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1. June

Dartoid has unpleasant memories:
Darts in Red Square (or FUCK YOU, Putin!)

Adam "Thorn" Smith travels to Costa Rica:
Triples and Tryptophan in San Jose

Shot Darts Coach
5 Tips for Overcoming Dartitis

7. August
World Series of Darts
By the World Series of Darts Tour Card Holder Qualifier - which was played yesterday in Barnsley - Danny Baggish, Matt Campbell, Danny Noppert, Vincent van der Voort, Dave Chisnall, Ryan Joyce, Jamie Hughes and Devon Petersen for the World Series of Darts Final in Amsterdam.
World Series of Darts Final

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championships Order of Merit were updated after the Players Championships in Barnsley.
PDC Rankings
Pro Tour

6. August
Wins for Aspinall, Brown and Cross in Barnsley
At the Players Championships in Barnsley Nathan Aspinall, Keegan Brown and Rob Cross were successful.
Nathan Aspinall won the 22. Players Championship with a 8:3 defeat of Krzysztof Ratajski, the semi-finals reached Ryan Searle and Danny Noppert.
Keegan Brown secured at the 23. Players Championship his first PDC title since seven years. He defeated in the final Nathan Aspinall with 8:7. Ted Evetts and Peter Wright stood in the semi-finals.
Rob Cross prevailed in Players Championship 24 with 8:3 over Luke Humphries and won his first PDC title of the year. The semi-finals reached Martin Schindler and Chris Dobey.
Participants Barnsley, Results

3. August
Pro Tour Barnsley
Nine players managed yesterday to qualify for both the European Tour Event in Belgium and the European Tour Event in Gibraltar: Martin Schindler, Gabriel Clemens, Steve Beaton, Vincent van der Voort, Rusty-Jake Rodriguez, Chris Dobey, Keane Barry, Ryan Meikle and Jeff Smith.
During the qualifiers Jamie Hughes, Cameron Menzies and William Borland threw a nine-darter.
Today in Barnsley the 22. Players Championship of the year will follow.
Belgian Darts Open
Gibraltar Darts Trophy

2. August
Pro Tour Barnsley
Today in Barnsley the next Pro Tour unit will begin with the Tour Card Holder Qualifiers for the European Tour Events 12 and 13 in Wieze in Belgium and in Gibraltar. From Wednesday to Friday the Players Championships 22 - 24 will follow. On 6. August the Tour Card Holders Qualifier for the World Series of Darts Finale will take place - eight tournament places are on offer.
Several Tour Card holders - headed by Michael van Gerwen - will not be in Barnsley.
Participants Barnsley, Results

29. July
PDC News...

The PDC World Championship 2022/23 will take place from 15. December 22 to 3. January 23. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, 4.August.
Peter Wright has withdrawn from the World Series Events Australia and New Zealand to undergo further medical treatment for an ongoing gallstones problem. He will be replaced by Dimitri van den Bergh.
PDC World Series of Darts

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the World Matchplay.
PDC Rankings

25. July
Van Gerwen gets third World Matchplay Title
In a close final against Gerwyn Price in the end van Gerwen prevailed with 18:14 and for the third time won the World Matchplay title. Price started stronger in the match and thanks to his clinical finishing and despite his lower scores got the lead. Van Gerwen scored clearly better but had a lot of problems to find a double despite a nine-darter in leg 5. But nearer the end of the match Price lost his accuracy on the doubles while van Gerwen hit his doubles much better and deservedly won the match and the tournament.
Statistics Day 9new

Sherrock wins Women's World Matchplay
Fallon Sherrock wrote history once again and won with a 6:3 win over Aileen de Graaf the inaugural Women's World Matchplay title. By this she qualified for the Grand Slam in November.
Before Sherrock defeated Katie Sheldon and Lorraine Winstanley while Aileen de Graaf reached the final with wins over Laura Turner and Lisa Ashton.
Women's World Matchplaynew

24. July
World Matchplay - Semifinals
Both semi-finals were highclass matches but the second semi-final between Michael van Gerwen and Dimitri van den Bergh was a rather weary looking match and both players - even the winner Michael van Gerwen - failed to convince. The first match between Gerwyn Price and Danny Noppert was a captivating match and especially the winner Gerwyn Price impressed with his performance.
So in the final today Gerwyn Price will play against Michael van Gerwen.
Statistics Day 8new

23. Juli
Women's World Matchplay
Tomorrow afternoon in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool the first Women's World Matchplay will be played, for which eight players qualified by the PDC Women's Series.
In the preview the eight players are introduced and their chances to win the event are pondered at.
Women's World Matchplaynew

