klaasen£4 250
23Matthew Edgar£4 250
24Jonny Clayton£4 000
25Jamie Hughes £4 000
26Simon Stevenson £4 000
27Simon Whitlock£4 000
28Dave Prins£4 00
29Robert Thornton £3 750
30Ian White£3 750
31Martin Schindler£3 500
32Kyle Anderson£3 500
33Gerwyn Price£3 500
34James Wilson£3 250
35Robert Owen£3 250
36Jason Lowe£3 000
37Joe Cullen£3 000
38Nathan Aspinall £2 750
39Keegan Brown£2 500
40Alan Norris£2 500
41Danny Noppert£2 250
42Nathan Rafferty £2 250
43Vincent van der Voort £2 250
44John Goldie £2 250
45David Evans £2 250
46Richard North£2 250
47Vincent Kamphuis£2 000
48Jermaine Wattimena£2 000
49Stephen Bunting£2 000
50Stuart Kellett£2 000
51Jose Justicia£2 000
52Gabriel Clemens£1 750
53Wayne Jones£1 750
54Mike Norton£1 750
55Carl Wilkinson£1 750
56Andrew Gilding£1 750
57Geert Nentjes £1 750
58Antonio Alcinas £1 750
59Dave Chisnall£1 500
60Raymond van Barneveld£1 500
61Chris Dobey£1 500
62James Richardson £1 500
63Maik Langendorf£1 500
64Ted Evetts£1 500
65Michael Rasztovits£1 500
66Ron Meulenkamp£1 500
67Kirk Shepherd£1 500
68Richie Burnett£1 500
69Ricky Evans£1 500
70Mark Walsh£1 250
72Cody Harris£1 250
72William O'Connor £1 250
73Terry Jenkins£1 250
74Chris Quantock£1 000
75Michael Barnard£1 000
76Bradley Brooks£1 000
77Dirk van Duijvenbode£1 000
78Ryan Meikle£1 000
79Dimitri van den Bergh£1 000
80Paul Nicholson£1 000
81Luke Humphries£1 000
82Cristo Reyes£1 000
83Rene Berndt£1 000
84Rene Eidams£1 000
85Lee Evans£1 000
86Ryan Harrington£1 000
87Robert Rickwood£1 000
88Mickey Mansell£1 000
89Andy Jenkins£1 000
90Benito van de Pas£750
91Mick McGowan£750
92Darren Johnson£750
93John Part£750
94Prakash Jiwa£750
95Adam Hunt£750
96George Killington£750

Nordic and Baltic Tour Order of Merit

Top ⇑

Final Standings 3. November
1Madars Razma, LAT
2Darius Labanauskas, LIT
3Marko Kantele, FIN
4Dennis Nilsson, SWE
5Ulf Ceder, FIN
6Per Laursen, DEN
7Daniel Larsson, SWE
8Nils Heinsoe, DEN
9Oskar Lukasiak, SWE
10Veijo Viinikka, FIN
11Ivan Springborg, DEN
12Niels J. Hansen, DEN
13Soren Hedegaard, DEN
14Mindauskas Barauskas, LIT
15Andreas Harrysson, SWE
16Johan Engström, SWE
17Asko Niskala, FIN
18Jesper Skovgaard, DEN
19Roland Lenngren, SWE
20Jani Keskinarkaus, FIN
21Rene Johansen, DEN
22Ricky Naumann, SWE
23Kim Viljanen, FIN
24Cor Dekker, NOR
25Janis Mustafejevs, LAT
26Steen Lysen, DEN
27Hanno Suominen, FIN
28Hallgrimur Eglisson, ICE
29Vladimir Andersen, DEN
30Pauli Finnilä, FIN
31Janis Kupsis, LAT
31Kristaps Mickus, LAT

Challenge Tour Order of Merit

Top ⇑

European Challenge Tour
Final Standings on 6. September
1Matt Campbell£6.800
2Steven Noster£5.100
3Rowby-John Rodriguez£4.350
4Jose Justicia£3.850
5Toni Alcinas£3.800
6Kevin Doets£3.750
7Kenny Neyens£3.750
8Luc Peters£3.600
9Jimmy Hendriks£3.350
10Wesley Plaisier£2.850
11Sebastian Bialecki£2.800
12Lukas Wenig£2.600
13Ricardo Pietreczko£2.400
14Niko Springer£2.300
15Christian Kist£2.250
16Kevin Blomme£2.100
17Damian Mol£1.800
18Thomas Junghans£1.650
19Chris Landman£1.650
20Mario Vandenbogaerde£1.650
21Richard Veenstra£1.650
22Danny van Tijp£1.600
23Davy Proosten£1.600
24Michael Rasztovits£1.550
25Thibault Tricole£1.500
26Marcel Erba£1.500
27Gino Vos£1.500
28Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1.350
29Franz Roetzsch£1.250
30Jitse van der Wal£1.250
31Brian Raman£1.200
32Gary Mawson£1.200

