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The World Matchplay will be played from 17. - 25. July in den Winter Gardens in Blackpool - in front of a crowd.
Schedule, Participants on 27.4.
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17. June
Wright wins last Super Series 4 Event
Peter Wright won the 16. Players Championship - the last of Super Series 4 - with a 8:4 win over Luke Humphries. It was a really strong day from Wright who played in many of his matches averages of over 100. For Wright it was the second title of the year. in the semi-finals stood Callan Rydz and Dirk van Duijvenbode.
Super Series 4, Results

Super Series 4
TodaySuper Series 4 is played to the end with Players Championship 15. Play will commence at 12 BST.
Glen Durrant will not be in Milton Keynes today - has has withdrawn due to confidence issues. Mark McGeeney and Kirk Shepherd already withdrew yesterday. McGeeney had to isolate as he had been in close contact to a person tested positive with Covid 19. Why Shepherd withdrew is not yet known. Michael van Gerwen will not be in action today either.
Again two boards will be streamed live - from 12 BST - on PDCTV .

16. June
Another win for de Sousa
Jose des Sousa won the 15. Players Championship in Milton Keynes as well - his second Pro Tour win in a row. In the final of a close match he defeated Ryan Searle with 8:7. In the semi-finals stood Stephen Bunting and Rob Cross who had defeated in the last 16 a tired looking Michael van Gerwen. It was Cross first win in three years over the Dutchman.
Today it was Ian White who threw in the second round a nine-darter against Ron Meulenkamp.
Super Series 4, Results

15. June
De Sousa winner of 14. Players Championship
Jose des Sousa won todays final with 8:6 against Michael van Gerwen. For de Sousa it was already the second Pro Tour win this year while van Gerwen still has to wait for his first tournament win in 2021. The semifinals reached Gabriel Clemens and Gary Anderson.
Both Jim McEwan and Geert Nentjes threw a nine-darter today.
The day started with sad news - former referee Bruce Spendley, 80, passed away.
Super Series 4, Results

Super Series 4
Today Players Championship 14 will take place. Nathan Aspinall received a positive Covid-19 test and will miss the last three days of Super Series 4 as will Keane Barry who was a close contact to Aspinall after their first round match.
Again two boards will be streamed live on PDCTV .

14. June
Cullen wins Players Championship 13
Today in Milton Keynes the Super Series 4 started with the 13. Players Championship of the year.
Joe Cullen won with the final 8:6 against Gerwyn Price, for Cullen it was already the second Pro Tour win of the year. In the semi-finals stood Michael van Gerwen and Premier League Champion Jonny Clayton.
At his first round loss against Justin Pipe Ron Meulenkamp threw a nine-darter. As well in the first round Jose des Sousa played against William Borland a sensational average of 127.0.
Super Series 4, Results

9. June
Super Series 4
Next Monday - the 14. June - in Milton Keynes Super Series 4 will begin. Till Thursday - the 17. June - Players Championships 13 - 16 will be played. All count for the qualification for the World Matchplay.
The PDC now published the list of participants. Again several Tour Card Card holders will miss out, among them Max Hopp, who recovers from torn ankle ligaments. They will be replaced by Associate Members.
Super Series 4, Participants

Adam "Thorn" Smith around the World

Adam spends a last day in CloudBridge and still is exploring the area. Beside he workd on a special dart board as a farewell gift to his hosts.
"Darts can save the World

8. June
Changes Super Series 5
As in Bolton,where the Super Series 5 originally should have been played, the Delta variant of the Covid virus increases the Covid cases, Super Series 5 will be moved to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Beside the dates were changed from 6. - 9. July to the 5. - 8. July.
On Friday the 9. Juli in the same venue three European Tour Qualifiers for the Tour Card holders shall take place. Further information will follow.
Super Series

WDF Rankings
The WDF Rankings were updated.
WDF Rankings

7. June
WDF News
As the WDF announced the first WDF World Championship - successor of the BDO World Championships - will be played from 1. - 8. January 2022. It will include events for men, women and youth and it will return to the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green where the BDO World Championships took place for many years. The last BDO World Champions - Wayne Warren and Mikuru Suzuki already have a place in the tournament as have Ross Montgomery, Aileen de Graaf, Jim Williams and Beau Greaves.
From this month onwards WDF ranking events will resume. The Tournament - Calender was updated.