World Matchplay
Today is semi-finals day in Blackpool.
In the first semi-final Gerwyn Price and Danny Noppert will meet. After that with Dimitri van den Bergh and Michael van Gerwen two former World Matchplay Champions will stand at the oche.
Schedule Day 8, Results

World Matchplay - Day 7
The second quarterfinals day was thrilling and high-class as well and both were matches with twists and turns. First Danny Noppert defeated in an all Dutch quarterfinal Dirk van Duijvenbode. The match started rather evenly with slight advantages for van Duijvenbode. But nearer the end Noppert over came his scoring problems and managed to pull clear. The match between Price and de Sousa first was dominated by Price. But de Sousa got stronger and almost managed to force a tiebreak. In the end Price won 16:14 and by this win is back on the first place in the PDC Order of Merit.
Noppert and Price will meet in the semi-finals on Saturday.
Report, Statistics Day 7new

22. July
World Matchplay
Today at the World Matchplay the last two quarterfinals will take place.
The evening will begin with the all Dutch quarterfinal between the two World Cup partners Danny Noppert and Dirk van Duijvenbode. After that Gerwyn Price will play against Jose de Sousa.
Schedule Day 7

World Matchplay - Day 6
On the sixth day of the event Dimitri van den Bergh dethroned reigning champion Peter Wright - he defeated him in the first quarterfinal with 16:14. It was a quarterfinal in which the lead switched several times and in which the Belgian managed to keep his nerve. The second quarterfinal looked rather one-sided and Michael van Gerwen stormed into a 11:4 lead. But Nathan Aspinall didn't give in easily and started a strong comeback. In the end the Dutchman won 16:14.
Van den Bergh and van Gerwen will meet on Saturday in the semi-finals.
Report, Statistics Day 6new

21. July
World Matchplay
Today at the World Matchplay the first two quarterfinals will take place.
At first as in last year's final Dimitri van den Bergh will play against reigning champion Peter Wright. After that Michael van Gerwen will stand against Nathan Aspinall on stage, who is the last English player still in the event.
Schedule Day 6, Results

World Matchplay - Day 5
In the so far best match of the tournament on the last day of the second round an emotional Jose de Sousa defeated Rob Cross with 11:8, both players had an average of over 103. Gerwyn Price prevailed similarily close over Dave Chisnall - a match with two different halves. First Dave Chisnall was strong, but after the second break he couldn't keep up and now Price dominated the action. Other winners of the night were an once again commanding Danny Noppert and Dirk van Duijvenbode, who won 11:7 against a far from his best Michael Smith who had problems to hit his doubles.
Report, Statistics Day 5new

20. July
World Matchplay
On the fifth day of the tournament in Blackpool the second round will be played to the end.
The evening will start with the match between Daryl Gurney and Danny Noppert. After that Jose de Sousa will play against Rob Cross - the only player of the night who already won the World Matchplay. In the third match Gerwyn Price will meet Dave Chisnall. In the last match of the night and the second round number 3 seed Michael Smith will clash with Dirk van Duijvenbode.
Schedule Day 5

World Matchplay - Day 4
On the first second round evening reigning champion Peter Wright stood against Krzystztof Ratajski on the stage. Ratajski fell clearly behind, but came back strong. Only in the tiebreak the reigning champion managed a 13:11 win. The other winners of the night were Dimitri van den Bergh who convinced against Rowby-John Rodriguez, Nathan Aspinall, who prevailed in a close match over James Wade and Michael van Gerwen who was very much improved compared to his first match and had no problems at all with Joe Cullen.
Report, Statistics Day 4new

19. July
World Matchplay
On the fourth day of the tournament in Blackpool the first four matches of the second round will take place.
In three of the matches with Dimitri van den Bergh, James Wade and Michael van Gerwen former World Matchplay Champions will stand at the oche while in the fourth match reigning champion Peter Wright will play against Krzysztof Ratajski.
Schedule Day 4

World Matchplay - Day 3
The last day of the first round was not a lucky day for the German participants Gabriel Clemens and Martin Schindler - both lost their matches and were eliminated from the tournament. Clemens lost to a surprisingly strong Jose de Sousa, Schindler was defeated in a close match 10:8 by Gerwyn Price who got stronger in the second half of the match. The other two matches were won by the seeds as well - Rob Cross defeated in an unbelievable comeback from 2:8 down Chris Dobey in the tiebreak with 11:9, Dave Chisnall won a good match at the end of the first round with 10:7 against Kim Huybrechts.
Report, Statistics Day 3new