UK Challenge Tour
Final Standings 6. September
1Jim Williams£3.950
2Shaun McDonald£3.850
3Martin Thomas£3.800
4Darren Beveridge£3.400
5Adam Smith-Neale£3.350
6Nathan Rafferty£3.200
7Cameron Menzies£3.150
8Reece Robinson£3.100
9Jamie Clark£3.000
10Jim McEwan£2.700
11Matthew Dennant£1.550
12James Richardson£2.450
13Gavin Carlin£2.350
14Connor Scutt£1.950
15Keelan Kay£1.750
16Richie Burnett£1.650
17Carl Wilkinson£1.550
18Jason Hogg£1.500
19Robert Rickwood£1.400
20Justin Smith£1.400
21Nathan Girvan£1.400
22Carl Beattie£1.400
23Dan Lauby£1.350
24Adam Mould£1.300
25Chas Barstow£1.300
26Derek Coulson£1.200
27Colin Osborne£1.200
28Kevin Burness£1.200
29Nick Fullwell£1.150
30Ryan Furness£1.150
31Robert Thornton£1.150
32Robert Owen£1.150

Development Tour Order of Merit

Top ⇑

European Development Tour
23. August 2021
1Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£6.500
2Niels Zonneveld£3.600
3Jurjen van Velde£3.150
4Kevin Doets£2.850
5Mike van Duivenbode£2.500
6Geert Nentjes£1.900
7Niko Springer£1.750
8Bradley Roes£1.750
9Maikel Verberk£1.450
10Jeroen Mioch£1.400
11Gillian Koehoorn£1.300
12Gian van Veen£1.300
13Joshua Hermann£950
14Tobias Scheifl£900
15Tomas Houdek£900
16Damian Mol£900
17Mark Tabak£900
18Sebastian Bialecki£800
19AAdam Gawlas£750
20Levy Frauenfelder£750
21Youri Brouwer£750
22Robin Beger£700
23Joost Geurts£700
24Nico Kurz£650
25Kevin Luhr£650
26Jonathan Parvaneh£500
27Haz Baling Gergely£500
28Robert Kef£500
29Moreno Blom£450
30Marcel Gerdon£450
31Bertus Herks£450
32Brent Plaisier£450

UK Development Tour
23. August 2021
1Dom Taylor£5.050
2Liam Meek£3.450
3Keelan Kay£2.850
4Nathan Rafferty£2.750
5Bradley Brooks£2.700
6Reece Colley£2.500
7Ted Evetts£1.600
8Cameron Anderson£1.500
9Daniel Perry£1.350
10Jack Male£1.300
11Joshua Richardson£1.100
12Conor Heneghan£1.050
13Keane Barry£1.000
14Alex Jacques£900
15Nathan Girvan£900
16Lewis Williams£850
17Jarred Cole£700
18Connor Hopkins£750
19Lewis Gurney£750
20Jordan Boyce£650
21Justin Smith£650
22Craig Galliano£650
23Fred Box£650
24Owen Maiden£600
25Harry Jackson£600
26Joe Davis£550
27Lewis McGuigan£550
28Jacob Selby-Rivas£550
29Adam Dee£550
30Oliver King£500
31Jim Mosten£500
32John Brown£500

The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated after Super Series 7 on 22. October. The European Tour Order of Merit is on the final standings of 28. September. The UK Open Order of Merit is the final standings on 12. February 2018.

The Challenge Tour Order of Merit 2021 is divided in an European and an UK Challenge Tour Order of Merit - both are on the final standings of 6. September. The Developement Tour Order of Merit - as well divided in an European and an UK Development Tour Order of Merit - was updated on 23. August.
The Nordic and Baltic Tour Order of Merit is on the final standings of 3. November.

The rankings will be updated as often as necessary.

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