German Open

The German Open are the most important WDF ranking tournament played in Germany - it's the only one in WDF category one- and it's the one with the biggest number of participants.

The German Open were played for the first time in 1986, then called "LTU German Open". After the first tournament was a break of three years before it was taken up again and since then it is played every year. Since 2007 it's called after the main sponsor "Bull's German Open".

With the exception of one year the tournament was always organised by the
1. DSC Bochum. It first took place in Bochum then several years in Herne only to return 2006 to Bochum at the Herpener Heide.

From the beginning the tournament consisted of Ladies and Men's singles and doubles tournaments. In one year-1990-instead of the doubles mixed triples were played. In 1990 a boys tournament was added and in 1996 a girls tournament.
The German Open always starts with a Warming-up doubles contest on Friday evening.

Over the years it was won by a lot of different players. The Men's tournament most often had a winner from Great Britain. Gary Anderson won it three times, Ted Hankey and Martin Adams both won two times. Bernd Hebecker in 1986 and Kai Pfeiffer in 1990 were the only German winners. Even Phil Taylor took part in 1993 and reached together with Jamie Harvey the final of the doubles but they lost to Spiolek/Warriner. Steve Brown, at this time still "British", who now lives in America and who's column you can read here on Global darts, reached the singles final in 1991 and in 1996 together with Richie Burnett the doubles final.

Trina Gulliver won the ladies singles four times, Francis Hoenselaar five times. Francis Hoenselaar won together with different partners the doubles even eight times. Most successful she was together with Trina Gulliver but two times she won with German's Heike Jenkins. Heike Jenkins two times stood in the singles final but lost both times.

Beside the German youths the Dutch youths are the biggest group of participants in the youth tournaments and very often the Dutch boys are the winners. Karsten Koch in 1994 won the boys tournament when he still was a youth. The Girls tournament shows off several German winners and very often German girls played in the final.

Winners Men's Contests
Singles Doubles
1986Bernd Hebecker Burke/Griffin

Break of three years

1990Kai Pfeiffer Mixed Tripel
1991Bruno Raes Barneveld/Daniels
1992Peter Evison Eeckelaert/Laurens
1993Peter Evison Spiolek/Warriner
1994Peter SkauBarneveld/Scholten
1995Ronnie BaxterBarneveld/Scholten
1996Colin MonkBrown/Burnett
1997Pascal LefevreDenny/King
1998 Alan WarrinerWalton/Widdows
1999Steve CooteWalton/Widdows
2000Shayne BurgessBaxter/Williams
2001Martin AdamsMoen/van der Voort
2002Ted HankeyFordham/Mardle
2003Ted HankeyHellebrand/Komula
2004Gary AndersonEccles/Greatbatch
2005Paul HanvidgeSeyler/Welge
2006Gary AndersonGerritsen/Wensink
2007Martin AdamsMax/Robbe
2008Gary AndersonChisnall/Whitworth
2009John HendersonMeulenkamp/Wagner
2010Dean WinstanleyRobson/Hankey
2011Benito van de PasAdams/Montgomery
2012Geert de VosBarden/Douglas
2013Geert de VosHarms/De Graaf
2014Darryl Fitton-
2015Jeffrey de Graaf-
2016Danny Noppert-
2017Mark McGeeney-
2018Scott Mitchell-

Winners Ladies Contests
Singles Doubles
1986Mia Mevissen Hoefs/Maytum

Break of Three Years

1990Valerie Maytum Mixed Tripel
1991Vicky Pruim Lagace/V.d.Walle
1992Sharon Colclough Hedman/Solomons
1993Paivi Jussila Laurens/Pruim
1994Valerie MaytumJenkins/Hoenselaar
1995Sharon ColcloughJenkins/Hoenselaar
1996Francis HoenselaarPollet/Pruim
1997Trina GulliverGreatbatch/Gulliver
1998 Sharon ColcloughHowat/Wright
1999Francis HoenselaarGulliver/Solomons
2000Tricia WrightGulliver/Hoenselaar
2001Francis HoenselaarHowat/Wright
2002Francis HoenselaarGulliver/Hoenselaar
2003Trina GulliverGulliver/Hoenselaar
2004Francis HoenselaarHowat/Smith
2005Trina GulliverGulliver/Hoenselaar
2006Carla MolemaErades/Hoenselaar
2007Carina EkbergAnderson/Ekberg
2008Julie GoreArmstrong/Ekberg
2009Trina GulliverGulliver/Hoenselaar
2010Tricia WrightHedman/Lawman
2011Deta HedmanHedman/Lawman
2012Deta Hedman Hedman/Gulliver
2013Deta Hedman Hedman/Gulliver
2014Anastasia Dobromyslova -
2015Lorraine Winstanley-
2016Aileen de Graaf-
2017Deta Hedman-
2018Aileen de Graaf-

Winners Youth Contests
Singles Boys Singles Girls
1990Rene Cheng -
1991Yves Janssens-
1992Tayfun Yerlikaya -
1993Stefan Claessens -
1994Karsten Koch -
1995Arja Moen -
1996Marko Tak Mieke de Boer
1997Carsten Hoffmann Diana Wulff
1998Matthew Chapman Sabrina Spörle
1999Jerry Wulff Miriam Hipper
2000Jordy Hoeben Nadine Nickel
2001Michael Pestman Michelle Sossong
2002Joppe Bakens Nicole Osthues
2003Wesley Paternoster Yvonne Bliß
2004Johny Nijs Denise Keijzer
2005Paul Hanvidge Denise Keijzer
2006Michael van Gerwen Priscilla Groeneweg
2007Michael de Vries Deborah Moet
2008Kevin Wensink Thea Kaaijk
2009Tim van de Hoek Zoe Jones
2010Jeffrey de Zwan Louise Rademaker
2011Tim van de Hoek Kaylee de Priester
2012Jeffrey de ZwaanAnn-Kathrin Wigman
2013Jeffrey de ZwaanCasey Gallagher
2014Colin RoelofsShany Wastyn
2015Callum RydzSofie Jahn Behndorff
2016Justin van TergouwChristina Schuler
2017Rusty-Jake RodriguezChristina Schuler
2018Jurjen van der VeldeKatie Sheldon

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