18. July
World Matchplay
On the third day of the tournament in Blackpool the first round will be played till the end in an evening-session.
Today with Gabriel Clemens and Martin Schindler the two German participants will stand at the Oche. Clemens will play against Jose de Sousa, debutant Martin Schindler against Gerwyn Price. Beside in the first match of the night Rob Cross and Chris Dobey will meet. The match between Dave Chisnall and Kim Huybrechts will end the evening and the first round.
Schedule Day 3

PDC Challenge Tour
Over the weekend in Hildesheim, Germany, five Challenge Tour Events were played.
There were five different winners, the Dutchmen Danny van Trijp, Gian van Veen and Jurjen van der Velde, Belgian Kenny Neyens and Englishman Dave Pallett. For van Trijp it was already the second win on the Challenge Tour and he moved up to place two in the Challenge Tour Order of Merit. For the other four winners it was the first win though Pallett reached the final twice at the weekend. In Event 12 he lost to van Trijp.
PDC Challenge Tour

World Matchplay - Day 2
On the second day of the tournament with Gary Anderson and Luke Humphries two more seeded players were unexpectedly eliminated. Anderson lost 7:10 against a solid playing Daryl Gurney, Humphries couldn't keep up with a reinvigorated Nathan Aspinall and lost with 5:10. The match between Michael Smith and Andrew Gilding was the first match which went into over time - Smith won with 11:9. Beside Dirk van Duijvenbode and Danny Noppert won their matches - both with averages of over 100. Joe Cullen demolished Damon Heta - who had a pitchblack day - with 10:2 and James Wade and Michael van Gerwen were the winners of the two poorest matches of the day.
Report, Statistics Day 2new

17. July
World Matchplay
On the second day of the tournament in Blackpool the first round will continue in an afternoon- and an evening-session.
In the afternoon among others former champion Gary Anderson will play against Daryl Gurney while Michael Smith will meet in form Andrew Gilding. Tonight with Martin Lukeman another debutant will stand on stage - he will play against James Wade. In the limelight will be the match between Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis.
Schedule Day 2

World Matchplay - Day 1
On the first night of the World Matchplay seeded players Krzstztof Ratajski, Dimitri van den Bergh and reigning champion Peter Wright convinced with clear wins. The last match of the night developed into a real battle between Jonny Clayton and Rowby-John Rodriguez. From the start Clayton was pressurized while debutant Rodriguez looked unperturbed. In the end Rodriguez won with 10:7 and caused the first big upset of the tournament.
Report, Statistics Day 1new

16. July
World Matchplay
Tonight in Blackpool the World Matchplay will begin. The first four first round matches will be played. Among the players on stage are beside reigning champion Peter Wright with Rowby-John Rodriguez and Madars Razma two debutants as well.
In the PDC preview Peter Wright, Jonny Clayton, James Wade, Damon Heta and Gerwyn Price have their say.
Schedule Day 1
PDC Preview

15. July
World Matchplay - The Favourites
Of course at the World Matchplay this year there will not be only debutants but favourites as well. The usual names come to mind - Reigning Champion Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen...But in all honesty - none of the three really convinced revently. So it could well be a very open tournament lies in front of us.
The Favourites

13. July
World Matchplay - the Debutants
This year in Blackpool four debutants will take part in the World Matchplay and only one of them is from the UK - Martin Lukeman. Beside German Martin Schindler, Austrian Rowby-John Rodriguez and Latvian Madars Razma will stand for the first time on the stage of the Empress Ballroom.
The Debutants

12. July
PDC World Matchplay
On Saturday 16. July the World Matchplay will begin in Blackpool. The PDC now published the draw and the schedule of the first round which will be played till Monday 18. July.
The tournament will be opened by the match between Krzysztof Ratajski and Stephen Bunting. Reigning champion Peter Wright will as well play his first match on Monday night against Madars Razma. The first round will end on Monday night with the match between Dave Chisnall and Kim Huybrechts. Michael van Gerwen was drawn against Adrian Lewis - the match will take place on Sunday night.
Participants, Schedule first round

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated after Players Championship 21.
PDC Rankings
Pro Tour

PDC Pro Tour
The last winner of the PDC Pro Tour in Barnsley was Brendan Dolan who defeated Jonny Clayton in the final. The semi-finals reached Damon Heta and Dave Chisnall.
Now all participants of the World Matchplays - which begins on Saturday - are known. Due to the results on the final day Rowby-John Rdoriguez will be among the world Matchplay debutants.

