Coaching Clinic 46

We discuss technique and have another practice game for you!
In the past few months we have given you some ideas for practising your power scoring, counting and your finishing. These areas are all of course fundamental parts of being a successful dart player although as we all know there are many more areas to work on before you can say you are close to mastering the sport.

Technique Is King
One of these key areas is your technique. Don't neglect this side of the game, it may not be as much fun or as interesting as practising your outshots or 180's but it is vital you correct any technique errors if you want to take your game to another level.

Three key areas to focus on for this type of practice are:
  • Head movement
  • Body movement
  • Smooth release and long smooth follow through

You may need to bring a team mate in to watch you throw or take a video on your phone to see if you are perfect or if there is room for improvement and then get working on it!

Practice Partner
Most dart players are used to practising solo and for the technique based practice this really is the best way to go. You don't want any interruptions when you are trying to focus on repairing an error with your throw. Also, it helps not to have to worry about what you are scoring whilst you are practising any corrections you have found.

However, a practice partner, or several can be great for other types of practice. We heard from a "pub player" who was getting distracted by opposition players shouting out during his matches. His team mates got together and started yelling at him during a practice match with another of his team mates to re-create the atmosphere that affected him so much. Like we said, practice doesn't have to be all about outshots and 180's!

Practice Game Of The Month
Stan sent in this game. It has a lot of the features we like. You can play it with a partner, it can create some pressure and you get to practise your outshots and doubles in the same game!

Each player gets 3 darts each at each double 1 to 20. If you hit the double with your first or second dart you use your spare dart(s) to go for as many points as possible. So if you hit double one with your first dart you would then have 2 shots at treble 20 for example. Note down how many points you score every time in this part of the game.

After your opponent has thrown you then go for double 2 and go through the same routine. So if you hit your double with the first dart again you get another 2 at Treble 20. If you hit the double with your 3rd dart you will be starting on double 3 next round
Remember, you only move on to the next double once you have hit the one before and at the start of your next round.

Set the amount of throws you are both going to have and the winner is the player that gets the furthest around the board and if it's a tie the player that has scored the most points is the winner. Or you could multiply the number of doubles you have hit by the points you have scored to find a winner.

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