Diogo and Goliath 3

We are counting down to Thursday. Here is what Diogo has been up to!
It has been over a week since the last blog about Diogo's prep for The Palace. We have been busy. Both Diogo and I went to the opening night of the World Championships and it was a very worthwhile experience.

Welcome To The Palace
We were allowed in to the players' area as Diogo has 2 passes each day. The players' area is for the players to relax in and for their guests. There is a bar and food is also served. There are giant screens showing the games too.

Just off this area is the practice room which is strictly for the players' who are playing in the next session of darts. There is also the opportunity to have half an hour on stage before they open the doors to the public. This again though is only for players' playing in the next session. So Diogo will get his turn on Thursday night.

However, the official PDC photographer was keen to get some shots of Diogo up on stage so he took him up there, with me in hot pursuit to get some photos. We then flitted between the players' room and the VIP seating to watch the games. It was so valuable to have the chance to get a good look around and for Diogo to familiarise himself with the venue and make it easier to imagine what it is going to be like come 10pm on Thursday.
In fact Diogo has been back another 3 times - I tell you this guy is thorough and it will pay dividends!

The Press
We know how important it is to keep the press happy. Diogo has done a number of interviews from small fan websites to national newspapers. Diogo is also recording a promotional video for Sky today (Wednesday). I was in Germany with Diogo and Alexandre when they shot the video for the World Cup. What an afternoon that was, a brilliant experience seeing first hand how they put these items together. This one will not involve so much effort Diogo was pleased to find out after running miles with a football for the last one!

Diogo has also been getting some excellent match practice in. Ben Burton, Dean Reynolds and Sven who runs the South American PDC Federation have all been pressing Diogo as hard as they can. A massive thanks to them, Luke Humphries and George, Diogo's regular practice partner for getting him match fit.

We have a full compliment of sponsors on board, I have been relegated to the sleeve A huge thanks to Cat of Catdromeda, David from Wallingford Glass and Glazing and Dan from The Mortgage Hut for getting on board. Your support is really appreciated.

Diogo and Goliath
Diogo doesn't have a hope. There are videos out there predicting a whitewash for Snakebite and the bookies have made Peter unbackable and they assume he will saunter to victory. Well he should be red hot favourite shouldn't he... but:

Attack Of The Munchies!
What about Munch last night, the no hoper who had to play a prelim before getting the chance to topple Jackpot and send him packing back to Stoke! In sport you never know and even if Diogo does go down 3:0 there will not be a player on that stage all week who has prepared himself for the contest in a more intelligent and professional manner!

Coooooooome Oooooooon!!!

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