11. July
PDC Pro Tour
At the weekend in Barnsley three Players Championships took place and they had with Dirk van Duijvenbode, Danny Noppert and Adrian Lewis three different winners. For Lewis it was the first Players Championship win since March 2019 and he secured by the win his participation in the World Matchplay. Van Duijvenbode and Noppert already were qulaified for the event. Van Duijvenbode defeated in the final Gabriel Clemens, Danny Noppert prevailed over Andrew Gilding who by reaching the final ensured his World Matchplay place. Adrian Lewis won against Boris Koltsov who for the first time reached a Pro Tour final.
Today another Players Championship will be played in Barnsley. After that all participants in the World Matchplay will be known.
Participants Barnsley, Resultsnew

9. July
John Gwynne passed away
Today sports broadcaster John Gwynne lost his battle with cancer and passed away aged 77.
Gwynne, who initially worked as a teacher, was from 1993 to 2013 part of the sky sports team of commentators - originally together with Dave Lanning and Sid Waddell - and commentated among others twenty times the darts World Championship and twenty times the World Matchplay.
Beside darts football was his big passion, his favourite club was Manchester City. As a broadcaster he was for many years involved in Sky's Soccer Saturday programme as well and commentated beside on cricket, rugby and speedway. In addition he did his best to keep the Manchester darts Log-End tradition alive and worked as MC and referee for many dart players in exhibitions.
I was fortuned to be aquainted with John, he was unbelievable knowledgeable had a delightful sense of humor, he was a convinced European with a yen for fish and chips and he admired Bert Trautman. I will miss him. RIP John, I offer my condolences to his family and friends.

8. July
Qualifiers ET 10 and 11
Yesterday in Barnsley the qualifiers for the European Tour Events 10 and 11 in Budapest and Jena took place. Eight players qualified for both events: Dave Chisnall, Daryl Gurney, Raymond van Banrveld, Ian White, Martin Lukeman, Jim Williams, Jeff Smith and Josh Rock.
Cameron Menzies threw a nine-darter and Steve Beaton played on his way to qualify for Jena an astronomical 118.19 average.
Hungarian Darts Trophy
German Darts Open

6. July
Pro Tour Barnsley
From 7. - 11. July in Barnsley the European Tour Tour Card Qualifiers for the Events 10 and 11 and the Players Championships 18, 19, 20 and 21 will take place. From the Tour Card Inhabern only Michael Unterbuchner and Michael van Gerwen didn't register, John Brown will not play on Monday. For them Scott Williams and Stephen Burton and on Monday additionally Danny van Trijp.
The Players Championships count for the World Matchplay qualification, cut-off is the 11.July after Players Championship 21. Before the Players Championships the field of participants looks like this:
Participants World Matchplay - On 6. July
Participants Barnsley, Resultsnew

5. July
Increase in Price Money
The PDC announced that the price money for the World Matchplay, the World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam Of Darts will increase this year.
World Matchplay
World Grand Prix
Grand Slam of Darts

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the European Tour Order of Merit were updated after the European Darts Matchplay.
PDC Rankings
European Tour

WDF News...
Mal Cuming and Tori Kewish were the winners of the Victoria Classic in Australia. At the first Kyle Anderson Memorial a youth event to honour the so young and unexpected deceased Kyle Anderson Terence Morton and Brianna Pickett won the titles. In New Zealand New Zealand Masters were played,the new champions are Haupai Puha and Wendy Harper. Ben Robb and Nicole Regnaud won the South Island Masters, as well in New Zealand. Beau Greaves was the winner of the Romania Open while Jitka Cisarova won the Romanian Classic.The Men's titles went to Patrick Kovacs and Luke Littler. Jitka Cisarova was well won the Balaton Classic, Benjamin Pratnemer won the Balaton Masters. Andras Borbely and Dorina Sipos both won the two youth titles.
Winners of the Canadian Open in Toronto were Nick Smith and Maria Carli(Mason). Danny Lauby got his third title on the WDF Circuit in America at the Cherry Bomb International, the women's title won Maria Carli as well. The winners of the youth events were PJ Stuart and Madison Crank.

4. July
Humphries wins European Darts Matchplay
In a very close final in the end Luke Humphries prevailed 8:7 over Rowby-John Rodriguez and won his fourth European Tour title of the year. Before Humphries defeated on finals day Lukas Wenig, Ian White and Stephen Bunting. Rodriguez reached his first European Tour final with wins over Gabriel Clemens, Nathan Aspinall and Madars Razma - a match which as well was won in the deciding leg.
Report Finals Daynew

Thornton wins World Seniors Matchplay
Robert Thornton won after the World Seniors Championship now the World Seniors Matchplay as well. This time his opponent in the final was Phil Taylor, who missed with his matchdarts and lost 10:12.
Before Thornton won on finals day in the quarterfinal against Terry Jenkins and in the semi-finals in a good match against Martin Adams. Taylor prevailed on finals day in the quarterfinal over Peter Manley and in the semi-finals in overtime 12:10 over Kevin Painter.