DPA Satellite Tour
This weekend again on DPA Satellite Tour in Queensland and South Australia a tournament weekend took place. In Queensland Bill Aitken and Matt Mullen were the winners. In the South Australia Bubble Robert Modra won both events.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated.
PDC Rankings

1. June
Today starts the ticket sale for the from Modus Darts and Jason Frasier planned World Seniors Darts Championship. The tournament will be played from 3. - 6. February in the Circus Tavern in London. Among others Phil Taylor will take part in the event.
On the DPA Satellite Tour two more tournament weekend were played and produced four different winners. In der Western Australia Bubble Brenton Lloyd and Koha Kokiri won a tournament each, in the New South Wales Bubble it were Dave Marland and Mitchell Clegg.

Dartoids World
Dartoid has in his new column a view on the World Seniors Darts Championship as well. He is looking forward to it - but why didn't one invite the American legend Larry Butler? Butler took part in several PDC and BDO events: for example he won in 1994 World Matchplay, stood in the quarterfinales of the PDC World Championship 1996 and was 2015 the runner up in the World Masters...
The World Seniors Dart Championship deserves massive support. And Larry Butler!

28. May
Clayton wins Premier League
With an 11:5 win over Jose de Sousa Jonny Clayton won the Premier League. It was from both players a high-class match but Clayton was far more clinical on his doubles.
Before Clayton defeated in an outstanding match Michael van Gerwen with 10:8. De Sousa prevailed in a nervous and a little bit scappy close match 10:9 over Nathan Aspinall.
It was the first time in the history of the Premier League that the fourth in the table won the event and it was the first time that van Gerwen as head of the table lost in the semi-finals.
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
Today in Milton Keynes the semi-finals and the final of this year's Premier League will take place.
In the first semi-final head of the table Michael van Gerwen and the fourth in the table Jonny Clayton will meet. In the first half of the season Clayton defeated van Gerwen with 7:3, in the second half of the season van Gerwen took revenge and won 8:5.
In the second semi-final second in the table Jose de Sousa will clash with third in the table Nathan Aspinall. In the first half of the season they drew 6:6, in the second half od the season - last night - de Sousa won clear with 8:3.
After a break the final will follow.
Schedule, Results

27. May
PDC Premier League - Sixteenth League Day
Jonny Clayton secured with a 8:6 win over Dimitri van den Bergh on the last League Day of Premier League the last place among the Top Four and will play tomorrow in the first semi-final against Michael van Gerwen. Michael van Gerwen won with the same result against Peter Wright and stays head of the table. The match between Gary Anderson and James Wade was won by Wade with 8:6 as well which meant that Wright due to the leg difference ended the season behind Wade on the seventh place of the table. Jose des Sousa won his match against a nervous and not really focussed looking Nathan Aspinall with 8:3 and swapped the place in the table with his opponent - the debutant ended the season in second place. Aspinall will get already tomorrow the chance to redeem himself as he will meet de Sousa in the second semi-final. De Sousa delighted the crowd today with a 120 finish with three times double 20.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
On the last League Day of Premier League Premier League it will be decided who'll get the fourth Play-Offs place and so the match beween the direct rivals Jonny Clayton and Dimitri van den Bergh will be in the limelight. Beside the final standings of the ranking will be decided.
James Wade and Gary Anderson will meet in the opening match of the night. After that Nathan Aspinall and Jose des Sousa will meet - with a big win Aspinall could replace van Gerwen as head of the table. Next on will be van Gerwen against Peter Wright and to be sure Wright will intend to win that match as well. In the last match of the night Jonny Clayton and Dimitri van den Bergh will clash.

