World Matchplay 2017 - Day 1

Bet Victor World Matchplay Day 2
Oh what a night we had in Blackpool!
It was a most intriguing night at The Winter Gardens with some "shock" results and the players flexing their muscles against the relentless PDC schedule! Steve West got the night rolling with a 10-5 win over Michael Smith!
West revealed he nearly withdrew from the tournament due to a car accident earlier in the week. Having found replacement glasses though and also benefiting from a speedy recovery from his eye injury caused by the accident he then sent Bully Boy crashing out.

Darren Webster then sent a coughing and spluttering and vomiting (apparently) James Wade home with a superb 13-11 tie break win. At 10 all Wade dashed from the stage in an apparently scheduled break (although there was no music or adverts) to try and recover from his sudden attack of whatever it was that was making him unwell. The Demolition Man stayed focused and went through after a lengthy break.

Anderson had to row hard to get past Kist. Complaining afterwards at the schedule set for the top boys of the PDC where they have to travel around the world to promote the sport ensured he was jet lagged and far from prepared for the huge major the Matchplay is.
Ando also hinted at the perceived favouritism for MVG as he is not playing until Monday, thus giving him more recovery time! I am not sure the Champion is bound to play on the first night but MVG has certainly been "lucky" with the schedule!

The PDC will argue that without global promotion the players would not be given the opportunity to become millionaires or even very well paid sportsmen. However, allowing the top players to turn up to play for the global audience created by all the globetrotting in a state where they play at 70 per cent capacity is cheating the fans! It was vital for Anderson to raise this issue and things will change off the back of it I am sure!

Last game was Peter Wright v James Wilson. Snakebite was in a similar condition to Anderson but managed to edge out Wilson 10-8 in a pretty lacklustre contest!

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