3. July
European Darts Matchplay - Finals Day
Today the European Darts Matchplay in Trier will be played to the end. In the afternoon the third round will take place, in the evening-session quarterfinals, semi-finals and final will follow.
The second day of the tournament was not a good day for the seeds - only six of them won their matches. Dimitri van den Bergh was the best player of the day with an average of 110.83. The other seed who reached the third round were Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall, Stephen Bunting, Damon Heta and Luke Humphries. With the impressive playing Lukas Wenig and the as well good Gabriel Clemens two German players are still in the tournament.

World Seniors Matchplay - Finals Day
On the second day of the World Seniors Matchplay Colin McGarry again showed the best performancce - he demolished Peter Evison, the winner of the PDC World Matchplay 1996, with 8:0 and an average of 95.42. Beside Terry Jenkins, Peter Manley, Robert Thornton, Martin Adams and Lisa Ashton won their matches. Ashton defeated Paul Hogan first round and after that in round 2 American Larry Butler - the winner of the very first PDC World Matchplay.
Today the World Seniors Matchplay in Hull will be played to the end. In the afternoon the quarterfinals will take place, tonight semi-finals and final will be played.

2. July
European Darts Matchplay - Day 2
On the second day of the event the seeded players play in an afternoon- and an evening-session against the first round winners.
From the German players only Dragutin Horvat was eliminated by a solid playing Madars Razma. The best average of the first round played Cameron Menzies with 101.64 in his 6:3 win over Niels Zonneveld. Other impressive players were Wesley Plaisier and Callan Rydz. Rowby-John Rodriguez caused an upset by eliminating Danny Noppert from the tournament.
Schedule, Results

World Seniors Matchplay - Day 2
On the first night of the World Seniors Matchplay two first round and two second round matches were played. Winners of the first round matches were Deta Hedman and Colin McGarry who had with 89.73 the highest average of the night. Deta Hedman came on stage again for her second round match against Phil Taylor. Again Taylor couldn't convince but got a hard fought 8:4 win. Only in the second half of the match the record world champion threw a few good legs. In the other second round match a solid playing Kevin Painter defeated John Lowe with 8:0.
Today in the afternoon session two first round and two second round matches will be played while in the evening-session the last four second round matches will take place.
Schedule, Results

1. July
European Darts Matchplay
Today in Trier, Germany, the European Darts Matchplay will begin - the ninth event of the European Tour 2022.
As always on the first day in an afternoon - and an evening-session the qualifiers will play the first round.
Peter Wright, Michael van Gerwen and Michael Smith withdrew. So Chris Dobey, Luke Woodhouse and Gabriel Clemens get a bye for the first round and will enter the event in round 2. As a results this afternoon only six matches will be played and tonight only seven instead of eight per session.
In the first round matches today Germans Dragutin Horvat, Lukas Wenig and Florian Hempel will play against Madars Razma, Steve Lennon and Bradley Brooks respectively.
Partitipants, Schedule, Results

29. June
PDC Calender
The PDC confirmed the November dates of its tournament calender. So on 4. und 5. November the last two Players Championships will be played followed by the Tour Card Holder Qualifer for the Grand Slam of Darts. The Grand Slam of Darts will take place from 12. - 20. November in Wolverhampton. From 25. - 27. November the Players Championship Finals will be played in Minehead. After that on 28. November the Tour Card Holders Qualifier for the PDC World Championship will be played in Barnsley.
The dates were added to the tournament calender.
Tournament Calendernew

World Seniors Matchplay
From 1. - 3. July in the Bonus Arena in Hull the World Seniors Matchplay will be played.
20 players will take part in the tournament - 17 were invited among them Phil Taylor and Larry Butler the winner of the first World Matchplay of the PDC. Two qualified by qualifiers - Brian Dawson and Paul Hogan. The last place in the field of participants got the first of the ranking - Irishman Colin McGarry.
Participants, Draw, Schedulenew

27. June
PDC Women's Series
Lisa Ashton was once again the most successful player of the weekend and won two of the four events and beside once reached a semi-final. Fallon Sherrock won one event and reached one semi-final and one quarterfinal. Lorraine Winstanley as well won one event and as well reached one semi-final and one quarterfinal. Those three players sit in the first three places of the ranking.
So they are among the Top Eight of the Women's Series Order of Merit who were qualified after the weekend for the Women's World Matchplay in July in Blackpool. The other five players who qualified are Aileen de Graaf, Laura Turner, Rhian Griffiths, Katie Sheldon and Chloe O'Brien.
Participants, Results
Women's World Matchplaynew