26. May
PDC Premier League - Fifteenth League Day
While Nathan Aspinall got by a draw against Gary Anderson one point and qualified for the Play-Offs and Jose de Sousa is - thanks to his leg difference - as well through to the Top Four despite losing to Michael van Gerwen, the decision who will be the fourth player in the Play-Offs will only be made tomorrow in the match of the direct rivals Jonny Clayton and Dimitri van den Bergh. Michael van Gerwen cemented with his win over de Sousa his first place in the table. Peter Wright won 8:5 over Jonny Clayton, but can't qualify any longer for the Play-Offs. Dimitri van den Bergh and James Wade drew 7:7.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
Penultimate Premier League Day and so far only Michael van Gerwen has guaranteed a place in the Play-Offs. Nathan Aspinall and Jose des Sousa sit in the places two and three of the table with only one point less - both can join van Gerwen in the Play-Offs by picking up a point today. Jonny Clayton at the moment is fourth in the table and Dimitri van den Bergh with one point less fifth. Should Clayton win today and van den Bergh lose Clayton is in the Play-Offs. Peter Wright on sixth place has still an outside chance should he win his two remaining matches and the other results go his way. Jonny Clayton today will play against Peter Wright, Dimitri van den Bergh will meet James Wade, who can't qualify for the Play-Offs, Nathan Aspinall will play against Gary Anderson who cannont qualify either and in the last match of the night Jose des Sousa will meet Michael van Gerwen.

25. May
PDC Premier League - Fourteenth League Day
As on the 13. League Day today again the player with the highest average lost his match - Dimitri van den Bergh played an average of 106.97 but lost nevertheless 8:5 against Peter Wright who by this still has a slight chance to reach the Play-Offs. Michael van Gerwen returned after his 8:4 win over Gary Anderson to the first place in the table. The first match of the night between James Wade and Nathan Aspinall ended in a draw. Jonny Clayton couldn't keep up yesterday's performance and lost with 5:8 against Jose de Sousa.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
Tonight the battle for the Play-Off places will go on. Especially Peter Wright and James Wade need every point to get into the last four. Wright will play against Dimitri van den Bergh, Wade against Nathan Aspinall. In the first half of the the season Wade lost to Aspinall while Wright managed a draw against van den Bergh. Beside Michael van Gerwen will play against Gary Anderson and - in the match of the night - Jose des Sousa will meet Jonny Clayton.

24. May
PDC Premier League - Thirteenth League Day
On the 13. League Day of Premier League Gary Anderson played with 104.48 the highest average of the night but couldn't hit his doubles and lost with 1:8 to an again strong playing Jonny Clayton. Almost as clear - with 3:8 - Michael van Gerwen lost to Nathan Aspinall and was replaced by his opponent due to the leg difference as head of the table. Jose de Sousa convinced in front of a crowd as well and defeated Dimitri van den Bergh with 8:6. In the last match of the night last in the table Peter Wright won 8:4 against second to last James Wade.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

23. May
PDC Premier League
Tomorrow the last block of Premier League will begin. The League Days 13 - 16 will be played from 23. - 26. May again in the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. On 27. May the Play -Offs will take place. But there's be a big difference - for this last block and for the Play-Offs the crowd will be back!
Here you can find an overview of the starting situation of the eight players before the crunch time of the tournament:
Unibet Premier League Play-Offs race

14. May
Performance Grip Shafts
While the Darts Performance Centre so far confined itself to develop and bring on the market highclass and inexpensive darts fo players of all levels, it now offers as well an own brand of shafts to match those darts - and all other darts as well.
Here you can find a review:
Performance Grip Shafts

11. May
PDC Challenge Tour and PDC Development Tour
As the PDC announced both the Challenge Tour and the Development Tour will be this year - because the travel difficulties due to the Corona pandemic - split into an UK and an European Tour which will consist of six events each.
The rankings will be split in an UK and an European Ranking for both tours as well. Both the first in the rankings of the UK and the European Tour will get a place in the PDC World Championship and a Tour Card.
The European Challenge Tour and the European Development Tour will be played in Niederhausen. The UK Tours will be played with the exception of one Development Tour block - which will take place in Barnsley - in Milton Keynes.
Challenge Tour 2021
Development Tour 2021

