Coaching Clinic 44

This month we look at how to practice hitting the double!
We're Not Finished Yet!
We are only in the 3rd month of our Darts World Practice Makes Progress campaign, I hope it has helped and perhaps made you look at your practice in a new light. Last month we looked at Power Scoring and this month it is of course finshing, as the article heading hinted.
Feel The Pressure
The way to get the most out of your practice is to make it as realistic as possible. How do you recreate the pressure of a game in practice? It is difficult I admit but playing this month's games with a practice partner (who you really want to beat) can help. If you are practising solo be determined to beat your last score. It may not be quite the same but any pressure is going to stand you in a better position when it comes to a game than practising in a relaxed, pressure free environment.

Two Dart Finish
Even the big boys usually finish on a sub 80 checkout so forget your 170 practice and focus in on what happens in reality! Draw 2 lines down and 2 lines across on your paper, as if you are having a game of noughts and crosses. In the 9 spaces put in different 2 dart finishes.

You know the standard you are up against so realistically would you have to take your 2 dart finish out in 3 darts, 6 darts or maybe you could get away with 9 darts? Let's say you decide you are having 6 darts at each checkout! If you get it in 3, give yourself a point and a star. In 6, give yourself a point. If you don't do it in 6 give yourself a L for lost! Tot up your score at the end and try to beat your points and star total next time.

If you are playing with a partner then both start on the same checkout. If you have the throw you should feel some pressure to take out the finish. Take it in turns to throw first and feel the tension!

How to Play:
The "Splitz" are: 20 / 10
18 / 9
16 / 8
14 / 7
12/ 6
10 / 5
8 / 4
6 / 3
4/ 2
2 / 1

You start the game by going for Double 20 with your first dart. Hit or miss second dart is at Double 10 and hit or miss third dart is back to double 20. On your next throw you repeat the sequence but going 18 then 9 then back to 18 Work your way through the rest of the "Splitz". Scoring - 1 point for every double you hit
You can adapt the game to go for the "fat numbers" or the trebles. It is a great game to play with a partner or set yourself a target score and try to beat your personal best if playing solo.

Coaching Point
We like the rhythm aspect of going from the fat number to the double, let's face up to reality you don't always hit the double first dart do you? So we are not practising to miss the double we are practising getting the rhythm from the at number to the next double in sequence. That is realisitic practice!

Give yourself a point for each double you hit and a star if you nailed all 3. One really important coaching point here is to see what method suits you best if you miss. By this I mean do you get more doubles if you stick with your rhythm or do you prefer to stop and play each double with a short pause in between? The same goes for when you have a fat number to hit! What works best? Experiment!

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