25. June
Van den Bergh wins in Amsterdam as well
Dimitri van den Bergh wins after the Nordic Darts Masters the Dutch Darts Masters in Amsterdam as well. He defeated in the final Dirk van Duijvenbode with 8:2 and the highest average of the tournament of 104.60.
Before he defeated in the quarterfinals Jermaine Wattimena with 6:1 and in the semi-finals Danny Noppert with 7:2. Van Duiijvenbode won in the quarterfinals with 6:4 against Martijn Kleermaker and prevailed in a close semi-final 7:6 over James Wade.
Dutch Darts Masters - Results, Statistics
Dutch Darts Masters - Report Finals Daynew

PDC Women's Series
This weekend in Barnsley four more events of the PDC Women's Series will be played.
The top eight of the Women's Series Order of Merit after the weekend qualify for the Women's World Matchplay in July in Blackpool. qualifiziert.
Participants, Resultsnew

Dutch Darts Masters
On the first night of the Dutch Darts Masters from the PDC Top players only James Wade and Dimitri van den Bergh won their matches and progressed in today's quarterfinals. In the other six matches the Dutch qualifiers got the win and prevailed over World Champion Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen, Jonny Clayton, Fallon Sherrock and Michael Smith.
The second and last day of the tournament starts with the following quarterfinals: Martijn Kleermaker will play against Dirk van Duijvenbode, James Wade will meet Maik Kuivenhoven, Dimitri van den Bergh will play against Jermaine Wattimena and Danny Noppert will stand against Vincent van der Voort at the oche.
Dutch Darts Masters - Schedule

24. June
Dutch Darts Masters
In the PDC preview of the Dutch Darts Masters which will begin today in Amsterdam Danny Noppert and Dirk van Duijvenbode have their say.
The event will be opened tonight with the match between Jonny Clayton and Jermaine Wattimena.
Dutch Darts Masters - Preview
Dutch Darts Masters - Results, Statisticsnew

23. June
Dutch Darts Masters
Tomorrow in Amsterdam the Dutch Darts Masters will begin - the next event of the PDC World Series of Darts.
Eight PDC players will play against eight Dutch representatives. Michael van Gerwen has recovered from surgery and will play the Dutch number 2 Danny Noppert. Noppert's World Cup partner Dirk van Duijvenbode will play against World Champion Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price has with Vincent van der Voort not an easy opponent either.
Dutch Darts Masters - Schedule

WDF Rankings
All WDF Rankings were updated.
WDF Rankings

21. June
Formulas to success
Shot Darts Coach Raymond Smith wonders whether in the sport of darts there are some kind of "formulas" which may help the players to get successful and has a look at some of the formulas which are in circulation.
Formulas for Success 1new

DDV News...
Winner of the German Masters - which took place for the first time since 2019 - were Stefanie Lück and Ole Holtkamp. The youth events won Wibke Riemann and Liam Maendl-Lawrance. Winner of the team competition was Team 1 of the HDV.
For the WDF Europe Cup, which will be played from 2022 28. September - 1. October in Spain the following men and women were nominated: Ole Holtkamp, Daniel Zygla, Erik Tautfest, Jens Ziegler, Monique Leßmeister, Lena Zollikofer, Lisa Zollikofer and Irina Armstrong.

19. June
Australien wins PDC World Cup
Team Australia defeated in the final of the PDC World Cup in Frankfurt the Welsh team with 3:1 and for the first time wins the World Cup. Damon Heta prevailed both over Gerwyn Price and over Jonny Clayton, Simon Whitlock defeated Jonny Clayton. Team Wales only won the doubles.
Before the Australians defeated in the quarterfinals in the afternoon-session Team Begium in the deciding pairs match. In the evening-session in the semifinals the English team had no chance against Team Australia. Wales won on finals day in the quarterfinals against Team Germany and demolished in the semi-finals Team Netherlands.
Report, Statistics Day 4new

PDC World Cup
The third day with the second round stayed without an upset as well. For the first time in the history of the tournament all eight seeded teams prevailed and progressed into the quarterfinals though some needed a double.
Reigning champion Team Scotland needed a double to defeat Team Portugal. In the afternoon session it will play against Team England in the quarterfinals.
Today the tournament will be played to an end in an afternoon- and an evening - session.
Schedule, Results
Statistics, Report Day 3
Statistics Day 4new

17. Juni
PDC World Cup
On the first day of the PDC World Cup the winners were the Teams from Denmark, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Northern Ireland, Wales, Germany and the Netherlands.
The best performance showed Team Wales which was the only team with an average of almost 100.
Today the first round will be played to the end and the seeded teams of the night will be Australia, England, reigning champion Scotland and Belgium.
Schedule, Results
Statistics, Report Day 1