Championship Darts Circuit
The American Championship Darts Circuit will return as well and the USA dates were already announced. Dates in Canada are planned but could not be confirmed yet due to the continued COVID restrictions.
Championship Darts Circuit 2021

10. May
PDC World Matchplay
The World Matchplay will take this year from 17. - 25. July again in Blackpool in den Winter Gardens - and for each session a crowd up to 2000 will be allowed.
How the list of participants looks now - two more Super Series will be played before - you can find here:
Schedule, Participants

7. May
PDC Premier League - Twelfth League Day
After his convincing 8:3 win over James Wade, who had with 110.28 the highest average of the night, Michael van Gerwen will go with a two points lead as head of the table in the last Premier League block. Jose de Sousa defeated an once again out of form Peter Wright with 8:1. Jonny Clayton battled against Nathan Aspinall and won with 8:6 in a match in which both players had a lot of double trouble. In the last match of the night an impressive Gary Anderson stormed passed Dimitri van den Bergh with a 107.85 average and a hitting rate on the doubles of 80 percent - he won 8:4.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
The 12. League Day is the last League Day of this block. After it another break will follow before the Premier League will be played from 24. - 28. May in a last block to the end - with a crowd.
Tonight Jose de Sousa will play against Peter Wright who urgently needs a win, Michael van Gerwen will meet James Wade, Jonny Clayton will play against Nathan Aspinall and in the last match of the night Dimitri van den Bergh and Gary Anderson will meet.

6. May
PDC Premier League - Eleventh League Day
After the 11. League Day of Premier League three players combined head the table - Nathan Aspinall, Michael van Gerwen and Dimitri van den Bergh all have 15 points and are only seperated by the leg difference.
Dimitri van den Bergh defeated Nathan Aspinall in the first match of the night 8:6, the Belgian was slightly more clinical on the doubles. The second match between James Wade and Jose des Sousa ended in a 7:7 draw - de Sousa threw a lot more 180s while Wade had its advantages in finishing. The all Scottish battle was won 8:3 by a strong playing Gary Anderson, who played with 104.63 the highest average of the night. Peter Wright had obviously problems with his shoulder. The last match of the night was the weakest of the League Day - Michael van Gerwen won it while for Jonny Clayton not much worked out.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
After his defeat on the 10. League Day it's tight for Gary Anderson to get into the Play-offs. Today he should win his match against his fellow country man Peter Wright. But Wright has only one point more than Anderson and as urgently needs to win...A similar constellation we see for the match between James Wade and Jose de Sousa - both are not under the top four and only one point seperates the two... Beside tonight Jonny Clayton will meet Michael van Gerwen and head of the table Nathan Aspinall will play against Dimitri van den Bergh.


5. May
PDC Premier League - Tenth League Day
On the tenth League Day of Premiere League some players couldn't keep up their performances from before the break. The biggest problems had Gary Anderson against a solid playing Jose de Sousa and he lost with 3:8. With the same result Dimitri van den Bergh lost in the best match of the night against Michael van Gerwen who played one of his strong games tonight. James Wade had not as many problems against Jonny Clayton but scored not good enough and lost with 5:8. In the last match of the night in which both players were far from their best Nathan Aspinall defeated Peter Wright with 8:5 and now heads the table with a margin of two points before Michael van Gerwen who sits in second place.
Results, Table
Statistics, Reportnew

PDC Premier League
Tonight the second half of the season starts with the 10. League Day.Only eight players are still in the event and though only four matches will be played. It looks like another interesting night as the battle for the play-off places intensifies. But the match in the limelight will be the match between Dimitri van den Bergh and Michael van Gerwen. In the first half of the season their clash ended in a draw.

4. May
PDC Premier League

Tomorrow the second half of the Premier League will begin - time for a review of the first half of the season and a preview of the things to come.
The second half of the Premier League begins!

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