16. June
PDC World Cup
Today the PDC World Cup begins in Frankfurt.
Eight first round matches will be played. The tournament will be opened by the match between Denmark and Singapore. From the seeded teams Northern Ireland, Wales, Germany and the Netherlands will stand at the oche.
Schedule First Round, Results
Statistics Day 2

15. June
Smith and Williams win in Niedernhausen
Michael Smith and Scott Williams won in Niedernhausen one Players Championship each.
Michael Smith defeated in the final of the 16. Players Championships Dirk van Duijvenbode with 8:6. In the semi-finals stood Keane Barry and Josh Rock.
Today Scott Williams won the 17. Players Championship of the year with a 8:5 win over Nathan Aspinall. Kim Huybrechts and Chris Dobey stood in the semi-finals.
Participants, Resultsnew

WDF Results...
Winners of the Dutch Open were Jelle Klaasen and Beau Greaves who prevailed in the finals over Mark Barilli and Rhian O'Sullivan respectively. Klaasen is by this qualified for the next WDF World Championship for which Greaves already was qualified. Greaves is now the WDF women's number 1.
Mikuru Suzuki and Jun Matsuda were the winners of the West Japan Cup. Dutchman Alexander Merkx and Margaret Sutton from England won the Lithunian Open. John Scott as well was a winner in Lithunia. The Sunshine Classic in Brisbane, Australia, were won by Raymond Smith and Tori Kewish Sieg. Danny Lauby and Cassy Scantlen got the titles of the Oregon Open.
Andreas Harrysson and Veronica Simonsen won the Nordic Cup Open in Malmö. New Swiss Open Champions were Patrick Takacs and Anca Ziljstra. Suzanne Smith and Alexander Merkx won the Helvetia Open. The two youth titles went to the Germans Quentin Glass and Luis Breuer. Winners of the Canterbury Open in New Zealand were Haupai Puha and Nicole Regnaud.

PDC World Cup
The PDC by now as well announced the draw and the deteailed schedule of the first round of the tournament which will begin on Thursday in Frankfurt, Germany.
The tournament will be opened by the match between Team Denmark and Team Singapore. Reigning champion Team Scotland Peter Wright/John Henderson will begin their tournament on Friday against Team Singapore with Paul and Harith Lim. The number 1 seed Team England Michael Smith/James Wade will play as well on Friday night against the Team Czech Republic Adam Gawlas/Karel Sedlacek.
Participants, Schedule First Round

14. June
Players Championships Niedernhausen
Today and tomorrow in Niedernhausen in Germany Players Championships 16 and 17 will be played.
Several Tour Card holders didn't register for Niedernhausen - among them Michael van Gerwen due to his arm surgery - and will be replaced by players from the Challenge Tour Order of Merit.
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Van Gerwen wins sixth Premier League title
The Play-Offs in Berlin started with two astonishing one-sided semifinals - Joe Cullen first defeated Jonny Clayton with 10:4, after that Michael van Gerwen prevailed with the same result over James Wade.
The final between Michael van Gerwen and Joe Cullen on the other side was a very close and thrilling match, in which none of the players really managed to pull clear. In the deciding leg Cullen missed his matchdart, Michael van Gerwen kept his nerve and hit the double 14 for the 11:10 win and the title.
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13. June
Premier League - Play-Offs
Tonight the Premier League Play-Offs will be played in Berlin, Germany.
In the first semi-final reigning champion Jonny Clayton and debutant Joe Cullen will meet. In the second semi-final Michael van Gerwen will play against James Wade.
In the preview all four players have their say.

12. June
Van den Bergh wins in Copenhagen
Dimitri van den Bergh wins the Nordic Darts Masters Copenhagen. He defeats in the final Gary Anderson with 11:5.
Van den Bergh dominated the event and showed the best matches while last year's winner and runner-up both lost in the quarterfinals. Van Gerwen lost to James Wade, Fallon Sherrock to Michael Smith. None of the Nordic und Baltic players won their first round match, they all showed mostly meager performances.
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10. June
World Series of Darts
Today in Copenhagen the Nordic Darts Masters will begin.
Last year's winner and runner-up - Michael van Gerwen and Fallon Sherrock - will play in the first round against Marko Kantele and Darius Labanauskas relatively.
In the PDC preview Michael Smith, the winner of the US Darts Masters last weekend, Fallon Sherrock and Dimitri van den Bergh have their say..
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Nordic Darts Masters - Preview

7. June
PDC Development Tour
At the weekend in Hildesheim, Germany, five events of the PDC Development Tour took place. Young Irishman Keane Barry was the outstanding player - he stood in one semi-final, lost once in a final and won two of the events. He now heads the Development Tour Ranking. The other three events were won by Nathan Rafferty, Geert Nentjes and Sebastian Bialecki.
Best young German player was Niko Springer, who once stood among the Top 16 and lost in the final of the 13. event to Geert Nentjes.
Development Tour

PDC Nordic und Baltic Tour
On the Nordic und Baltic Tour several events were played at the weekend as well.
By the two European Tour Qualifiers Daniel Larsson qualified both for the tournament in Budapest, Hungary and for the tournament in Jena, Germany.
The events 3 and 4 of the PDC Nordic and Baltic Tour were won by Darius Labanauskas and Dennis Nilsson.
Beside the qualifier for the Nordic Darts Masters on 10. and 11. June was played - the five tournament places on offer got Marko Kantele, Daniel Larsson, Matthias Örn Frioriksson, Benjamin Dreu Reus and Brian Lokken.
Nordic and Baltic Tour
Nordic Darts Masters

5. June
Smith wins US Darts Masters
With a 8:4 win over Michael van Gerwen in the final Michael Smith won the title of the first US Darts Masters which took place in the Hulu Theatre of the Madison Square Garden in New York.
Before Smith defeated on finals day in the quarterfinals Gary Anderson and in the semi-finals world Champion Peter Wright. Michael van Gerwen reached the finale with wins over James Wade and Gerwyn Price.
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Gates wins North American Championship
Leonard Gates from Texas wins this year's North American Championship which was played like the US Darts Masters for the first time in the Hulu Theatre of the Madison Square Garden in New York. By this Gates secured beside the price money for the first time a place in the PDC Wold Championship in December in London.
Gates defeated in the final reigning champion Danny Baggish with 6:3. Gates reached the final with wins over Jules van Dongen and David Cameron while Baggish prevailed over Dough Boehm and Danny Lauby.
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4. June
World Series of Darts
With the exception of Fallon Sherrock all PDC representatives won their first round matches. Sherrock lost 2:6 to Leonard Gates who will now play in the quarterfinals against Peter Wright.
Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price had against the American number 1 Danny Baggish and Canadian David Cameron respectively no easy matches but both won 6:4. Michael van Gerwen had some problems against Jules van Dongen as well as he was far from clinical on his doubles. A completely different problem Gary Anderson had to fix - he had to play with borrowed darts.
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3. June
World Series of Darts
Today in New York the US Darts Masters will begin in the Hulu Theater of the Madison Square Garden. For the first time in this world famous venue a PDC Event will take place.
In the preview World Champion Peter Wright, Michael van Gerwen and Fallon Sherrock have their say.
The eight North American players qualified for the US Darts Masters are the participants of the North Amercian Championship played in the afternoon-session an Saturday. the winner will get a place in the PDC World Championship 2022/23.
Preview - US Darts Masters
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2. June
World Series of Darts
Tomorrow in New York the US Darts Masters- the first event of this year's World Series of Darts - will begin. The PDC published draw and schedule of the First Round.
Beside by now all participants of Dutch Darts Masters are knwon which will be played on 24. and 25. June in Amsterdam. By the PDC Order of Merit the following Dutch players qualified for the event: Danny Noppert, Dirk van Duijvenbode, Vincent van der Voort, Jermaine Wattimena. Martijn Kleermaker, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Maik Kuivenhoven and Ron Meulenkamp.
US Darts Masters - Schedule and First Round Draw
Dutch Darts Masters - Participants

1. June
PDC World Cup
By now all players are known who will take part in this year's PDC World Cup. Two of the nations which count to the circle of favourites to win the event will this year stand in an new pairing at the oche. In the Dutch team this year Michael van Gerwen will be absent due to his arm surgery - Danny Noppert and Dirk van Duijvenbode will be Team Netherlands. The English team will consist of Michael Smith and James Wade - both already took part in the World Cup but with other partners. Gary Anderson once again will give the World Cup a miss - Peter Wright and John Henderson as Team Scotland will get the chance to defend the title.
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More News...
At the World ParaDarts Winmau World Trophy 2022 seven competitions were played and the participants from Belgium dominated. The men's wheelchair singles were won by Belgian Vincent D'Hondt. At the men's standing singles Belgian Evi Foulon secured the title who together fellow country man Kurt Vanderkerckhove won the men's sinding pairs as well. The men's wheelchair pairs won the Belgian pair Serge van Belle/Vincent D'Hondt. The final of the standing women's singles was an all German affair - Gabi Wehrt defeated Binanca Strauch with 3:1. Winner of the women's wheelchair singles was Belgian Chloe Francq and of course the team event was won by Team Belgium.

As the City West Convention Centre in Dublin this year again will not be available for the PDC World Grand Prix event will take place as last year in the Morningside Arena in Leicester.

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